Friday, April 23, 2010

Where You been all my life. . . or at least the past couple months?

Rewind a couple years ago and envision me HUGE pregnant with Briggs. The Anthem stake (neighboring church zone) was putting on a play called Savior of the World and my high school choir teacher was directing the choir, so I figured there wasn't a better way to gestate than to go sit in an orchestra pit for a couple weeks and sing pretty songs. There were some very lovely people down in the hole and some super talented musicians and by the time it was all said and done, I had checked off another month of my pregnancy.

My kids came to visit rehearsals and peered down at me in the alto section and then watched snatches of the show. Mackenzie, especially, was taken by the whole process and I told her (flippantly) that she could audition the next year. BUT that was last year and we would have missed the way fun Coral Pink trip with the Mohler family, so I was pretty much a liar to my daughter and told her THIS year would be the year for auditions. Annnd, of course, she remembered that was deal, so she tried out.

There are only a couple speaking parts for young girls and Kenzie got a call back with about 15 other pre-teen girls. I figured since adults had to be with the kids, I'd audition for an angel role (which ended up to be fabulously embarrassing and humiliating and a whole 'nother post all together. But does anyone even want to hear that story?). Basically, the night of postings I was a nervous wreck for Kenzie trying to figure how I'd break bad news vs. how we'd properly celebrate good news. [Tyler totally asked for her first autograph when we got the official word she'd been cast as Rebekah . . . sweet daddy!]

So, the past couple months we've been to lots of rehearsals, me and Kenz, and many nights it's been good just to go and sit, waiting for my bit parts (because, yeah, I got pulled onto stage for a couple scenes . . . it was a real pull, too. You know me and the spotlight . . . just dug my heels in ;)) Here's us on the way to our first rehearsal:

The whole experience has been SUPER interesting to me. I've always admired show of the stage, but had NO clue what was involved with "blocking" and preparing a show. One of the most mind boggling aspects is the freakin' LINES and LINES and LINES the actors and actresses memorize. Really. Mad props to them for that work, because not only can they sing and move in the right spots on stage and emote and all that jazz, but they do it well.

First we had rehearsals at a warehouse in Green Valley and then we moved to the Henderson Pavilion (by the multi-gen) to rehearse.

Kenzie's scene is in Act II (she's an angel with me in Act I . . . somewhere in this there's a joke about her calling herself a "perfect angel," but it'd take too long to explain without her sounding completely conceited.)

There's been a lot of ongoing conversation about Savior of the World, especially since it's the 3rd year the show's been produced. There's a lot of angles to look at the play, but I have REALLY learned to appreciate a lot of the show's messages. Tyler said one night (and it kinda hurt my feelings, but it also might be the case), "Savior of the World is only good for the people who are actually IN the show." Because, here's the deal. It's about Christ's birth and then about his resurrection and EVERYONE knows that story (for the most part) and the rest of it's just theatrical interpretations and a lot of blah de blah blah blah with some songs in between. What I've noticed is I have REALLY gotten a lot out of the blah de blah blah blah parts.

Here's a one of my favorite messages: The show starts with the story of Elizabeth and Zacharias (John the Baptist's parents) and there's a song that has the line, "I'll give God forever and then give one day more." Both of them are singing about their particular trial in life [not having children] and it's made me think about my expectations for God's timing. Really, I shouldn't HAVE expectations, but faith. If I trust in HIM, I will be provided for, EVEN when I feel like I've had "enough" faith. It's not like God doesn't know my heart. He does. And I believe whole heartedly that he cares. He wants me to be happy, I believe, and so the trials I face aren't to make me weaker or sadder or less than. It's the continuing faith that will bring me solace through those trials, and my opportunity to continue the faith for 'one day more.' I tend to be a little more impatient with it all. I want Tyler's job to be firm and secure once again without so much effort and so little payback. Have I felt right on the brink a few times of feeling like the past several months have taken 'forever?' Yes. BUT, I can give one day more. I am pressing forward with the faith that the blessings and joys I will have will be equal to that of childless years being blessed with an infant son. (However, I do feel like I should clarify, the Lord's blessing I seek is not in the form of a baby boy. Thanks. I'm set on that. We'll be all good with something a little more appropote to our fam and our trials.)

Here's a couple more pictures of dress rehearsal (mostly of Kenzie's scene):

So, all the rehearsals and practices and conversations about Savior of the World will come to a climax tonight for opening night. IF you'd like to come and watch me and Mackenzie and hear some pretty good talent, go to the website HERE and purchase tickets for $5.00 or you can come sit on the grass for free. The show runs tonight and tomorrow and then next Tuesday through Saturday. I do, too, want to thank (blogly, which is pretty publicly, for all the support that Tyler has given to Mackenzie [and me] while we've been rehearsing. Also part of our entourage has been Grandpa Bruce who's filled in many a nights of babysitting while Mackenzie and I rehearse and Tyler's busy doing church stuff or recovering from his shoulder surgery. It's an inordinate amount of time to be part of a production like this and the families of those on stage really are unsung stars of the whole experience.
P.S. There's no real program for the play with actors' names or anything, so know that my mother-in-law, Dodie, is in the choir (as well as several friends of mine) and a couple friends (holla Jeannie and Shannon) are in the orchestra. Kenz is an angel throughout and in Act II's "apple scene" with some of the apostles. I am making brief appearances here and there as a shopping townsperson, a wedding walker, Tirzah (an Alleluia girl in Act II) and an angel in between. We'll be breakin' a leg, so, again, please come. Let me know if you're coming because you know I'd love to visit with you :)