Monday, November 26, 2007

The blessings of Motherhood

I thought I'd go ahead and post this next post, but do not mean to offend anyone. I wrote it on the back of our MapQuest directions when we returned from a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Price, Utah with Tyler's cousin Abby and her family. Last night, after a long road trip home, we decided to go, as a family, to Bobby Wyson's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I should have known better. I should have thought it through. Four kids, one hour more of sitting, a quiet situation. Not good. So, this is a glimpse of where I was at last night at 7pm-ish. And yes, today is a new day and I'm feeling better about life. PS. I'll post more about our weekend later when I can get the pics downloaded.

Sunday, November 25th, 2007
I'm sitting in the car with Brevin and Brock who are fa-reaking out bawling and crying since I had to take them to the car for misbehaving at Bobby Wyson's court of honor. OF COURSE, two minutes into the ceremony they call for the Eagles' Nest and Tyler gets to sit up front while I battle to keep kids quiet. And who's behind me? President Burr [Stake counselor over YW]. And to my side? President Davie [Stake President]. I'm sure my kids were a distraction and the priesthood leadership is probably trying to figure who else to call into my stake YW position since I OBVIOUSLY have my hands full. And another on the way? Who am I kidding? I am SO on overwhelm right now. I watch Mackenzie sit so quietly and respectfully, even though I'm sure she's totally bored too, and I wonder if the boys will EVER get to that point?

I hate having to listen to their wails to get out of the car when THE LAST thing I want to do is reward them by going in for dessert. The following-thru part is THE hardest of being a mom, especially when I want dessert. And I missed the slideshow. I love a good slideshow. I DO NOT want to be sitting out here either. Do they think I like this? I DO NOT like having to listen to the whining and crying and the lulls followed by getting all re-worked up outbursts again. OH, and the "You're a very mean mom" or the "Let me out of here Mom" and the "Daddyyyyyy . . . Dadddddaaaaa" pleas are SO lovely. HE'S IN THE EAGLE'S NEST! And I am trying to rationalize with a 2 and 4 year old, which is pretty close to pointless. Sit still? Be quiet? What does that mean? So I'm listening to the snotting and the kicking of the carseat, and I'm counting the minutes that have gone by [15 minutes so far] while warm, fuzzy sentiments, good desserts, and socialization goes on inside. And people question why I don't feel satisfied with motherhood? I WONDER WHY? And I'm a little freaked we're starting this all over again. I'm so disheartened to think these will be my battles for even longer than I originally planned. And I'm so bummed that we couldn't have all sat there, with Tyler in the Eagles' Nest, for the hour or so, and gone home happy. I'm gonna pull my hair out as Brock has started the high-pitched squealing [20 minutes now.]

If pulling my hair out doesn't work I could just get out and leave these two to scream it out. Do we really never follow-thru that sitting one event out could elicit this kind of response? Have I mentioned how happy motherhood makes me feel? Maybe I should read this at Brevin and Brock's Eagle Court of Honor so they will know that even at an early age I was dedicated to making them better people. That nights like tonight will be like all the merit badges I will push and the projects I will jam down their throughts all so they'll be stronger, better, more respectful young men. Isn't that the glory of a mother? To be yelled at and argued with and to be a person with whom the kids can ALWAYS be mad at? Oh, lovely. I just got a "You're breaking my heart" from Brevin. Nice. So nice.

Ope, I am seeing people leaving to their cars. The party must be over. Is that cake I see on their teeth? And here's my Scout in shining uniform [it's been 30 minutes]. . . Here's his three questions:
him: "Didn't go so well?" me: "Nope."
him: "How long have you been out here?" me: "30 minutes."
him: "They been crying like this the whole time?" me: "Yup. I'm ready to go when you are."
And off we go to more crying and moaning since the girls brought their mini cheesecakes to eat in the car. Nice. It was cheesecake. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ford Country

So a few months ago we took the Excursion in for it's big 60,000 mile check-up. I HATE having to take the car into the dealership and am not the best at keeping track of that kind of stuff. Lucky for me, and our vehicles, Tyler has a testimony of treating our cars to regular oil changes, car washes, new tires, and big tune-ups. So after the tune-up at 60,000 (at an expensive little price tag) Tyler notices some leaking of some sort of fluid on the driveway. Since we're driving to Utah for the weekend, he figured he's take it in this morning to the dealership to get the leak fixed. One of my biggest pet peeves about the dealership is the amount of time they end up with our car. Honestly, I am thinking at this point we'll be lucky to have our car back before we head out of town. A couple hours ago Tyler got a call from the service rep who says, "Mr. Barlow, we've looked at your car and you are really due for your 60,000 mile tune-up." WHAT? Seriously? Tyler kindof ga-fawed and told them we had JUST had that done not more than two months ago. The service guy got all indignant, "What? You're kidding?" . . . [Like, that's a joke we play. Ha Ha, gotcha! I'm thinking 'it's not in the computer?']. . . "Well, I need to go talk to my tech about that. I'll call you back, Mr. Barlow." We haven't heard back since. Anyone else impressed by Ford Country? SOOOO not me right now. It totally bugs me that A) they don't have record of that service B) are trying to sell us on a expensive procedure we JUST paid for C) they haven't even checked for the leak issue! WHATEVER!

Our daily schedule

My car is getting a leak fixed this morning, so I am car-less today. I am still trying to figure what I am going to do with my day. I know I have more blogs to post, laundry, packing, cleaning, and maybe some decorating on my agender for the day. Before I get into that, though, I am SUPER busy watching Oprah's "Favorite Things show." Holy Moly. I am so in Oprah's cult. Wishing I was from Macon, Georgia about right now.

So when Mackenzie got up this morning she walked out to give me her "schedule" that she had made for her day. It was too great not to post for y'all to see. I only have a few minutes before I have to give her a two minute warning (as SHE is a little more concerned about keeping a timeline than I am.) Here's exactly what she wrote. She cracks me up:

8:58 - ask mom if I can take a shower (or bath)
9:00 - start shower (or bath)
9:03 - test then get into water
***I am supposed to give a warning at 9:18
9:20 - get out and get dressed by 9:30
9:30 - get curlurs and have mom put them in. Eat breakfast.
10:00 - ask mom if she will clean and paint nails.
10:30 - watch T.V. and blow on nails
11:00 - get robe on (watch T.V. 'till lunch)
12:00 - lunch
12:30 - play and watch T.V. until 3:15
3:30 - get snack
4:00 - get everything on + take out curlurs
4:15 - get into car and drive to Sis. Thomas's


Really, isn't that funny? I don't know how she'll feel about most of her T.V. time being cut out for something less brain-numbing, but I was impressed with the "blow on nails" part. And, yes, she wished herself luck at the bottom of her list. Too funny. She has an etiquette dinner tonight for her Activity Days and she wants it to be perfect. I'm sure when she is getting ready for the Oscars one day her schedule will be similar. She's something else! Ope, gotta run, I've only got five more minutes before I'm supposed to be putting in "curlurs." Later.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prayers for Garrett

This is a picture of my cousin, Garrett, when he was a wee little boy. He's grown now, pretty much a man having just celebrated his 20th b-day. Garrett has always been completely sweet, charming, and the heart of his family. To say he's a strength to his family would be an understatement. I have never known a group of siblings (he has two older sisters and an older brother) who were closer and more united. Their mom, Jodie, is someone I really admire, love, and enjoy spending time with. They are as good a people as you'll ever meet, and I am really blessed to be related to them. Gotta thank the Lord for hookin' me up (once again) with a great family tree.

These pics are of Garrett (top: with his mom and bro, Devin; bottom: with my brothers) at Brandon and Anneke's wedding this summer. Since the Tanner bunch lives in Arizona I always look forward when they visit or we end up at the same place (for reunions, weddings, etc.) Last night Garrett was involved in an accident at work. He's a coach at a local gymnastics gym and, while practicing a double flip, landed badly on his head/neck. Below is the bulletin and update his brother and sister posted on
From Devin:
PLEASE pray for my brother!!!! I recieved a call from my Mom late last night my little brother Garrett is a gymnastics coach at Desert Devils Gym in Mesa. Last night he was at work and was demonstrating a double back flip, he under rotated and crashed down on his head causing severe damage to his spinal cord and his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th vertabrae in his neck. He was air-vact to Scottsdale hospital where an MRI revealed that damage, he never lost conciousness however he has no feeling from his chest down doctors fear that he may remain peralized from the waist down:( :( He went in for emergency surgery on his spine about 45 min ago under the care of one of the best spinal surgeons in the world their hope is that this surgery will allow him to one day walk again. My family and I ask that you PLEASE pray for him to fully recover and the surgeons to perform at their highest level, his spirits were high going into surgery I also ask that you hold any phone calls or text messages to his phone for this is a very emotional time for him. SORRY don't mean to scare anyone with this message but just wanted the facts stated before rumors start going around so you all know what we're dealing with. I'm in Hawaii but will be coming home as soon as possible, I feel so helpless all I can contribute is to ask all of you for your prayers and positive thoughts for my little brother and my family who I LOVE more than life itself!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless, thank you....
From Jessika:
The surgery went well- the doctor said that there were not any pieces of bone floating around the spinal cord which they were afraid might be a problem. They replaced the back vertebrae with screws to allow his spinal cord more room to swell and release pressure- we are hopeful that that will bring some feeling and movement back to his legs. His spinal cord is severly bruised and that seems to be the biggest concern. He is in ICU and will be for the next few days. My mom is with him and we are on strict orders from his doctor to get some rest and take shifts because of his critical state if we get worn down and sick we will not be able to see him and doctors orders will send us home. We are in good spirits and already have seen small miracles come to pass. Thank you so much for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes and we ask that they continue. We will work to keep everyone updated as much as we can but it truly is going to be a waiting game and only time will tell.

I am so grateful for modern technology that has kept our family in the loop and has allowed Garrett the best medicinal advances. I know the majority of you are family and already know about this and have already, like me, uttered prayers for Garrett's strength and recovery. But for those of you who are just reading this and are thinking, "gosh, how sad," please add Garrett to your prayers. I KNOW the power of prayer is healing and a blessing in our lives and I know it will help for his speedy recuperation and that he and his family will be blessed with peace and strength. Thanks for the love, prayers, and good thoughts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Make It Work

Those of you who are true fans of reality TV will recognize my title alluding to the all-too-fabulous show of the Bravo station. How about a big YAY HOO! for Project Runway starting tonight! Yes, it is great as I am watching it right now despite being totally tired and icky. Somehow flamboyant designers make me feel better. I love the "checking everybody out" stage of the first shows in the reality genre. Seriously, love it.

Speaking of work, my little ScrapFest has pretty much totally sold out. I am so excited! I talked to my friend Shawna who's helping with games, Barb who's brainstorming welcome pack ideas, and Chris who's the give-away guru this week and when I sat down tonight to enter all the info I got this week, I realized HOW booked we are. Now, mock if you must, but this scrapbook get-away is going to be the stinkin' BOMB (and I mean that in a really great way.) I was really hoping to get 60 people, which would double last year's numbers, and we're probably going to end up around 72 which is ULTIMATE capacity. (I'll know for sure by Friday.) But, we'll make it work!

Finally, I've been meaning to post about this since last week. Not that it's all new news to most of you, but Tyler and I went for our level 2 ultrasound last week. I guess making it work means we are going to have to figure how to live with a family of 3 boys. That's right, one of the blessings of early bleeding is extra ultrasounds AND one of the blessings of baby boys is a distinguished "phallus" even at 13 weeks. I am still hoping that at our 20 week ultrasound they'll tell us, "oops, there's a vagina," but I doubt it. The perinatologist said if it's a girl she'll have a penis. I'm all open-minded, but that might be a bit much. Tyler is totally stoked, which I am glad for, because I am making a list of all the things I won't be enjoying for the next 18 more years (hair bows, less wrestling, new furniture since boys use it like stairmasters and armored vehicles, pee in the toilet bowl instead of the floor, etc.) I was just looking for a change, whereas Tyler has long-term plans. He immediately said, "Yes. I have a foursome for golf and we'll just need two boats and two guides on fishing trips." And he said, "Just think, Babe, another Brock." I think I will REALLY enjoy the first year of sweetness of baby boys as it only gets crazy after that.

Here are some pics of the kids (thanks Uncle Nate!) when I was explaining the ultrasound pics to them. Mackenzie says, "Crap, that means more rough-housing." Caylee is still planning on a girl somehow, and Brevin was totally stoked. We even high-fived. I DO love being a mom! Make it work, right?!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The end of the world!

So, I haven't posted in a while, and this wasn't my post I had next planned, but I thought I'd share some of the excitment of last night. (No, not that kind! This is a family-friendly site; sorta.)

First off, we took the kids to Festival of Lights at a local park here in Vegas. A bunch of businesses sponsor Christmas light-scenes and we've gone for a few years. Each year it gets bigger and better. I was thinking, "oh good, a Christmas kick-off" type of thing and my kids were such brats! Well, not all of them, but you know the one bad apple spoils the bunch theory? Since it was free night we had to wait a bit to get into the light show, but no fear! there was a feed of Christmas music on the radio. I mean, does it get much better than the first time you find Christmas music on the radio each season? I know, I know, it's before Thanksgiving, but it was still an exciting one step closer to the season. But by the time my whiney daughter, uh that would be Caylee, made it through the whole lights I had already snapped and threatened the Dairy Queen rendez-vous with Jared and Mindie. Sheesh. I love family night.

Once we got treats at DQ and made it home to get the kids in bed, I was feeling thrashed and totally sick so I bailed on the Bachelor night (totally sorry Erin, Stacy, and Daniel.) I was trying to hold out so I could force Tyler to watch the Bachelor, but I was falling asleep on the couch so we headed to bed by 10. Really, that's early for me. Around midnight Brevin came in to report that his covers are cold, which is what he says when his covers have been kicked off and he wants to get in bed with us. I tried telling him he could go back and cover himself up, and even took the time to show him my covers that were cold and then where my covers were warm cuz they were covering me up. BUT, by the time I had rationalized all his option I had to pee and so I went and tucked him in. So, I go back to sleep and then BOOM BOOM BOOM.

At first, when I awoke from my slumber, I thought there was a thunder storm at 2:30am. But then I heard all this follow-up bangs and booms, which apparantly woke up Tyler too. I totally got panicked trying to figure what the explosions were from. Tyler, being such the man, got out of bed to investigate and I sat up to try and figure it out. My heart rate actually increased and all these thoughts started going through my mind. Terrorist attack? Big car crash somewhere? Factory explosion like another Pepcon? What the heck was the noise? And you know what I thought about? Crap, I hope we don't need our 72 hour kits. If I have to evacuate our house, do we have enough gas in the car to get anywhere? Would Tyler try and hook up the trailer so we'd have somewhere to live? How many scrapbooks could I take? Am I gonna be pregnant AND evacuated. Yeah, I even went there. So, eventually the noises stop and Tyler falls to sleep, but I am still trying to figure out if someone will be knocking on our door because of these mystery explosions.

I eventually fell back asleep, at 5:something and then, of course, dreamed about what caused the sound. This morning I told Tyler that my theory in my dreams was that it was caused by follow-up sonic booms from the launch of the space shuttle. Tyler had dreamt and explanation, too. His was that nearby they were setting up a ferris wheel and it tipped over. By the time I was a little more lucid this morning, I remembered a news clip about the implosion of the old Frontier hotel and that it was scheduled for early Tuesday morning. You can watch the whole implosion here: So, thank heavens for it not being the end of the world, just the end of the old frontier. Is that poetic and symbolic or what? And yes, I will be gathering our 72 hour kits. Who knew I could have a testimony-building experience like that, huh?!

Speaking of weird dreams: the other night i dreamed Wanda Sykes (the comedian/writer) knocked my door as she was looking for support for the writer's strike. I totally invited her in for a drink as she was totally tired and then we hugged before she left. That is just the tip of the bizarre pregnancy dreams I've been having. This hasn't really happened to me before, but they are coming every night, often-times more than one at a pop, and it's entertaining to report the morning after.

Anyway, lots more to blog some other time when I don't have Brock complaining about a wet diaper and blasting a toy story laser gun in my ear whilst waiting for breakfast. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas Planners

Last night at our bi-monthly FHC (family history club) gathering we met at Goldon Spoon for yogurt and convo. As always the conversation drifted from here to there, but at one point we talked about this "Christmas Planner" that my girlfriends' ward put together at some Relief Society activity. I good-naturedly mocked it a bit. Not because I don't think it's a great idea, but I HAVE NOT EVEN BEGAN TO THINK ABOUT CHRISTMAS PLANNING!!!! Yeah, and we're pert-near almost halfway through November. I am in total denial, seriously! I know Christmas is in the stores; I've seen Christmas lights on houses already; my kids are circling toys in the Toy ads. AGH! Has anyone remembered Thanksgiving? I like to tell myself that I think I am morally opposed to doing anything really Christmas-y until after that Thanksgiving Thursday, but really I am just not that organized. I DO need a Christmas planner. I DO need shopping ideas. I DO need to figure out what we're going to do for our kids that won't spoil them. I DO need to make Christmas cards, ornaments, and friend goodies. PLUS, I can't wait to decorate for Christmas (I LOVE it!) but I am stalling and procrastinating and in absolute AWE of those who are already bustin' out their planners and doing something. Oh, and now I am feeling all stressy about it.

I forgot to mention in my fatty random post last night about the trip to the dentist with my three oldest last week. My dear, sweet Caylee will be getting a crown and three cavities filled as her tooth has rotted away. Yeah, I told myself it must have broken off because, really, doesn't that sound better than "Rotted?" And apparantly Brevin grinds his teeth. To the nerve. In the front tooth. Ouch, right? I guess not, since neither of them complain. Needless to say, we've been better about flossing AFTER the fact. And I want to be grateful for dental insurance even if they only pay a fraction of the costs because holy moly! it's expensive.

Finally, before I head off to my ultrasound I'll share this funny moment with Kenzie. We were driving in the car yesterday and she pulls out this two-page handout that she got from Activity Days. I has this long 'ol list of things that are good etiquette. So, at the next stop light I look through the list (there's like 50 points of polite-ness) and hand it back to her. She says, "Mom, I'm kinda stressed out that I won't be able to remember everything for our fancy dinner in a couple weeks." And I said, "Well, really, practice is probably the best way to help you remember." So she asks, "Do you want to know what I think will be the hardest one?" So I say, "Sure." And she reads, "Do not be late for dinner as it makes the other guests wait unnecessarily and the food gets cold." I said, "Nice." She says, "What? We kind of have an 'on time' issue, Mom." Touche. Touche.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Random goodies

Alrighty. I’m actually working on this blog while the girls are at gymnastics. Brock has fallen asleep and Brevin is watching a movie whilst we all hang out in the car for another 42 minutes. I have been “gonna” blog all day, but haven’t gotten a chance even though I didn’t really accomplish much anyway.

So, more about blog worthy-ness. Last Friday I got on an airplane and headed to see my fab friend, Jenn. She and her hubby, Marc, and two girls live in Dallas and I thought it would be a good time to go and visit them and their home. I was in big time need of a break and Jenn really is pretty inspiring to me, so I thought I’d go soak in some Stanworth love. It was a great weekend, especially considering the week’s events and everything. I do have to admit there is something so rock star to me about flying in a plane. Maybe because, as a child in a big family, we drove on trips, so flying seems so glamorous. Anyway, the flight was nice and nobody sat next to me, which I love. It’s always a little stressful to roll the dice and end up with the chubby smelly guy or the foreign old lady. Whole row to myself, pretty nice, eh? Jenn picked me up from the airport and gave me the freeway tour of the Dallas area, which was totally interesting to me since all I could envision is what I had seen on TV from “Dallas,” “Friday Night Lights,” and the Dallas cheerleader tryout show on CMT. Jenn lives in the Lakewood area and is already involved in the community early childhood PTA program. Yeah, can all you educators imagine a PTA program that has parents who want to get involved with their kids’ public schools before they are even old enough to enroll? That’s the LECPTA program which hosts this huge event each year with an auction/party, craft show, and home tour (featuring a smattering of different homes in the Lakewood area). Jenn had volunteered to work the party and I happily joined her because what better people watching could there be than at a “Mambo” themed socialite event. Not to disappoint us, there were plenty of intoxicated people, inappropriate dresses, and displays of plastic surgery PLUS we got to eat the food, chocolate fountain, and drinks. Not too shabby. Saturday we toured several of the homes throughout the day where I liked to figure out the personal story behind those who lived in the homes (which were beautiful, different, and well-decorated.) We got sandwiches at a local sandwich shop and ended at a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner once Marc was done puttering in their yard on his Saturday. I did have to admit I was impressed with the concrete/metal work/fencing/gardening project he had going on. And I decided Marc and Tyler are cut from the same mold. He hit Home Depot twice and took their almost 4 year old with them, AND of course she came home with a treat each time (Swedish Fish and a Slurpee – SOO Tyler!) Sunday we went to church where I appreciated a “Lard” here and there. That was the extent of the southern-speak in the Dallas area, so it was great to hear a few testimonies where they said “Lard” instead of “Lord.” Their ward is normal sized, but only have about 6 or 7 active young men AND young women. So, I kinda have some perspective about the wards in our area that complain about their numbers. No waa waa-ing necessary; it could be worse. My flight ended up cancelled and I was put on a later flight home on Sunday night, but I appreciated the time to still hang out before real life kicked back in. I was pretty wiped by the time I got home so late on Sunday, and pretty sick to my stomach from a late-night ham and cheese sandwich, but still felt really good about the visit. Thanks a ton to Jenn, Marc, Savannah, and Kate for their hospitality and goodness. Really, they’re some of the best people I know, and their home was warm, inviting, and JUST what I needed.

So, real life includes SCRAPFEST successes. I haven’t really thrown this out on the blog too much, but I am putting together the 2nd annual ScrapFest (Scrapbook weekend) in St. George. I am so stinkin’ stoked about the people (from last year and newcomers) who have already registered. We had SUCH a great time last year, but I was still nervous that people would end up with other priorities in January. Instead, there’s about double the numbers and there are some WAY fun people coming. I am excited to start putting the giveaways and games together, to think about the weekend of partying, and to think that I’ll hopefully be over the insane tiredness and evening sickness by then. A celebration all around.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to make sure I am A-OK and the baby is too. I feel fine, but I think it’ll be good to have the reassurance to know the baby is growing well and there aren’t any developmental problems. Interestingly, though, was lady who scheduled my appointment. My Dr.’s office told me to call them if I hadn’t heard from the ultrasound place by Monday, so I had to call since I hadn’t heard from them on Friday, all weekend, and all day Monday. About ten minutes after of calling my Dr.’s office, I get this call from the scheduler about scheduling my appointment. One of the first things she says is, “I’ve left a couple messages for you, but I guess you haven’t gotten them.” To which I asked, “Well, what number did you call?” And she gave me both my home and cell phone numbers. So, maybe I should be perplexed at how she’s tried several times and I haven’t gotten any messages, but as soon as I called my Dr.’s office she’s miraculously able to reach me, but instead I’m a little bugged cuz I know homegirl is lying to me. But, not to play the “no-you-didn’t” game with her, I said, “Huh. That’s weird,” and we made the appointment. Of course, as soon as I got off the phone, I investigated all my voice mails and caller IDs. No calls from the ultrasound place. Whatever. I get it. You don't want to get in trouble, but at the work place is no place to lie about stuff like that ESPECIALLY when you're responsible for booking women's ultrasounds that give them peace of mind. Seriously. Anyway, I go tomorrow morning and a *BIG* thanks to Nate who's agreed to watch el kiddos.

I'm headed to FHC tonight, or as Tyler called it, social hour. I don't know how long I can hang, but we'll see how we do. Later-

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday's final hours

Imagine my panic when I get a text message from my brother whilst trying to nap with my boys. It read, "You only have a few more hours to blog to stay within the 24 hour rule." I forgot that I only had 24 hours to drop a post once I returned home, and since we're having another "Bachelor" party tonight, I figured I should get this put up before Nate gets home from work tonight. So much for enjoying an afternoon nap. Really, there was no panic, but I did have a good cache of stuff to blog about.

First things, in case I don't get to anything else, I figured I should write about HALLOWEEN last week since everyone else gets their pics uploaded the night of/day after and I am still carrying mine around on my camera.

Halloween was really good considering I was recuperating from uber bleeding "down there." I spent the afternoon horizontal while *SUCH* wonderful friends helped to take care of my kiddos. I snoozed in and out through the day as I still kinda felt like a truck had hit me from all the happenings on Tuesday. I do think I lost a lot of blood, and just emotionally I was really spent. I was catching up on some of my DVRd shows that day and watched an episode of "Brothers and Sisters" (one of my *FAVE* shows this year) and the storyline going on right now is about a mother losing custody of her kids in a divorce. I bawled. Like snotted all over my pillow, ugly cry, let-r-rip bawled. I guess all these emotions about possibly losing a child extend to all different circumstances for all sorts of moms. I felt pretty good after I let that go, and was surprised to get some Halloween treats from our neighbor across the street. Joanne stopped by to give us the some really yummy chocolate covered popcorn and sugar cookies and she brought me two heaping plates full of stuff. I know she didn't know what had happened (I proceeded to have a "way too much information moment" with her as I tried to explain my splotchy, tear-stained face), but I really appreciated her thoughtfulness and their goodness. In Vegas it's hard to find friendly neighbors, but she and her hubby are always waving at us and talking with the kids, and she made sure we were stopping by with the troops later that evening. Anyway, it was really kind of her. Halloween night was fun as we had a houseful of the regulars at our Halloween get together. The Salianis, my sister and brother (-s, Dave came later), my in-laws, and our pseudo-family, Tiff Mohler and her kids were all there. Each year we have a mini chili cook-off and hot dogs for the kids. Both Tyler and Jared did well, but Jared won the vote in a landslide. Tyler's chili was spicey, not usually a crowd favorite, so he came in second (which means he lost.) It was a houseful, but the lovely weather allowed the kids to eat outside and the adults to chat before we got the kids changed and headed to door-to-door. The picture above is all the kids and I feel so bad now to realize I took NO pictures of my kids in their costumes. I've thought about making them recreate the event, but haven't gotten to that yet. Brock was supposed to be Spiderman ($20 bucks on a costume, thanks!) and he freaked out and wouldn't keep it on. SO, luckily I still had the puppy dog costume I used with Brevin. Anyway, with so many age groups we ended up splitting and a special thanks to those who ended up with the majority of my kids while I hung with Brock. I do love Halloween when it is so mild outside and the neighborhood is so friendly and generous. After about 30 minutes the kids' buckets were full and we were heading back home. Sorting, counting, negotiating trades, etc. is still one of my favorite parts about the holiday, and I must say I was really impressed with my girls' organizational skills. Here's some more pics of the night:

I'll haunt you with my other info later! C-ya!