Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Random goodies

Alrighty. I’m actually working on this blog while the girls are at gymnastics. Brock has fallen asleep and Brevin is watching a movie whilst we all hang out in the car for another 42 minutes. I have been “gonna” blog all day, but haven’t gotten a chance even though I didn’t really accomplish much anyway.

So, more about blog worthy-ness. Last Friday I got on an airplane and headed to see my fab friend, Jenn. She and her hubby, Marc, and two girls live in Dallas and I thought it would be a good time to go and visit them and their home. I was in big time need of a break and Jenn really is pretty inspiring to me, so I thought I’d go soak in some Stanworth love. It was a great weekend, especially considering the week’s events and everything. I do have to admit there is something so rock star to me about flying in a plane. Maybe because, as a child in a big family, we drove on trips, so flying seems so glamorous. Anyway, the flight was nice and nobody sat next to me, which I love. It’s always a little stressful to roll the dice and end up with the chubby smelly guy or the foreign old lady. Whole row to myself, pretty nice, eh? Jenn picked me up from the airport and gave me the freeway tour of the Dallas area, which was totally interesting to me since all I could envision is what I had seen on TV from “Dallas,” “Friday Night Lights,” and the Dallas cheerleader tryout show on CMT. Jenn lives in the Lakewood area and is already involved in the community early childhood PTA program. Yeah, can all you educators imagine a PTA program that has parents who want to get involved with their kids’ public schools before they are even old enough to enroll? That’s the LECPTA program which hosts this huge event each year with an auction/party, craft show, and home tour (featuring a smattering of different homes in the Lakewood area). Jenn had volunteered to work the party and I happily joined her because what better people watching could there be than at a “Mambo” themed socialite event. Not to disappoint us, there were plenty of intoxicated people, inappropriate dresses, and displays of plastic surgery PLUS we got to eat the food, chocolate fountain, and drinks. Not too shabby. Saturday we toured several of the homes throughout the day where I liked to figure out the personal story behind those who lived in the homes (which were beautiful, different, and well-decorated.) We got sandwiches at a local sandwich shop and ended at a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner once Marc was done puttering in their yard on his Saturday. I did have to admit I was impressed with the concrete/metal work/fencing/gardening project he had going on. And I decided Marc and Tyler are cut from the same mold. He hit Home Depot twice and took their almost 4 year old with them, AND of course she came home with a treat each time (Swedish Fish and a Slurpee – SOO Tyler!) Sunday we went to church where I appreciated a “Lard” here and there. That was the extent of the southern-speak in the Dallas area, so it was great to hear a few testimonies where they said “Lard” instead of “Lord.” Their ward is normal sized, but only have about 6 or 7 active young men AND young women. So, I kinda have some perspective about the wards in our area that complain about their numbers. No waa waa-ing necessary; it could be worse. My flight ended up cancelled and I was put on a later flight home on Sunday night, but I appreciated the time to still hang out before real life kicked back in. I was pretty wiped by the time I got home so late on Sunday, and pretty sick to my stomach from a late-night ham and cheese sandwich, but still felt really good about the visit. Thanks a ton to Jenn, Marc, Savannah, and Kate for their hospitality and goodness. Really, they’re some of the best people I know, and their home was warm, inviting, and JUST what I needed.

So, real life includes SCRAPFEST successes. I haven’t really thrown this out on the blog too much, but I am putting together the 2nd annual ScrapFest (Scrapbook weekend) in St. George. I am so stinkin’ stoked about the people (from last year and newcomers) who have already registered. We had SUCH a great time last year, but I was still nervous that people would end up with other priorities in January. Instead, there’s about double the numbers and there are some WAY fun people coming. I am excited to start putting the giveaways and games together, to think about the weekend of partying, and to think that I’ll hopefully be over the insane tiredness and evening sickness by then. A celebration all around.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to make sure I am A-OK and the baby is too. I feel fine, but I think it’ll be good to have the reassurance to know the baby is growing well and there aren’t any developmental problems. Interestingly, though, was lady who scheduled my appointment. My Dr.’s office told me to call them if I hadn’t heard from the ultrasound place by Monday, so I had to call since I hadn’t heard from them on Friday, all weekend, and all day Monday. About ten minutes after of calling my Dr.’s office, I get this call from the scheduler about scheduling my appointment. One of the first things she says is, “I’ve left a couple messages for you, but I guess you haven’t gotten them.” To which I asked, “Well, what number did you call?” And she gave me both my home and cell phone numbers. So, maybe I should be perplexed at how she’s tried several times and I haven’t gotten any messages, but as soon as I called my Dr.’s office she’s miraculously able to reach me, but instead I’m a little bugged cuz I know homegirl is lying to me. But, not to play the “no-you-didn’t” game with her, I said, “Huh. That’s weird,” and we made the appointment. Of course, as soon as I got off the phone, I investigated all my voice mails and caller IDs. No calls from the ultrasound place. Whatever. I get it. You don't want to get in trouble, but at the work place is no place to lie about stuff like that ESPECIALLY when you're responsible for booking women's ultrasounds that give them peace of mind. Seriously. Anyway, I go tomorrow morning and a *BIG* thanks to Nate who's agreed to watch el kiddos.

I'm headed to FHC tonight, or as Tyler called it, social hour. I don't know how long I can hang, but we'll see how we do. Later-


Kourtney said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Dallas. All it takes is a little break.
I love my OB, but his office staff sucks too. I scheduled my induction at 7:30 and we had discussed it several times, I had the paper work...I show up a little early that day and they said oh, you're late. You should've been here at 6:30. I almost cried thinking they would send me home (after all the anticipation). I told them that it was supposed to be 7:30, but they had me down for 6:30. Luckily they took me anyway, but I felt like an idiot, like maybe they didn't belive me. But I KNOW and Frankie KNOWS what time we were supposed to be there. Hello our life was revolving around it! And even if they did reschedule me, they NEVER CALLED TO LET ME KNOW!!! I so wanted to call the office and say What the Hell?? But I didn't.
Sorry about that, I had to get it off my chest! I must be channeling Tyler, since I had to rant. Anyways, I know your frustration!

Kourtney said...

Dang, that was long....

Beth said...

Call me and let me know how it went. It's 5:00 AM in Louisville and I'm on the computer. There's a story in this. I'll tell later.

Jerolyn said...

Glad you got the R&R you needed. Anytime there's a chocolate fountain's a good time!!

chris jenkins said...

glad to hear you had a good trip. it was good to see ya at fhc. a couple of my other friends think you are like a rock star of moms for all the stuff you manage to do.

let me know if you need help with scrapfest. i can totally help you put together gifts and prizes again. plus i have a lot i NEED to donate to the cause.

let us know how your appointment goes.

take care~