Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am grateful for veterans

November 9, 2008

This morning I was up early, to prepare a lesson, and I remembered to turn on “Music and the Spoken Word” on KBYU. I don’t know what it is about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday mornings, but I was lovin’ it! And as a bonus, there was this whole patriotic theme going on to celebrate Veteran’s Day. In the dialogue part of the show, the narrator explained how Veteran’s Day came to be and when President Eisenhower declared the November 11th to be the assigned day. I didn't realize it started in 1954. Anyhow, Eisenhower spoke of our heritage of freedom, the enduring peace we have enjoyed because of our veterans, and how our soldiers are brave, selfless, and honorable. I was really struck by how grateful I am for those who have served in our military (or who are currently doing so.) One of the last songs the choir sang was a number called, “Distant Land” by John Rutter and accompanying the music was a picture montage of servicemen and women doing what they do. I found so many of the pictures touching, starting with a picture of 2 women standing side-by-side, one holding a baby, both looking out at a big military ship. To see the hard-working, tough-looking soldiers extending their hands to a child, with their gun slung over their shoulder was particularly touching. And I loved the still photos of a soldier praying or looking out at a foreign sunset. Anyway, I was so enthralled by that whole thing I had to DVR it so I could re-watch it again and again. So, today, I am grateful for those who have served our country.

P.S. My friend, Dylan had this AMAZING video on his blog. Since I can't figure how to just have the video embedded, here's the link: SUPER COOL VIDEO or (if that doesn't work) just click on Dylan's name and watch it on his blog. Super cool.

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