Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Remember my last post (I know it was really long) how I kinda complained about Thanksgiving being the forgotten holiday? Well, I do have to say that a perk of that happening is the retail world clearanced the scarecrows that I used as place holders to a measley 25 cents! I know, can you believe it? So who wouldn't buy all 30 for their table decorations.
Now, I like to host Thanksgiving. I like to make everything look pretty and eat on real dishes and, as I explained to Tyler, make it FEEL like it's a special meal that represents ALL that we're thankful for. So, yes, it's totally worth the hooting and fluffing of preparation and decoration.

This year we were so grateful that the Mohlers, my parents, the Cupits, the Batts, the Childs, and our brothers, David and Brandon were able to join us. Tyler brined a 25lb. turkey for 36 hours before roasting it and then cooked two other breasts on his rotisserie outside. Erin brought the yummiest mashed potatoes and rolls. My mom brought our family's traditional jello salads. Even better, though, Mom made the gravy. What's Thanksgiving without gravy? I know, right?! My dearest friend, Barb, brought all sorts of goodies with 3 delish pies and an appetizer dip that was pretty much cleaned out. Terry totally showed up with her stuffin' (and Matt, her other stuffin'.) I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the food, but there was tons and I feasted on leftovers all weekend. Thanks again everyone.

And here's one of my best blessings of 2008. Happy 1st Thanksgiving Briggers!