Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you the Biggest Loser???

Alright family, friends, and random readers, it's time for a little challenge. Are you up for it? Can you handle it? Have you seen Tyler's truck? (Sorry, inside joke.)

While spending another wonderful weekend away at the Batt cabin where we ate and snacked and feasted and then ate some more, it was the general consensus that the diet would DEFINITELY be starting in 2009. Could we just do it for our well-being? Maybe. But would it be more fun if we added a little competition and smack-talking into the mix? ALWAYS. And perhaps a little wager to really make it interesting. Ahhh, yeah. No we're talkin'.

So here's the skinny (or the soon-to-be skinny). IF you want to join me and my family in a little friendly biggest loser competition, here's what you have to do.
1. Weigh yourself on January 1st. YES. You have to step on the scale and look at it. You can choose to be in the buff or fully-clothed. Own the number. Don't be afraid.
2. Email me at with your name, phone #, and your secret number (ie. your weight). I'm banking that everyone will be honest. Seriously. We're serious. Tell the truth. I won't share the number with anyone.
3. When you email me it means that you agree to put in $20.00 to the weight loss pot. That's right. It's a guarantee that you'll participate OR try, drop out, but still put in your moo-lah for the one who goes the distance.
4. On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th (yes, it's tax day), at 6:00pm meet at the Barlows' home for a final weigh-in (in private, of course) and where we'll have some healthy comfort food (is that an oxymoron?). We'll calculate the % of weight loss for each individual and whoever wins gets the entire pot. [Example if someone who weighs 110 loses 10 lbs. they will have lost 9.09% whereas someone who weighs 400 lbs. at the beginning loses 40 lbs. by April 15th will have lost 10% and will win the pot.] We all know we could lose a few pounds here and there, so whether it be 10 or 40 or 100 pounds you want to lose, consider joining us.


We've already got 6 people confirmed, so that's already a pot of $120.00. Talk about a great refund?! I know, right?! And there's nothing off limits: exercise, healthy eating, pills, shakes, fads, and even surgery (try not to starve or purge). Just do whatever works for you. We're trying to get healthy people!

So, tell your friends.
Sleep on it.
Bite the bullet and weigh yourself tomorrow.
Then email me by midnight.
What do you have to lose?
$20 bucks and a bunch of weight :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today has been one of those still-not-showered-and-dressed days. It's 2:27pm. My kids have quit asking if they could have a friend over because I repeated my "No, because then we'd all have to be presentable" answer over and over again. I had big plans last night to get a lot done today, but since we haven't ventured outside (except to get a package of pop tarts from the garage) my "things accomplished" have pretty much consisted of watching 2.5 episodes of Law and Order: SVU and doing the kids' laundry. And I have picked up and re-picked-up the kitchen, family room, and living room three times so far. And I undecorated one tree (out of 4). And LEST you think I'm being lazy and haven't accomplished enough, I'll share what I am really jazzed about working on today.

Last night for family night we pulled in our honkin' garbage can/72 hr. kit to take some inventory and make a final shopping list. Last year one of our goals was to finish that preparedness-dead-chicken-around-the-neck project in 2008 and since we have only a couple more days left we needed to make a final list. [It was funny working on it and talking to the kids ambiguously about if we had to leave what we would do. EVERY time we'd mention leaving Brock would get all excited and say, "Where we go? I go get my shoes on?" Heaven forbid the kid get left at home.] So when were all done with that job and before Tyler went to peruse the ebay camping trailer section (one of his nightly rituals) I asked Tyler what other organizational projects he would like to work on for the beginning of the '09 year. He laughed at me. He didn't even know how to make up an organizational project, he said.

But, of course, I had a list of projects. One of the things I put on my list last night was to keep our 2009 Family Home Evenings more organized. We do pretty well (knock on wood, and thanks to a supportive husband) to have family night each Monday night. I really have begun to look forward to one night a week when I know we'll be home together, where the kids fight to stand up in front of the rest of us to lead the music, and when I KNOW the TV and computer and phone will be off limits for everyone. And I also know that when I'm organized enough to help the kids prepare for FHE, it goes more smoothly, so that was one of my organizational projects. I got it almost completely finished today!

We already hold a "bank night" on some FHEs where the kids get their allowance for completing their chores and we review their tithing, saving, and spending. I also knew I wanted to include in 2009 some family history FHEs to learn more about their ancestors. And I also thought that we should include some House of Order nights, or HOO nights, to work on family projects or 72 hr. kits or using our food storage or anything that would give me an excuse to work on some organizational projects. Once I looked at the calendar, spaced out bank night, HOO night, and family history nights, I added in some birthday celebrations, some holiday celebrations and finished filling in the calendar with some other gospel-centered lessons that I found in a FHE already-prepped lesson book complete with games and treat ideas (thank you, no thinking for me!) Anyway, I am totally stoked to have all 52 weeks filled in for 2009. All the lessons are easily swapped or could be combined or even post-poned until 2010. Seriously, isn't that awesome!? C'Mon! If you're a frustrated teacher who yearns for lesson-planning you probably are feelin' me about right now. I know. I'm a nerd to be so thrilled about this.

Anyway, so now I'm gonna type it all up since my kids are actually playing together (no choice since I made them turn the TV off). I love having a HOO!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Today I went to my mailbox to pull out my cache of cards and greetings that I hadn't collected since the day before Christmas. It was the motherload. And I LOVED it! I know in a couple days there probably won't be any fun mail because I'm sure everyone sending out cards this year already sent them out. I literally put our cards in the mail on Christmas Eve night. Yes, I know they sat there for a day and then most of the local folk picked them up Friday and then you out of towners who warranted a stamp probably got yours Saturday or today. But I am having a minor Christmas card guilt right now because I had to cut back on our holiday mailings this year. Blame it on the economy or my freakishly-long list (last year I sent over 135), but Tyler actually gave me a card budget this year. Since I wasn't going to get my homemade cards done by Christmas (grrrr!) I opted for the Sam's club photo card (love the 24 hr. turn around), but that cut into my postage budget (double grrrr!) I probably wouldn't feel so bad, BUT Tyler once again wrote a doosey of a letter. For those of you who don't know, I dumped that responsibility in his lap a couple years ago and he totally rose to the challenge. And even though he says he isn't going to do it every year, he does. Cuz he's that kind of guy. And I love 'em and his mad Christmas-update skillz. So, without further ado, here's the cyber version of our good tidings.

Please enjoy this year’s recap to the tune of
Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”

Yo! VIP let’s kick it

All right stop
Collaborate and listen
We are back with a brand new edition.
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Brocks a-grabbin’ my legs, daily and nightly
“Can I have some juice?”
“YO -- I don’t know.
Here’s your sippy cup, now go.”
To the extreme I change diapers like a vandal
One more kid to potty train’s all I can handle.

Weekly in the girls’ class that booms
But first Mackenzie, 9, needs to clean her room!
Flashy, when she moves with dope melody
Anything less than jazz is a felony.
Violin or dancin’,
You better not hate
Homework and chores- done
Or she don’t play.
If there is a problem, Yo! Sarah solves it
Check out our full year while Tyler recaps it.

Busy, Busy Barlows (x4)

Now that the ‘08 is ending
With Briggs nearly crawlin’, Sarah is pumpin’
Quick to the wean, yeah! the bottle he’s takin’
He’s eating real food, but not yet bacon.
Cuttin’ em teeth, comin’ in quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear his simple
Cryin’ in the middle of the night
I fetch him for his momma cuz she do it right.

Rollin’ in our big white truck
Preschool for the boys is bang for our buck
The kiddies one standby, always askin’ me “why”
Do I stop? No! I just close m’eyes
Kept on pursuing to the home field
I bust a left and Brev, 5, downs the soccer hill
The game is over
Yo so I continue to 809 Bachman Avenue
Girls are hot, complainin’ ‘bout the A/C
Brock, 3, loves to ride watchin’ movies
Jealous ‘cause I’m not getting mine
Sarah with 5 kids means Tyler is denied

Reading, what Caylee learned to do
This year she turned 6, but acts more like 22
Her screams ring out like a bell
I grab my hair and Sarah says, “Hell!?”
Falling, on the carpet real fast,
Jumped in my truck, slammed on the gas,
Fighting and hitting the kids don’t stop,
We love them anyways and offer them pop.
Parents on the scene, you know what I mean?
What are we going to do when they become teens?
If there is a problem,
Yo! Sarah solves it
Check out our big year while Tyler recaps it

Busy Busy Barlows (x4)

Take heed ‘cause I’m a lyrical poet
3 boys on the scene in case you didn’t know it
Brock likes to climb and make loud sounds
Enough to put both of us in the ground
‘Cause these kids are like a super pill
You can hear, see, and feel
Healthy and happy
This is a heck of concept
We make it hype and Sarah blogs it
She posts our life just like a ninja
So many details, other bloggers say, “Man!
If her blog was a drug, I’d buy it by the gram.”
Keep our composure when 5 kids all get loose
Magnetized by a fishing trip is my juice.
If there is a problem yo Sarah solves it,
Check out our crazy year while Tyler recaps it

Merry, Merry Christmas (x4)
Yo! Sarah we can’t get out of here?
Word to your mother
Happy, Happy New Year (x4)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December, December a Month to Remember!

So, this month has OBVIOUSLY flown by without too much time to sit and blog. I know, bummer, huh. Before I know it I’ll be taking down all my Christmas decorations, cursing all the new stuff I have to find a place to keep, and wishing I had spent more time not stressing. As I type this I am riding in the car with Tyler and el kiddos as we head to bustling Williams, Arizona to ride the “Polar Express.” More about that later, I am sure.

I have to first and foremost thank Daniel for making this blog possible. I hate feeling incompetent and there is nothing like computer issues to humble myself. I told Daniel I hated having to use him for his computer skills. I felt like I was his cyber-pimp and he was sooo willing to answer my every freaking-out-over-my-computer phone call. And he came over twice. AND even did some at-home labor. But more than his computer talent, I have been grateful several times this month that we are friends after all these years. Daniel’s mom, Monica, came over with Daniel this past Wednesday. After they left I had a lot of time to think about all the memories I have with Daniel and Monica and their home back in the ‘hood. If I had to identify my longest relationship with a friend it would be (after my family) Daniel. Anyhow. I’m glad we reconnected after so many years . . . and not just because Daniel knows his computers (I’d feel the same if he had a profession of no consequence to me), but because he’s one of my people.

This month has been filled with the normal Christmas fluff and stuff. I thought I'd share here some of the good times so far. Just click on the mosaic and you can see the pictures closer up. Yes, I am sure you'll want to be studying them and making comments on many of them :)
First, there was the annual cousin's Christmas hosted by Dustin and Leah (and hosted oh-so well!) Every year we have a good time and this year was no different. However, I do have to admit when they announced it would be a "dirty Santa" gift exchange, we upped the game a bit. The dinner was delish, the games were fun (and telling), and woo-hoo! the gifts were hilarious. My favorites were the re-appearing gifts from last year (WHOA Horsey hitch and a fabulous legal-sized ream of mint green paper) and the "naughty" toys for adults only. I couldn't help but also enjoy Erin's super great DI find and my dad was thrilled to get the decoupaged toilet seat (that I ended up with last year, but this year has pictures of cousins' parties of the past). Perhaps the best gift to make the rounds was my grandma's old, brown, L-shaped couch. We've had the couch for a while and my brother and cousin have housed it since Grandma's passing. Tyler hates it. HA-ATES it. He's been trying to give it away for forever and he finally decided the cousin's party would be THE best way to "keep it in the family." Well, the long story ends up with Christina picking the couch and scheduling a delivery (a condition of knowing what the gift was) and somehow Darin got it in the "dirty" part, WHICH he promptly re-gifted VERY last BACK to Tyler. It was CLASSIC.

Here's some pictures of our decking of the halls!

The girls also had their dance recitals. It's just one more mark that we're getting closer to Christmas when we gather for a night (or two) to watch the girls strut their stuff and [Kenzie especially] swish their hair. Ms. Lori is a saint to do this year after year and my girls LOVE them. In addition to my 2 girls, 4 of their cousins also take from Ms. Lori and every recital is like a reunion with all the friends who are also there raising another generation of dancers.

And what do we all need in the midst of the hustle and bustle? A little R&R to the Batt's cabin in Duck Creek, for sure. Right after the cousin's party we took off to spend the weekend DOING NOTHING! That's right. Despite my Christmas list being a mile long, we took the kids to play in the snow, watch movies in the home theater, and relax. On Saturday I did not even get dressed until 6pm and that was only because I showered and put on different pjs. Thanks SOO much for the invite, Jamie. Jared and Mindie are some of our bestest friends, so spending time with them and the Batt family is always an extra sweet treat.

And of course, what would this post be without a recap of the snowstorm that took over Vegas. Last Wednesday it started coming down and didn't stop until around 9pm-ish. I kept my kids inside to help me prep for my book club that I was hosting that night. Well, thank you, snowstorm, but only 2 people braved the storm to come and eat (with such small numbers we didn't really discuss the book.) Since I had gads of soup leftover, some of the extended family came over to eat and then the kids went out to play. And by kids I mean my husband and his 29 year old brother. They went to play in their trucks in parking lots and to have a snowfight and all that other juvenile, 1st snow kind of games. About 8pm I had the kids aLL ready for bed when Uncle Brandon came in asking if the kids could come out too. I was already to say no when he started saying stuff like, "You know they'll cancel school tomorrow," "This is a once in every 30 years kind of thing," and "They'll only be kids for a while, let them play before they get old." So I had a momentary argument with myself and then relented. Out to the garage we went to dress them all and once they were all snow-bibbed, booted, coated, and gloved I informed Tyler and Brandon that this play session was a guaranteed 30 minute commitment before the kids could come back in and re-dress. I swear! That would be THE worst part about living in the snow; the dressing and undressing. They had a ball and we still have our snowman on the driveway even today! (Although his shrunken head is a bit disturbing and one of his stick arms fell off.) It was pretty amazing and I am glad the kids could dress and undress and redress on Thursday when school was cancelled. (I know! How funny to cancel school for 6 inches of snow in only PART of the valley. Oh well.)

And finally, here are some of the other random photos I found on my camera when I downloaded them to the computer. I told you how much I am loving the nativity-playing that happens and it's gotten tons better since both my mom and Dodie (MIL) gave me my Christmas presents early, the Little People Nativity. I love to set them all up and let the kids' imaginations go wild (well, not too wild since we're talking about Jesus' birth and all.) And since we missed church today, last Sunday was our big Christmas outfit day. You know I love me some color-coordination, so it's nice to know once a year we can come all together and share our Christmas spirit at the same time. We also dressed up for the ward party which was a "Night in Bethlehem" theme and thanks to Grandma Dodie's stellar costume supply we were all dressed to the hilt . . . or whatever they wore back then if it wasn't a "hilt." (And yes, Brevin totally looks like a shiek or something.)

I'm hoping to get another post done tomorrow about our AWESOME trip to Arizona. It was so much fun and having all our family together (except Grandpa Bruce *sniff*) was a real blessing for us. Ho Ho Ho!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh I am so Christmas freaking out!

I am so stinkin' stressed out right now about Christmas and I have decided it's my virus-ed up computer that is bah-humbugging me these days. Seriously! I normally love this time of year and it seems like trying to fix my computer has taken my happy, cozy, Christmas-y image of the happiest season of all and wiped a big 'ol smudge of goo all over it. It probably sounds a little over-dramatic, but it IS! (Well, traumatic anyway.)

Santa needs to get his act together and finish purchasing some Christmas gifts. I'm struggling with the "keeping it equal" aspect of Christmas since my 9 yr. old has her heart on a couple of pricey things, my 6 yr. old has a mile-long list of crap, er, I mean, cheap treasures, and my baby really only needs diapers and baby food to have a merry Christmas. But, am I going to totally ruin my older kids when they put it all together that Briggs must have been a naughty boy since all he got was wipes and formula? I'm beginning to get why my dad says "I hate Christmas."

But I don't. I'm trying to remember the joy in the shopping and returning and shopping and re-returning for a better deal, etc. I'm trying not to complain that the weather has dropped to below 50 degrees here (even though it is a little nippy I can concede since it IS almost Christmas.) I'm trying not to focus on the money part that is soooo tied to Santa's plans (even though Tyler the Budget ELF reminds me constantly . . . thanks, dear) cuz his budget is going way too fast. And I'm trying to take a lot of time to remember the reason for the season. I love seeing my kids play with one of the nativity sets (okay, well, the plastic ones . . . I about bit Caylee's head off when she dropped Mary and shattered her on the tile floor last week . . . but c'mon, "What's baby Jesus gonna do without his momma?" [and yes, I yelled that at her in the heat of the moment.]) The kids were all asked to pick a service to perform during the holiday season and so far Caylee made treats to send to the people she misses most (Grandpa Bruce who's still working in California, Uncle Mike serving his mission in Virginia, and her teacher . . . whom she missed since she was at home and Mrs. McMurtrey was at her home that Tuesday night.) I'm loving every night when the kids pick one of our Christmas stories and we read it together while lying flat-bellied on the floor. I loved Kenzie's hair-flipping during the Christmas recital last night and look forward to Caylee's show tonight. I can't wait to check my mail to see what cards I get and LOVE the goodies that get dropped off (hint! hint! J/K) And did I mention how excited I am for holiday parties. Everything from the cousin party to book club to ward parties and even Tyler's work party give me something else to look forward to and keep me from thinking about my doomed laptop. Have I mentioned the laptop was a Christmas gift? Somehow there's some irony in how that Christmas gift is causing me so much stress this year.

When I start to think about my to-do list I DO get all angst-y and stress-y. Which, totally keeps me from remembering the happy spirit I am striving for. Mostly I am worried about my pictures and having access to my word-processing stuff (to print the Christmas letter and tags and cards, etc.) I would like to post some of my cute pictures of our halls all decked, but I can't get them off the 'ol laptop. And I'd really like to have everything done in an orderly fashion so I don't have to hustle and bustle unless I want to. I am hopeful that Daniel can fix all things viral and I can resume my holiday timeline. UGH, I'm off to drink some hot cocoa!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Just a warning to all my friend, families, and strangers out there! Yesterday in checking my email I got a message in my inbox from what looked like my sister-in-law that she had posted a video for me in facebook. So, I clicked on the link (half paying attention) and then I get a notice that I needed to update my "flash media player" which I totally clicked on to update (again, not really paying attention.) Yeah, I pretty much downloaded a honkin' ol virus onto my laptop. So, now, I am nursing a bug on my computer which will hopefully be remedied soon thanks to my stellar computer geeks, Daniel and Doug.

Doug told me that the same thing happened to him not too long ago and they're finding that this particular virus (which bypasses your security software) allows these pop-ups for anti-virus protection programs. When the owner of the viral computer gets fed up enough with all the pop-ups and "buys" the anti- stuff, these hackers take your credit card info and sell it and badda-bing we got us some bona fide fraud. It's a major pain and I am just hoping to get my system to the point that I can back up all my pictures on DVDs and print off some valuable docs. Yuck. I hate this stuff.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My new best friend

I thought I'd post to let you know me and Harry went to the movies together on Saturday. Cuz, that's how we Democrats roll. It's Thanksgiving weekend; what else should you do but support the economy? So, yeah. Even IF we weren't seeing the same movie and even IF he was walking in while we were walking out, it doesn't mean we aren't BFFs. We did chit chat. Well, I talked and he and his security detail were very gracious. If I would have had my camera you know I would have taken a picture. And then we both went to the bathroom (not together, duh.) [I could make some wise crack right here about thats how Republicans roll considering Senator Craig from Idaho's tryst in a public bathrooms, but I won't . . . oops.]

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh the Glorious Turkey CampOut!

I am totally dubbing the camp out this past weekend, "The Turkey CampOut" for these reasons:
1. It is the weekend of Thanksgiving
2. A bunch of turkeys go and the big, men Tom turkeys pretty much let the little, rowdy turkeys act like, well, TURKEYS!
Here's a couple pictures I pulled of Tyler's camera:
Brevin's accident 2 minutes after they arrived at Boulder Beach. (YEah, gnarly, huh. He re-split his chin open last night, too, while rough-housing with his brother. So far Brevin is our most accident prone kid!)

Sure enough, in Southern Nevada style, the weather was glorious Friday and Saturday. (We don't have to talk about the big rain storm that was going on when I practically kicked them out of the house after lunch on Thursday. I didn't care; I had limited time to get a lot done.) Mackenzie told me she loved this campout because, and I quote, "The number one rule of camping is there are no rules. I didn't have to eat dinner last night and I could eat whatever I wanted for breakfast. Dad said he did not care!" When I reminded her how they didn't really want me on the campout since I could not follow rule number one, she said, "YEah, you are kinda the rule-maker." Like, I would have totally been screaming at the kids to stay away from the cold water." But these turkeys are right by it, and some are even in it! AGH! I'm thinking wet shoes, muddy clothes . . . I get nervous just blogging about it. (Do notice Kenzie is a good distance back . . . I wonder if she'll grow up to be a rule-maker too?! Ya think?!)

I love that Brock was such a tuckered turkey that he fell asleep, bun in hand, light on his head, right in his chair. This NEVER happens.

And here's two of my favorite turkeys celebrating their campout victory with a fresh can of Caffeine-free Mountain Dew. Ahh, the life that these turkeys lead!

And here's what I accomplished:
Thanksgiving clean up (seriously!? it took me forever!)
Christmas crap bins moved in
Snowmen niches decorated
Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart at 5am (CRAZY!) and Target at 6:30am
Pie for breakfast
A nap
Lunch with my Aunt Randy, Mom, Dad, Erin, Jer & her girls at Zabbas
Home Goods run (got THE cutest big-butt-ed Santa)
Santa niche decorated
More pie
Play time with Briggs
Clean up of Christmas crap bins
Dinner with the Beagles family at Metro Pizza (so yummy and fun!)
More decorating, organizing, and cleaning
More pie
Returns to Wal-Mart and Target
Washed Tyler's truck
Sent Uncle Mike a package
Mail/paper service for my in-laws
Movie to see "4 Christmases"
I'll post some pics of the decorating completed (record time for el Barlows!) after family night. We'll be trimming the tree and decking the halls! WOO HOO!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Remember my last post (I know it was really long) how I kinda complained about Thanksgiving being the forgotten holiday? Well, I do have to say that a perk of that happening is the retail world clearanced the scarecrows that I used as place holders to a measley 25 cents! I know, can you believe it? So who wouldn't buy all 30 for their table decorations.
Now, I like to host Thanksgiving. I like to make everything look pretty and eat on real dishes and, as I explained to Tyler, make it FEEL like it's a special meal that represents ALL that we're thankful for. So, yes, it's totally worth the hooting and fluffing of preparation and decoration.

This year we were so grateful that the Mohlers, my parents, the Cupits, the Batts, the Childs, and our brothers, David and Brandon were able to join us. Tyler brined a 25lb. turkey for 36 hours before roasting it and then cooked two other breasts on his rotisserie outside. Erin brought the yummiest mashed potatoes and rolls. My mom brought our family's traditional jello salads. Even better, though, Mom made the gravy. What's Thanksgiving without gravy? I know, right?! My dearest friend, Barb, brought all sorts of goodies with 3 delish pies and an appetizer dip that was pretty much cleaned out. Terry totally showed up with her stuffin' (and Matt, her other stuffin'.) I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the food, but there was tons and I feasted on leftovers all weekend. Thanks again everyone.

And here's one of my best blessings of 2008. Happy 1st Thanksgiving Briggers!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Well, it's 5:50am and THE BIRD IS IN THE OVEN. Tyler's in charge of the turkey(s) this year and, I must say, I think he's outdone himself. He's brined and rubbed and wrapped and seasoned a 25 lb.-er and 2 turkey breasts for our feast this afternoon. When the alarm went off this morning, I just kept waiting for the kids to wake up from the banging around in the kitchen (which they didn't), and thought of my mile-long to-do list (which "to blog" was on there) until I had to help Tyler bag the bird. Then I was up and my brain will not shut back down . . . I'm glad I made myself go to bed last night at a decent hour. I'm sure today will be a long day.

So, yeah, I haven't been posting too much lately. I've been trying to be productive during my day and sitting down to blog at the computer usually ends up with me wasting a lot of time perusing facebook, my email, and other people's blogs. Sooo, instead I've been prepping for today and trying to maintain my house for the after-thanksgiving-events. What might those be, you ask? We have a wonderful tradition in my family that right after Thanksgiving dinner is finished, Tyler packs up the kids and takes them camping until Saturday. It started several years ago when I announced I'd be doing most of our holiday shopping on Friday and Saturday. He deduced it would be worthy of a campout if he was going to be stuck at home watching the kids anyway, and OH THE BEAUTY of that plan. BECAUSE that leaves me with about 36 hours of time in my own house to get stuff done. Now, I know many of you are not Black Friday shoppers, but I kinda enjoy it. I love the rush of blowing a crap-load of money all in one day (as opposed to my normal nickel-and-dime approach.) There's other things, too, that I love that USED to be marked by Black Friday, like the beginning of the Christmas season, but APPARENTLY, someone forgot to tell every stinkin' retailer about that unwritten rule because THEY all kicked it off the day after Halloween this year. And that bugs me. I kinda feel like Thanksgiving is that unwanted stepchild who gets in the way of the fancier, glittzier sibling of Christmas. But you know what? I think Thanksgiving has feelings and we should not ignore it. Don't clearance all the "fall" stuff November 1st! Don't start decking your halls and finishing your Christmas shopping (those people kinda stress me out . . . ERIN!) I'm just sayin'. I have held fast to my anti-Christmas-until-Thanksgiving-is-over philosophy (well, mostly. I'll admit I do listen to 106.5 in the car every now and then to see if I can catch a good Christmas tune since they're already playing it 24hours a day.) So, mostly my big plans for the weekend are to decorate and to shop. And to wrap. And to make my Christmas cards. (Which, btw, I totally appreciate all the opinions in the card picture vote. Tyler and I are now, still, happily married.) All of a sudden 36 hours isn't feeling long enough.

And in other random news:

**My Thanksgiving list has faltered. I have such good intentions, then I beat myself up over failing at my blog goals, then I decide that's one thing I have to let go, but then I find myself making lists of things I'm grateful for . . . so I can blog them. It's kinda a disease.

**I had an altercation with another mom at preschool yesterday. Long story short, I parked where I wasn't supposed to under pressure from my 5 year old to get closer to the door because of the rain. My big, 'ol car with it's loud 'ol engine scared this little sister of another preschooler when she walked out the door, so her mom totally wigged out on me. AFTER I said I was sorry. She totally was yelling at me like I was her kid or something and THAT irritated me, so I finally just hollered, "CALM DOWN!" After preschool, I sought her out and apologized for freaking her out that morning and instead of just graciously accepting my 2nd apology for the incident, she continued to tell me what I had done wrong. I was kinda proud of myself for not being snarky (which was my first idea) or defensive (which was my second reaction). It did make me wonder why she would be freaking out, though. Did she really think I intended to hit another kid? Because I'm pretty sure me dropping of my two preschoolers would indicate I have small kids too, whom I also love. I think she must have forgotten that when she accused me of being reckless and careless and "that just brought out that side of [her]" that yells at another mom. Please. Spare your energy, you unhappy woman who needs to shave your mustache. And have a happy freakin' Thanksgiving weekend!

**My kids are doing really well. LOL. I can say that since they're all sweetly sleeping. Caylee and Mackenzie brought home straight-A report cards and I love that. Neither of them are loving math, so I was really proud of them for eeking out A's in the number department as well. I'm getting used to the boys, which probably sounds funny, but it's been an adjustment to have the girls gone at school all day and just have my little guys to tend to. I find my days are all about getting rid of their energy so I don't want to hog-tie them by the end of the afternoon. Brevin and Brock are loving preschool and the daycare at the gym. I've noticed lately that Brevin has been more of a homebody, but I think it's because he wants to watch Cartoon Network, which he now knows how to turn the channel to all by himself. (See the milestones we're reaching at the Barlow house?!) The problem (er, I mean bonus) of having a surprise 5th baby is that now I have 2 mamma's boys. Brock, for 2 1/2 years, was our baby and my little man. Now that Briggs is here, he, too, is my biggest fan, so while Brevin sneaks off to watch TV, I'm usually trying to convince Brock to self-entertain while I tend to Briggs.

**And, oh, that Briggs. He is sooo sweet. My dear friend, Angela, posted some REALLY cute pictures of Briggs at 6 months, HERE! Go look real quick because he's pretty yummy. At his 6 month check he was 19 lbs. and carting him around is catching up with me, but I love me a big boy baby. All smushy and squishy. He likes to sit and play with his toys and/or anything he can grab. And yes, he has the quickest hands in the west. The other night he yanked Tyler's dinner bowl right off the table and into Tyler's lap. I keep thinking he'll figure out he can crawl, but I'm not overly encouraging it because then we'll have to have a lego-moratorium for a bit and that will prove to be catastrophic for the older kids. He's FINALLY eating baby food, but still being a stinker about taking a bottle. When I try he just looks at me with a, "Are you kidding me lady?" look and the formula dribbles out of his mouth. Does anyone have any tips on how to wean from the breast to the bottle? Cuz I am ready to be done. He's already nursed longer than Caylee, Brev and Brock and considering the pace we keep, it'd be nice if others in the family could help provide his liquid nourishment. Not to mention he's become quite aware of his surroundings and when he gets a hankering to check out which kid is making noises whilest he's eating, Briggs just yanks my nipple with him while he turns around. Ouch, right! And yes, TMI!

**What else? I totally saw Twilight at the midnight showing last week and I really enjoyed it. I've been curious what non-readers thought about the movie because there were audible gasps when characters showed up in a scene because EVERYONE knew the story and I wondered if any non-reader would be like, "UH? Who is that guy?" I had a great time there with my girlfriends and I do have to say a couple of the most exciting parts of the night were the Harry Potter trailer and the row of high school lesbians sitting in front of us, a couple of which totally went at it as soon as the lights dimmed. Trust me, after teaching in a high school, this doesn't surprise of phase me, but it made me wonder if they waited til the lights went down in case someone might see them . . . or maybe tell their parents . . . or something. I don't know. It was weird.

Brevin's soccer season ended. I can't remember if I mentioned that or not, but it did. YAY. Thanks to Coach Webb! He put in tons of time that beyond his already full schedule and I really appreciate his kind, loving nature. Brevin had a great time.

**I was gonna do a blog about the family history family home evening we did the other night. It was fun and I think it'll be something we do monthly so the kids can learn more about their heritage. (Good idea Mom!)

**And finally, on this Thanksgiving morn, I want to let my family know how grateful I am for all of them. We met on Sunday with Tyler's family and today most everyone will come to our house from my side. Of course, I've missed/will miss spending time with Grandpa Bruce and Nate's family and Elder Mike, but I love them all the same. Here's Dodie with all her grandkids (mine are the cute ones and the big onry one in front . . .j/k Mindie, Amy, and Lex!)
I'm incredible blessed by my Heavenly Father to have a wonderful family and great friends. I'm so thankful for each of them and the light they bring into my life. Words can never express the gratitude I have, specifically, for my husband and my kids. They make me better than I could ever be by myself. I've been so blessed to have family who are my bestest friends.

I'm eternally grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the gospel my Heavenly Father has allowed me to have in my life. I'm thankful for the stories of testimony I have read and heard that strengthen my own. And I'm grateful for a sure knowledge that transcends just faith that I am a daughter of God; that He loves me; that I can return to live in His presence again; and that I will have my family with me forever.

I'm grateful, this year, for Tyler's job in these financial stressful times; a church calling which adds water to my well; our home and the nice things in it that convenience my life; girls nights out; date nights (especially with good friends); a baby that was not planned, but evidence that God does know what we need in our lives to make us happier and better; and for good books.

***BONUS FEATURE*** Just as I was getting ready to post this, my dad called and told me to go outside with my camera to face the western sky. And this is the gem I found.

Thanks Dad! Yet another blessing I can add to my list this year . . . a true, full, rainbow. GORGEOUS!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Owned, Daniel!

I told you, Daniel, I had some treasures that I unburied in my garage! Daniel and I coached a soccer team of little 'uns circa 1989. I can't remember any of the kids' names, but I do remember being at the games every Saturday morning. I was probably more concerned with the cute referrees than I was winning our games. Truth be told, a couple of years later when I tried out for soccer my freshman year in High School, having never actually played soccer before, it was probably me explaining to the HS coaches that I had "coached" a young team and had an understanding of the game that got me onto the team. (I have to believe I squeaked by that initial tryout.) Anyway. Good times. And see, I made it through the post without mentioning your super-sweet transition glasses. Love ya!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Card photos

HELP! My most wonderful, sweet, great, favorite-ist, one-and-only sister took some photos of me and the fam today and I have searched through all the 145 pictures and narrowed it down to these 4. I need y'all's opinion. Cuz I'm all about being motivated by approval. And if I get any votes for these pictures than I won't make Tyler re-take them. Which will mean we'll end up divorced if I have to do that . . . so no pressure or anything, but vote. Just click on comment and leave the number (and any pertinent commentary.) And then, you'll still be surprised when you open your Christmas card and your photo won. And if you don't vote I'm crossing you off the card list this year . . . JUST JOKIN'. I'm all about empty threats, don'tcha know???
Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Option #4

And yes, I'm still grateful for stuff, I just haven't had time to sit down and write about it. Soon, soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am grateful for veterans

November 9, 2008

This morning I was up early, to prepare a lesson, and I remembered to turn on “Music and the Spoken Word” on KBYU. I don’t know what it is about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday mornings, but I was lovin’ it! And as a bonus, there was this whole patriotic theme going on to celebrate Veteran’s Day. In the dialogue part of the show, the narrator explained how Veteran’s Day came to be and when President Eisenhower declared the November 11th to be the assigned day. I didn't realize it started in 1954. Anyhow, Eisenhower spoke of our heritage of freedom, the enduring peace we have enjoyed because of our veterans, and how our soldiers are brave, selfless, and honorable. I was really struck by how grateful I am for those who have served in our military (or who are currently doing so.) One of the last songs the choir sang was a number called, “Distant Land” by John Rutter and accompanying the music was a picture montage of servicemen and women doing what they do. I found so many of the pictures touching, starting with a picture of 2 women standing side-by-side, one holding a baby, both looking out at a big military ship. To see the hard-working, tough-looking soldiers extending their hands to a child, with their gun slung over their shoulder was particularly touching. And I loved the still photos of a soldier praying or looking out at a foreign sunset. Anyway, I was so enthralled by that whole thing I had to DVR it so I could re-watch it again and again. So, today, I am grateful for those who have served our country.

P.S. My friend, Dylan had this AMAZING video on his blog. Since I can't figure how to just have the video embedded, here's the link: SUPER COOL VIDEO or (if that doesn't work) just click on Dylan's name and watch it on his blog. Super cool.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm grateful for a goal

November 8, 2008
I'm grateful for Brevin.
When I first found out I was having a boy I was totally nervous. I wanted a boy, I just wasn't sure what to do with one. I wondered what it would be like to change his diaper and have something extra in there (I found out it is a wet surprise as he pee'd on me pa-lenty). I wondered if boys were really different from girls. I wondered if he'd look as handsome as his dad. Somehow I thought maybe he'd be born a little tougher, a little more rough, and a little more . . . I dunno, boyishly stoic and distant.
But, boy! oh boy!, was I wrong. When Brevin was born we learned little white boys are generally weaker than other babies. He spent the first two days in the hospital nursery under an oxygen hood until a small hole in his lung fixed itself (it's called a neumo-thorax) and at the time it was sooo hard to not be able to hold him and cuddle him. I worried those first hours of bonding that were missed would further my speculations that my relationship with him would be different than what I had with my girls. But it wasn't. In fact, I would often repeat my good friend Patty's words of wisdom: my baby boy was the best boyfriend EVER. Granted, Caylee preceding Brevin by only 16 months and her . . . let's call it impatience as a baby may have tainted our view, but Tyler and I were fairly certain Brevin was about the BEST, most sweet, completely content, easy, and lovable baby around, even though he was a boy.
Now that we've had two more boys, I can add my testimony that my other boys have been absolutely wonderful, too, as babies. Somewhere between 18 months and 3 years old they evolve into something closer to what I initially imagined with their climbing and hitting and fit-throwing and, well, throwing. I learned, when Brock followed the same course as Brevin (going from sweet baby to part-hellian - his current stage-), that I needed to cherish that first year. (Luckily I am totally sucking in all Briggs goodness before he turns to the dark side.)
Brevin is now 5. I'd say his charm has returned.
Brevin is my heart. He has the most sweet moments of genuine love and compassion. He doesn't hesitate to compliment me and he is getting so good about sharing his gratitude for the little things he enjoys. He's a pleaser (which I love to see cuz I know what a motivator it will be) and he makes me laugh with his cute little sense of humor. I am grateful to watch his imagination at work every day AND I am grateful he loves to read book after book after book. While he definitely has his own opinions, I think he's pretty easy to get a long with. And pretty much he's one of my most sensitive kids. I hope that doesn't change as he grows up. He has always reminded me a lot of my brother Mike, which naturally endears him more to me (if that's possible.) Basically, I'm pretty smitten.
And as his mom, I want him to be happy and to succeed. So at today's soccer game I cheered and cheered and yelled and cheered and side-coached as much as I could. I could feel his frustration with not being able to score against the other team and I could see him work really hard. Brevin's not THE most graceful athlete I've seen - trust me, he's got a hitch in his giddy-up - but he's improved a lot since he started playing soccer and he loves his team. He pumps himself up every Saturday before the game and since this week was the last chance for a goal this season, he was determined. The first time he was in, he worked and worked and . . . no goal. The second time was the same. I watched him bang his hands on his legs in frustration and thought if I bribed him $1 per goal maybe he could work a bit harder to make it happen for himself. The last time he went in, the other team had us by 7 goals! And as he worked his way down for one last goal I was a screamin' ninny wanting him to get it done so badly. And he did. And it was awesome. And I cheered. And he smiled his gummy grin. And he came straight to me and gave me a big hug. And he said, "I'm so proud of myself, Mom, that I scored that goal!" And so was I. And I was grateful. For him. And for that one silly goal.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm grateful to have survived today

November 6, 2008

I'm grateful I could do housework in my pjs today.

I'm grateful to unload the dishwasher and reload it AGAIN.

I'm grateful I made it to the gym today.

I'm grateful I took my book so I could sit on the bike, sweat it out, WHILE reading a good book.

I'm grateful Brock's fever doesn't seem too serious.

I'm grateful for Motrin.

I'm grateful I ate Cafe Rio today with some of ma girls.

I'm grateful someone else ordered for me so I actually got the salad instead of the fatty burrito.

I'm grateful I finished my prepwork for tomorrow's Beehive conference . . . well, mostly.

I'm grateful my girls came home a-celebratin' their 4 day weekend.

I'm grateful it's not a track break.

I'm grateful for sushi.

I'm grateful I don't have to share it with my kids; the only thing they won't mooch off of me.

I'm grateful I was able to finish ordering everyone's matching pajamas tonight.

I'm grateful that I don't have to worry about it being all color-coordinated, cuz it mostly is!

I'm grateful Kenzie was able to have a sleepover with good friends.

I'm grateful they went to bed at midnight and not 4am.

I'm grateful I was able to sneak away to Town Square.

I'm grateful Briggs was mostly cooperative.

I'm grateful for lemon cream brulee at Claim Jumper . . .yummy!

I'm grateful for good friends.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm grateful for Bruce and Dodie

November 5, 2008

I am grateful for my in-laws. They are good, good people and I have loved them for longer than I loved Tyler. (I know I've said that before, but it's true.) Last night my mother-in-law came over to my house to babysit my 5 and Mindie's 3 kids while we went and did our callings. Yes, she even kept Briggs, a true momma's boy. Just so you know she (and my father-in-law) babysit for all of us A LOT. And I really appreciate it. And the extent of their grandparenting doesn't just start or stop with the tending of our kids; they are our mentors, sounding-boards, cheerleaders, defenders, and supporters (kids, in-laws, and grandkids alike.)

A few weeks ago my father-in-law took a job in California. With this economy being what it is (and has been), he took a job as an independent contractor working in different stores around the country. He's specializing in closing down stores, so he seems to have plenty to do these days. Luckily, he hasn't been sent too far, but it's still been hard to have him any kind of far for so many weeks now. We're hoping, and yes, praying that Grandpa Bruce will be able to make it home for Christmas. What a gift that would be :) I can't completely express the sense of loss I sometimes feel to know Bruce isn't right around the corner, waiting to come over and play games with my girls or watch western shows with my boys. Bruce has always been a hard-worker for his family's benefit, and Dodie has always been willing to sacrifice. So, her days have been busy with work and, well, life, and her nights have been solo, yet she still has been willing to help all her daughters-in-law with the raising of our kids. And for that I'm grateful.
Here's a photo of all the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa the night before Bruce left for Cali. [No, Jared and Alexis (in the back) aren't grandkids, but the rest of them are.] I know. D'ems a lot of kids! And, yes, they are THE CUTEST!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm grateful for the right to vote!

November 4, 2008

Today I am grateful to have the right to vote. I'm grateful to have a voice. I'm grateful to the many, many, many people who have sacrificed their lives to allow me to live in such a wonderful country. I'm grateful for the women who demanded the right to vote. I'm grateful to have been born in a country and in a time when all men AND women are created equal. I'm grateful that there will be a change.

I'm grateful their wasn't long lines at the polls today, but that it was busy enough to mean more people than normal care. I'm grateful Nevada has computer voting and that the workers at my polling station were genuinely concerned with the integrity of every one's vote. I'm grateful to still have hope for our country; I feel bad for those who have lost faith in this nation (especially if it's just because their guy didn't win.)

I'm grateful for sweet, dignified concession speeches. I'm grateful to be touched by the inspiring words of a new president. I'm grateful my girls have had opinions about the presidency race . . . and even grateful that they aren't the same opinions as each other's or (in Kenzie's case, at least) as mine. I'm grateful for late night chat-sessions with Daniel and Erin to discuss all things hardly even political. And I'm grateful that even though I will be dead tired for being up 'til 1:30am tonight, that tomorrow will be one heck of a day in our world!

I'm grateful for a new book to read

November 3, 2008
Yes, I am grateful to be TOTALLY into the next cathedral saga. I love being totally caught up in book to the point when I hope I hit stop lights so I can read a paragraph or two before I get the green light (yes, I'm that annoying woman not paying attention . . . it's a good book.) I am grateful that this book caters to my need for tons of details. I am grateful there's a historical fiction genre. I'm grateful my good friend Vicki loaned me her hardback copy of it even though she hadn't even read it yet. And I'm mostly grateful today that I do not live in a time when raping and pillaging and living in squalor are not my norm . . . even in the name of the great and holy church of the dark ages.

I'm grateful for my husband's pontoon boat . . .

but NOT that it's in my living room!
I'm grateful my husband has hobbies that keep him happy. I'm grateful fishing is one of them because I can really get how peaceful and serene, yet challenging it is for him. I'm grateful he has really good friends with whom he can enjoy fishing and take SUPER fabulous/expensive fishing trips. I'm VERY grateful that a couple of his friends are in cahoots with him to supply him with really outrageous fishing gear; like a pontoon boat. And have I mentioned how grateful I am that he decided to finally assemble said pontoon boat in the middle of our living room (yes, complete with the 10 foot long pontoons and metal seating areas? Oh, and let's not forget that it will be in the middle of our living room for, well, probably EVER since our garage is pretty full of a lot of our other stuff and now the boxes that the pontoon boat has been REALLY happy in are on the curb for the trash men . . . cuz forgetting would mean I was ungrateful. And I'm not.
I am VERY grateful that today, on NOVEMBER 2, 2008 my husband shared his testimony in church. And I'm grateful that he was far more generous with me when he said I was an understanding wife, even though I'm pretty sure lying over the pulpit is not a very good thing, when he explained that he was building a boat in our living room. All this gratitude reminds me of one more thing . . .
I'm grateful for all the times Tyler doesn't blog about all my scrapbook/project/messy piles scattered all over our house, cuz he'd be a-bloggin' a lot!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm grateful for Halloween hangovers.

November 1, 2008

I'm grateful for Brock, who I found passed out in the toy room this afternoon with a lamp shining right in his face. I'm grateful he was napping because he had been CRAZY all day. I'm grateful for Spray-n-Wash that will hopefully get the chocolate smear off his shirt. I'm grateful to be the mom of a little boy who plays hard every day and ALWAYS ends up with dirty feet. I'm grateful that the sucker he had unwrapped was not wet and stuck to the carpet. I'm grateful to Leanne who made my kids their "smushies" where many-a-head have rested for a nap.

November's Gratitude Attitude

One of my very BFF, Chris, suggested taking more time to be grateful for our blessings. I have many of them. I will be sharing my daily life with a list of what I am grateful for, hopefully every day this month.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Teeny Halloween-y Celebration

*NOTE* Brief recap after all my dialogue and pictures *
So, issues from my childhood would include bummer memories of Halloween. I HATED that every year we had to wear winter coats over our costumes and freeze our fannies walking around our neighborhood. And costumes, don't get me started on my bitter feelings about always getting to be a "dancer" and wear my previous spring's dance costume. (Mom, please don't take offense because, hello!, I so get the nightmare Halloween can present to a small income.) Once I got a little older, but not too old to trick-or-treat, I was the fab-u/LAME "punk rocker" (aka spray painted hair chic.) ANYWAY, I have tried, since having my own kids, to cater to their fantastical desires for Halloween. I DID put my foot down this year and tell my girls to pick something to be, not just someone (like last year's Miley Cyrus and Shar-pay costumes that basically meant wigs and a new outfit.) I DID NOT prevent Brevin from being yet another Star Wars character (add clone trooper to the jedi and Darth Vader costumes from the previous two Halloweens). Here are some pics from mid-week:
Briggs as a super-cute skeleton. Love the black skull cap and SOO glad he fit (barely) into the outfit since I've had it for a couple months. Trust me, it was a tight squeeze.

Caylee wanted to be a witch, but a cool witch. Not a scary witch.

And Kenzie opted for a devil. Her favorite part was the peep-toe sparkle shoes which she is already wanting to wear to church now that Halloween has passed. Wonderful.

Here's Brock and Brevin in their Spiderman and Clone Trooper costumes before their preschool party.

Here's all of them together before my sister's trunk-r-treat on Wednesday. Our ward does theirs on the night of Halloween and I think that's LAME. There, I said it. I hate that we miss it, but since we have our own family tradition, we miss it every year. Thanks, Erin, for the invite. And hats off to the Stonegate ward and Desert Bloom branch for their great party!

Thursday the girls had their school parties and a costume parade. My girls go to "sister schools" which means they share the same parking lot, but one school has K-2 (Wiener . . . yes, Wiener.) and the other one has 3-5 (Hill.) Usually they're pretty good about not scheduling things at the exact same time so parents can support both kids, but not this time. Soo, I missed Kenzie's fashion, er, I mean costume show, but here's cute Caylee:

Then that afternoon I let the kids paint pumpkins. We didn't carve this year.

Friday being Nevada Day AND Halloween was especially great cuz the kids were out of school and Tyler was off work. Tyler spent the day cooking chili and I cleaned the house to get ready for our annual chili cook-off. This year we had 4 entries and all the flavor-layering Tyler did must have worked because he won the title by a slim margin. We enjoyed having the Webb family, the Cox family, the J. Barlow family, the Laytons, the Mohler group, the Christiansen clan, Grandma Dodie, Kyla, (Kenzie's friend from school), and the N. Garrard family over for a good dinner, some donut-on-a-string eating, and then to hit the neighborhood for some candy-collecting. I think everyone had a good time; I sure loved having everyone over for the night :) PS, I especially enjoyed the white Christmas lights Mackenzie and I hung. It kinda got me looking forward to the holiday decorating.

*Notice above- the super-crafty-cute chocolate covered spiders my brother-in-law made.

And finally, here's a group of all the kids, well, minus Gus who was still changing into his penguin suit:

Parts I loved about this Halloween
Family night Wal-Mart trip to get costume paraphanalia
My kids getting to dress up three days in a row - LOVE more bang for the buck!
Having our friends and family over
Actually dressing up myself this year (no pictures, though, bummer. Next year!)
Painting pumpkins was way less stress
My dollar store find of plastic Halloween trays for our chili cook-off
Tyler winning back the chili title
The candy
Things that were LAME
missing Kenzie's costume parade
Fun Dip . . . seriously, I hate that stuff!
Our ward's trunk-r-treat ON actual Halloween night.
Wimping out on carving pumpkins with the kids.
I can't stop eating all the candy

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Probably depends on who you ask?
Today I met Erin, Kevin, Angela, and Jennie at Cafe Rio for a lunch (sans kids, thank you Nevada Day!) and before I ever got there got a text from Jennie that Senator Harry Reid was lunching at the Rio with his family. Sure nuf. So, I busted out my handy camera, pulled my Democrat sista into the photo and had Jennie take our phot-o. The guys at the table next to us were, pretty much, aghast. They were ready to start shouting "McCain! McCain!" Angela explained that Erin and I are Obama fans, but she and Jennie are pro-not-Obama, but regardless we are all friends. They were shocked by that too. Funny people. Can't we all get along? So, yeah, it was a treat for me. Big one. Cuz, ya know, Harry's been on TV, like, a lot. And yes, I count C-SPAN. And I know some of you are haters (Tyler already told me he was wicked), but he was very gracious and kind and his family seems very nice and normal. Well, normal except they were dressed pretty nicely for a Friday afternoon (granted it IS Nevada Day and I was comparing them to myself who wore her camp shirt [inside out], my grubbie capris, and had yet to shower for the day.) But still, treat!
Now if only I could recover from tonight's festivities (which I will blog about later) to get my fanny to the Obama rally in the morning. I cannot wait for Tuesday.
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