Wednesday, May 30, 2007

St. George Vacation

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Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Check out our weekend pics.

The school nurse called today so I could pick up Mackenzie. She puked on the playground. That's a bummer. I think we got the flu bug at the Barlow's. Woo hoo. I think we picked it up at the family party Monday night. Caylee had a headache all day yesterday, but no pukes. Kenzie thought she was gonna burp. Whoops, surprise. She said it was okay, though, cuz she was the basket carrier this week and that meant she was in the front of the line, so no one else got messy. All I'm saying is get it and get over it before Kenzie's big baptism day on Saturday. I'll be lysol-ing and bleaching everything before we have company.

We have swim lessons starting today, too. Hopefully we'll be a family of fishes in six weeks. Caylee and Brevin are SA-LOW-LY getting into the big pool, but not if anyone's within arms reach of them. It's like they're traumatized or something. Like someone threw them in last summer (while they were wearing their life jackets) and scared the bejeebies out of them. Sheesh, who would do something like that?

Scrapbooking tonight for our ward enrichment. Another woo hoo there. I need a break from my kids. Love them. Not their screaming, teasing, whining, moaning, etc.

Alrighty. Gonna check who else posted today. It's time to reward myself for getting my projects checked off my list. Yay me.

I will Survive!

Hello again! I figured I better blog something before my sister sends another shout out to me on her blog about lousy excuses for no new blogs. We had a great Memorial Day weekend, for all intents and purposes. We finally got out of town Friday about 6pm and didn't hit any traffic (seriously, when does that happen on a Friday afternoon?) until the gorge where there was this trailer overturned and the excursion was pulled halfway up in to the air. That totally freaks me out and makes me question our sensibilities every time we take our trailer hooked to our excursion. Nobody looked too hurt and they were saving what four wheelers they could. I have a slide show in the works to show you the rest of the weekend (or some of it), but I'll share a few things I couldn't capture on camera.
#1 I used to think it was camping that stressed me out when we had all the kids. Apparently it is anywhere we have to sleep in a small, confined space. Since Brock just transitioned to a big boy bed, he had a hard time going to sleep each night and then Brevin felt it was his duty to yell every morning "Mom, it's day outside cuz I can barely see the light" from under the black out curtains.
#2 I started and finished the book Twilight on Sunday. It was interesting, and I am anxious to go to Erin's book club this month. I did think it would make a good movie.
#3 We told the kids they had to pick places to eat that weren't in Las Vegas. Friday we ate at Iceburg, which usually I love, but again with four kids, it's a little more stressful. We decided to eat outside and whilst trying to eat my fries and fry sauce (WHICH, unfortunately had some taste of cherry syrup mixed into it. Wierd.) Brock kept running into the street and Brevin got a bloody nose. I haven't realized how lucky I've been since the girls haven't suffered from nose bleeds. It was a doozy.
#4 In between the golf channel watching (gotta love it) I caught glimpses on CNN and FOX news about the latest argument on The View. Of course, I was rivetted. (I have since gotten the full story from You Tube, thank you very much). And, no, I don't watch The View that much, but I seem to tune in on mornings where there is a little more drama than normal. For example, I was at the nail salon the morning Rosie O'Donnell explained her conspiracy theory about the 9/11 towers. I even thought that was going a little too far. And I haven't read the report she was referring to, but mentally I couldn't really go there. But I guess Rosie asked the rhetorical question who were considered the terrorists in Iraq when 655,000 Iraquis have been killed since the US invasion. And then things progressed and intensified and blew up between Rosie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So, after all my research, I have assessed that I still like Rosie. Have liked her since her own show, have agreed with her opinions about the war, and enjoy that she's passionate about what she believes (Even if I don't believe in ALL of it.) I can't get away from identifying with her about the war and how I, too, wish we would get out of dodge. I guess all I should say before I get anybody's ire (is that a word?) up is that I am very anxious for the next presidential election because . . . well, that would really get some of you readers going, but I am ready for a change. Nuf said.
#5 We did go to church in St. George with the kids. Same as in town, we wondered why we bothered.
#6 I wonder if I whined when I was little like my kids do? I don't remember doing it and total credit probably goes to my parents for not putting up with it. Mom, did I? Dad, did I? So let me whine about the whining. I can't stand it. It hurts my ears. I lose my patience. I give bad looks to those who whine. It's not nice.

Oh well, I need to get dressed and out the door. I'll hopefully finish the slideshow later today. Got preschool graduation this morning and our pool is on the fritz,so hopefully we can get that figured out before swim lessons this afternoon. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We're still holding on to Star Wars heroes and pirates, but of late, SPIDERMAN has moved into our houselhold's focus. Brevin told me the other day that he thinks he just needs to grow up into a man so he'll be able to climb up the walls. Apparantly he can't do it now because he is so young. Funny. We borrowed the Spiderman 1 & 2 DVDs from Jared and Mindie and the kids have all watched the them over and over. Brock, who can't quite ennunciate "Spiderman" shouts and points and wants to touch anything "Menerman." We know he's saying "Spiderman" from his cadence, but heaven forbid you wear a t-shirt with the webbed hero on it because Brock will stand all up in your space, pointing and touching the t-shirt, and shouting over and over "Menerman, Menerman." He sounds dysfunctional and doesn't understand why the t-shirt wearers shy away from him. Oh, and heaven forbid Brevin has his spiderman underwear on. Today when I picked up the kids from preschool a clown had been to visit. Whoever the clown was, Brevin blessed her in his prayers tonight because she turned him into Spiderman for real. I was pretty impressed with the face paint and had to keep looking at him in the rear view mirror because his nose totally blended into his face. Really like a mask. Anyhow, by nap time the paint had dried, cracked, and rubbed off around his mouth, so we washed it all off. It wasn't too tragic, but Brev's trying to figure out how get the clown back to school so he can be repainted.
On another note (that I didn't get to since I was answering my challenge from Jerolyn) I just have to say, THANK HEAVENS Andy chose Tessa. We had our Bachelor party last night and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank heavens for DVR as I had kid issues that kept me in and out of their rooms. And credit to Uncle Mike for getting the boys to bed until I went in and messed it up. Tyler is (again) on a fishing trip until tomorrow. I am still not feeling caught up from the weekend, but the Bachelor finale was a must. I regret choosing Bevin from the beginning, however I wanted credit for noticing the "electricity." It's fun to watch shows like that with other people because analyzing the wardrobes and remarks is way better with others. AND we could rewind everything to replay the corny comments.
I've got a couple baby showers this week and then we're taking the kids on their own trip to St. George. We're doing whatever they want. So far we're golfing, swimming, and going to the movie. I am forcing a Cafe Rio trip since I am convinced they're never really going to open down here.
I am regretting letting my gym membership lapse since Tyler's gone so I can't go out. I am frustrated that I haven't run in so long. Is that weird? Don't get me wrong; I don't miss the early mornings and achy legs, but I am tired of thinking about how I haven't gone out in a week. Sigh. I keep telling myself keeping busy will burn as many calories. Like scanning all those pictures had to burn the equilvalent of three miles, right?
I am hitting the puttering stage, so I am going to force myself to bed. TTFN!

I owe it all to Jerolyn!

I hate to back down from any kind of confrontation, such as the one found on my cousin Jer's blog:
Jane, Jane, Jane-thou shalt not jest when it comes to, as you say "pulling out of 'doosies' from your own pile" I feel you must be harboring some childhood angst towards me for the many, many lashings I gave you in our youth (and also threatening to never let you come back to my house for hot chocolate and toast) when I didn't get my own way. I have expressed to you my sorrow for my misgiving numerous times, for I am ashamed about acting like a child at the ripe ole' age of 7 or 8.

You see my heart dunst believe one wants to start an online "Photo war" if you will. For I too have some as you so call them 'doosies' in my own personal stash o' memorabilia!

.........................................SO.......................................All's I'm saying is...BRING IT!!! I am loaded BOTH barrels baby!!! mmuuu hahahaha mmuuu hahaha mmuuu hahahaha

So, what was I to do when I found Jer's pistols pointed right at me. Uh, yeah, that's right. Warm up the scanner and let 'em rip. Before you peruse the photos below I feel like I should explain how much I have ALWAYS admired Jerolyn. I consider it one of my greatest blessings to have grown up living so close to her. I didn't like being the oldest, and ALWAYS wished I had an older brother or sister, and Jerolyn was the closest I got. When I commented on her blog, I mentioned how "cool" I thought Jerolyn was. And by "was," I include "is." I admire Jerolyn for who she is, the wife she is, the mom she is, the friend she is. She, basically, rocks . . . and is REALLY cool, as I am sure you will be able to tell from the photos. They ooze coolness, really. They aren't in any order, but I thought I'd share some of my memories that conjured up so's as y'all not thinking the only relationship we had consisted of Jerolyn whacking me on the head and threatening not to invite me over any more. It was (is) SO SO SO much more. Love ya Jer!

A family pose, yes, the chin rest on the hand. Her mom, my dad, my Aunt Dode, and Aunt Clo all have been found in this pose in pictures from the past. Now that we're adults, Jerolyn reminds me A LOT of her mom and my Aunt Dode . . . two of my favorite all time people. THUS, it's one of the reasons I like being around her . . . and Jer's always good to remember things about Aunt Dode or Grandma that I may have forgotten or not have ever known.

Summers when Jerolyn came to visit were always a hightlight . . . as was the ensemble I chose to wear that evening before we went to some friends (if I remember right.) Jer has always been my bossom buddy . . . literally. Jer always got hit on when she came to visit. OBVIOUSLY you can see why. "Hey good lookin'. . .we saw you come a walkin' in . . ."
When in doubt, just wear a really big shirt, poofy hair and stretch pants.
Can I just mention Jerolyn's earring collection before we go too far. They were big, kinda sharp, totally flashy, and she had pairs and pairs to go well with every ensemble. I remember studying this dance picture when she sent it. I totally took mental notes of how the cool kids rolled. (Jer, I hope your friends forgive me for posting this, too, but EVERYONE should have had the wingspan you were able to attain with your hair. Really. Aquanet.)
Okay, I took this picture with my first camera and what you can't see are the super cool wrestling-style pants Jer's wearing. I decided to keep this picture of the "Buddy Girls" since Erin is holding a popple and I believe this was the first year of the baby cabbage patch dolls. Erin and Jer have always been super close, which is great and fine, unless you're sleeping on the trampoline and they won't talk to you cuz you're not a buddy girl. Whatever. I really am over it. Jerks.
Okay, same visit as the bosom picture, but I couldn't pass up this super sweet dress I was wearing the Sunday before she went home. PS. Erin had JUST had her major back surgery and this is one of her first standing up pics. Can you see Jer's earrings?
Jerolyn's wedding and some of the girl cousins. Yes, I know, could my pants be any higher? But I have to remark on Jerolyn's super classy suit AND what a beautiful bride she was. I bawled the entire wedding. SUCH a mix of emotions. I was happy for her, but sad for us that she was gonna be all grown up and had a husband. Darin is WAY better than me, as people go, so I knew she was better off, but I was having a major pity party for myself. It really was a good day.
This is the beginning of the big hair process. Note the big barrel curling iron. Jerolyn has always been cutting edge of style and fashion. Seriously.
At Aunt Dode's funeral. I just like this picture.
Okay, I had to include this picture because Jerolyn is wearing the famous LA Gear hightops and her scrunched socks. And the rolled jean shorts. I had a better one from on the church history trip we took together, but it wouldn't scan for some reason. In that one, Jer's sporting a fanny pack. Trust me, it's sweet.
Okay. Enough said. I will never be that cool. EVER. Maybe it's the big glasses or the purple and black polka dot hammer pants I am wearing, but Jer nice to sit by me and my dorkiness. Okay, again, the earrings. AND the nails. I can't tell if she has her fake nails on there, but I remember getting so mad because she wouldn't admit to me that her nails were fake and I was so confused. I know understand how acryllics work, though, so I get that they were real on the underside and fake on top. Many years of angst over that!

Knee socks even looked hot on Jer! We shared a lot of memories together, including our first trip to Disneyland together. That was awesome.

We were cute!

Okay. Work it girl. Anyone ever get that Jer liked being the center of attention? Proof positive it started at an early age. Not that she is loud and obnoxious about it. Just kinda sexy and demure.

The older sister I never had. Don't know if Jerolyn wore the bubble suits or not.
Probably not, too cool.
Still friends, even though I will never be that cool! Love ya, Jer.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anchored by Faith

So, I have survived the weekend (Applause, Applause!) and have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. To fill in the "what happened this weekend?" readers, I was in charge of our stake's youth conference. And by in charge I mean, I (and other leaders) worked with a committee to plan and put on this weekend-o-fun and, from what I can tell, it was a success. The whole process has really been a blessing and the weight of responsibility really began to weigh heavily on me toward the end, but now that it's over I am feelin' good. Tired, but good.

Friday afternoon we met at the stake center before the rest of the kids showed up for a last minute pow-wow with the committee. My friend, Amelia, gave an amazing talk to the kids, who are mostly seniors, that just really set the tone for the weekend. Ugh, I could gush and gush over everything she said, but she's really talented at talking to the youth and making connections that I am too dense and worldly to pick up on. Anyhow, the normal issues arose once the kids started showing up. "I want a different group," "I want to come, but didn't register. Can you fit me in?," and (my personal fave) "the buses will be late." Okay, y'all know I have this thing scheduled in 15 minute increments, but I let the issues roll off pretty well (considering my type-A, anal, controlling self) and kept saying, "It is what it is." (It really is true, Mom, you know it!) Once on the bus, I had to totally reorganize the rooming list so I could try and save some $$ with rooms we weren't going to use since some kids just decided not to show up. This would be a good time for a sidenote about how rude and inconsiderate it is to not let those know that you won't be coming to a youth conference when such particulars as rooming and transportation are involved. BUT, I don't want to offend anyone who has no issue with SCREWING things up in my life. Anyhow, by the time we got to St. George we skipped the game we had planned and the kids all danced while I reassigned the room keys (shout out to Ethan Hull for his help . . . almost as good as his wife would have been had she not been so pregnant and at home.) The biggest bummer about Friday was the constant grind and work that kept me from the fun stuff and hanging out with the kids. But, I know that wasn't my role this time around. It was important that they had a good time, and that meant the behind the scenes work and, gosh, I cannot say enough good about the youth committee. By the time the kids walked to the hotel, we distributed the keys, got our luggage, got everyone in the hotel, did room checks, got the late-comers into their rooms, and considering the time change and early morning hike, I got about an hour and fifteen minutes sleep for the Saturday marathon day. Really, though, it was like the time when I went to BYU as a leader with the Haven ward when I was, like, 7 months pregnant and ate Kim Chi (spicy fermented cabbage) representin' our ward in the fear factor eating game they played. I know I was blessed not to get sick from that stuff since it was for the kids and all. I really was sustained Saturday with extra energy. My brain was pretty mushy and by the end of the day I was feeling numb and rambly, but not sick or migrained. Anyway. Saturday was a lot with the early morning hike (big kudos to John Crampton for his talk), and the non stop touring and walking of St. George historic sites. The kids all saw "The Joseph Smith movie" at the visitor's center and it was the hit of the weekend from what I can tell from their testimonies tonight. The kids did a service project and we ended the day with a swim party before heading home. There were 161 youth and about 42 adult leaders and it was AWESOME.

There were so many times I stopped myself to really take in the goodness, the sweetness, of these kids just hanging out with each other. It was cool to see so many of them gathered in one place, doing the same things, laughing, and talking, and just being "in the moment." I have some great memories of youth conferences with the 'ol Paradise stake. Sometimes I think the kids look at me (or us leaders) and think we're old and can't relate to what they were going through, but I totally remember the drama of the youth conference romances. Cal Cory asked me to prom at a youth conference, for heaven's sake, and I tried sneaking out of my tent when we went to Podesi and "The Shed" played, which meant my boyfriend was nearby (as were ALL the young men). That same year when we went to Podesi, I remember having to go up early after a choir concert, so I could totally relate to the 7 girls who drove in at midnight after their dance shows just so they could have the experience. When the kids complained, I remembered my own complaints about watching "Alladin" on the big screen and how lame a movie night was. However, those same kids were laughing and having a great time JUST LIKE I did by the end of movie night. Even I complained about my group the year they did a missionary theme. I was even a bratty girl who refused to spend the night somewhere weird with a girl I hardly knew. Anyway. All those memories I have, and so many more, were so real to me as I watched our kids make those same memories. It was like I could see them in ten years saying, "One year at youth conference our leaders made us walk over a mile to get to the hotels at 11pm at night in St. George and by the time we got checked in at midnight (which was 1am Utah time) they made us get up at 4am Utah time and we were SO tired, but the sunrise hike was awesome." Or, I even thought, these kids have so few years before they grow up and get married and I think they'll want to bring their families and relive some of that good stuff they did this weekend.

It's always bittersweet to have such a labor of love come to an end, but I really, really feel so blessed for the chance I had to be with our kids. Tonight I had a hard time controlling my emotions as I thanked them for their work or participation . . . they have such a great impact on my life. Really I feel badly for those who aren't so blessed to work with the amazing youth, and I include the stinkers who have attitudes, or cell phone/ipod contraband kids, or boy-crazy ranters and ravers who are still amazing. I am already excited for next year's youth conference. Really, it was great this year for reasons that have nothing to do with me or my efforts toward bringing it to fruition. I am more anchored in my own faith.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I gotta list. A list a mile long. This week is nothing but lists.
So far:
Youth Conference. Can't even bore you with all the checkmarks on this list.
Rearrange the boys' room
Pack up the crib
Initiate Brock to a big boy bed
Dance pictures for Caylee
Dance class for Kenzie
Semi-finals boys' volleyball game to support the boys in the ward
My dishes (a badillion times)
Meeting with Amelia
Make hairbows for Caylee's dance class
Put the toy room back together
Dusted and vaccumed and mopped
Wifely duties
One run this week (SHRUG! I'll make up for it this weekend)

Still to check off the list:
Youth Conference
Find my keys - lost them. Can't get into my closet/office unless I find them, OR any of the churches. HELP!
Kenzie's dance pics
Dusting, vaccumming, mopping, and, oh yeah . . . more dishes.
Clear off the pile on the dining table...and on the kitchen counter...and the laundry in the baskets
ew, I don't like the looks of this list.

Just keeping it all straight is stressing me! Check in after the weekend unless something traumatic happens that I need to vent about :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Finally Five!

Summer 2002

Spring 2003

Summer 2004

Spring 2005

Spring 2006

Winter 2007
That's right. Caylee's birthday too. Five down; many more to go . . . and she cannot wait. Love that grin!

What a difference 8 years makes!

Summer 1999

Spring 2000

Winter 2001

Winter 2002

Spring 2003

Summer 2004

Fall 2005

Summer 2006

Spring 2007
Really? That's what 8 years look like! Happy Birthday Mackenzie Jane!

Happy Mother's Day

I have thought a lot about Mother's Day and what it means. Tyler and my pillow talk last night went something like this:

Tyler: So, are ya excited for Mother's Day tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, it'll be nice. Don't forget it's Mackenzie's birthday, too.
Tyler: Oh yeah, that's right.
Me: Oh crap! I was going to get her her own scriptures and totally forgot to do that.
Tyler: Maybe Deseret Book's still open.
Me: Yeah, that'd be nice at 10:30 at night. Man, I am the worse mom.
Tyler: Way to celebrate your day.
Me: I know. Thanks. Are YOU excited for mother's day?
Tyler: Uh, kinda torn. Happy it's your day. Not so happy that you'll be pulling the "It's Mother's Day" card all day.

And that sums up a lot of what I think about being a mother. I eke as much out of today as I can EVEN though I have a lot of areas of improvement (mostly my memory could use some help.) Oh well. It was a great day. Tyler was up early and made breakfast. I could hear Brock hollaring, so I got up and got ready for church FIRST. Before anyone else. It was nice AND it was Tyler who showed up late at church since he still had to be getting himself ready. I was conscious of the "Mother's Day" card being tossed too much, so I changed diapers, got lunch, etc. I did invoke the right to watch a movie after church, though, (which we normally don't do) cuz I didn't want to wait to watch "Dreamgirls," which the kids gave me. My day; new rules, I guess. We gave my mom and my mother-in-law those digital picture frames from us and our siblings. You know I love the pictures, so it was a great gift in my book. We visited our moms and came home to the regular routine.

Before I go, I wanted to explain to . . . whoever reads this, I guess, that I do love being a mom. My mom taught me at a very young age how important the job of mother is, and I feel blessed everyday to have my kids entrusted to me. (I also feel the agony AND joy that the scriptures tell us come with kids.) I wanted to post some pics of my mom and me that I have scanned. Here's the funny thing, SO typical of moms, the picture above is mom and dad with me when I couldn't have been more than a few weeks. You know moms love their kids regardless, which is great, cuz look at what an ugly baby I was. ANYHOW. The next picture I have with me AND my mom in it was probably five or six years later when we were on a family vacation, here:

There's lots of pics of me and our life, but who's taking the pics? You guessed it. THE MOM. Anyway. I've learned a lot from my mom, mostly that she loves me and that's important to have in one's life. I love my kids; they've taught me even more than my mom. It's a good deal, this mom gig, even when I have days at Wal-Mart, or loads of laundry, or whatever else comes in the package. It's good to have a day to remember all that. So, to all you moms, Rock On! Loves to ya all! Hope your day was great.

Friday, May 11, 2007

One of THOSE days

Warning: This is a rant post. I do not mean to sound ungrateful or sour to my ENTIRE life, just to certain aspects of it that wear me down. That said, there are some things that have been good about my day . . . I am just going to focus on the negative right now. And I get to. Cuz it's my blog. And I need to express before I explode. Cheers!

Don't cha hate it when you wake up in the morning and you have multiple loads of laundry facing you. Like, a huge pile of clothes. . . lying on the floor RIGHT in front of the front door spread throughout the entry way. And so I can't really hide from the mess (that was left cuz my hubby decided he needed wash underwear last night, AND since he JUST washes his underwear after he's found them by picking through the other dirty clothes, spreading everything else hither and thither in the meanwhile), I can't ignore the pile I need to conquer. And, to make matters worse, the time pressure is on because said "clean-underwear-wearing hubby" is taking my two boys to the Father-Sons overnighter and, of course, my boys need clean underwear and socks too, by one or two this afternoon. To make the laundry mattets worse, my energy is waining already since I didn't get my run in and that gets me going in the morning. But, because Tyler (and his clean underwear) are golfing this morning and I wasn't that dedicated to get up at 5am before he left for the day to run, I am still tired. It could have something to do with the let down after my five minute sugar rush from the donut I had for breakfast (yeah, I know. No run + a donut = double whammy) It's a bummer of a morning when I just feel (at 8am) behind the 8 ball. BUT, I have lots to do for EVERYTHING going on the next couple weeks.

After taking the kids to school, I rush home to cut the boys' hairs. Which reminds me . . .
*Side note (literally) *
Dear Tom, the barber,
When I finally get my husband to call you and make appointments for himself and my small boys, and when I have loaded all my cranky-cuz-we-should-be-eating-dinner-instead-of-going-to-the-barber kids into the hot, 100 degree car, PLEASE BE THERE! I know Tyler has been going to you at Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow for, like, ever, but please be there and be gone tomorrow or some other day when I haven't squeezed in one more thing before another church meeting. Thanks, that'd be great,
Sarah Barlow
*Side note over *
I also need to do my dishes AGAIN and take Caylee to dance class (WHERE I realized I will be driving to the rec center 5 times in the next 10 days for pictures, class, and rehearsals. Way excited about that with gas so stinkin' expensive . . . especially when I drive a freakin' gas hog). Which reminds me. I had to get gas in my aforementioned gas-guzzeling beast. And if the morning wasn't enough to handle already, I THEN, decide (because I am a glutton for punishment) that we need to go to Wal-Mart. Why? Why would anyone want to take their three kids at lunch time to Wal-MArt? Oh yes, it's all because in my efforts to procrastinate huge project #1 (aka youth conference) I decided to tear apart and rearrange and dejunk the toy room [timely, don't you think since we JUST had a garage sale?] I've noticed it's what I do. I think, right when I can't bear any longer to do anything else, or even think anything else youth conference, that, SURELY, cleaning out some massive project (like my kids' rooms and the toy room) will be less stressful. Ha Ha on me! When the novelty of huge project #2 wears off and I am smack dab in between two proects that HAVE to get done. Anyway, I digress. I go to Wal-Mart because I need new bins for the plethora of junk we hold on to, I need bridal shower fixings for a shower I am throwing, and shampoo, and napkins, etc. I need stuff. Gotta have, not so fun, but neccesary STUFF and my kids are NOT being cooperative because they want STUFF that I don't think we need. And yes, we need a new plastic bin and organizer, but NO we don't need another barbie or ball. And yes, I need this CD for the bridal shower gift, but NO we don't need the latest version of High School Musical such-and-such, and YES we need to shop without whining, and NO you can't have a playdate, and YES I will take you to the bathroom, but NO I will not buy you candy. Back and forth, back and forth, Brock's trying to do acrobatics in the cart and apparantly Caylee's shoes are rubbing her toe . . . uh, don't wear flip flops!? We had made it through the entire store (barely, like, by the skin of my gritted teeth) when I am checking out and sweating and begging for my two older ones to STOP THE WHINING (and yes, I know I am whining to them about their whining, but I am NOT the bigger person today and I CANNOT just listen to them moan and groan about how they want to go to lunch - WHICH - is a priviledge they lost somewhere in the chip aisle) when this lady starts crowding me . . . BIG time.
*Side note (again, literally) -
Dear Miss Grumpy (because she has this skin tight t-shirt that says "Grumpy" is sparkly silver letters and I am thinking, "Girl, you have no idea about grumpy!"),
Please step back from me and my misbehaving children. Please give me some well-deserved room to use my debit card without your big fake boobs all up in my personal space. I appreciate that the automatic conveyor belt has moved your items up to the checker, but I am obviously not finished with my transaction since I am dealing with unruly children. And this checker-man has been the best thing about Wal-Mart as he is nice and kind and says things like, "I feel for ya, I really do," cuz that's what I need is some sympathy. Not some "grumpy" woman all up in my koolaid. You need to know, Miss Grumpy, that I am going to make a sassy "Excuse me" which really means, "If you don't give me some room I may have a literal breakdown at checkout 9 and you won't be happy about it cuz you're about to catch all the pent-up flack!" UGH!
Seriously stressed out Sarah
*Side note over*
And, yes, we did go home. I followed through with my threat of no lunch out. I think I just punished myself.

So, here I sit a few hours after we've gotten home and I have YET to enforce my mandatory naps. The good news is the day WILL HAVE TO get better as it couldn't have gotten any worse. Tyler will take the boys. Iwill finish the laundry. We will celebrate Mindie's graduation. I will be at my meeting in the morning and we will have a great shower for Terry in the afternoon. Following the bridal shower, I am sure I will be able to get the sandwiches over to the other family birthday party for my girls and that my mother's day will be glorious. I am positive that we will fill in any gaps for youth conference before we leave on Friday and that we'll all have warm, spiritual experiences. It WILL HAVE TO come to pass. The craziness does come to an end at some point. Right?

So, thanks, that's my rant. I almost didn't post this, but after a great party at Mindie's I am refreshed enough to purge it. Cheers (for reals this time)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring sprang

So, that's it. Spring has sprung and sprang from the valley. It started with my daffodils blooming, exploded our rose bushes, opened the gardenia vine outside our bedroom, and ended with our lily pictured above. I am so sad it's over. We're hitting 90's and the forecast has indicated it's not dropping below the 80s again (well, at least until October, probably.) We've actually had a good run at spring this year. I mean to make it to May before it really starts cooking is not a guarantee a la Vegas. One day I imagine living in a place where I can tend to a beautiful garden that will have blooms that last throughout the summer too. I do like the swimming and sun and . . . well the swimming because who can do much else when it's over 100. Not looking forward to the hot car and running errands with the kids and the heat, but then we can go swimming, right. After Memorial Day will be hitting the water parks regularly. BUT, it won't be pretty with blooming flowers as everything dies in the heat. I want pretty summer at the pool. Is that asking too much?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Garage Sale Fodder

A few weeks ago Tyler's mom asked if we would be willing to do another garage sale. We've had three since we've moved into our house, so Saturday's garage sale was just another chance to get rid of our stuff. A couple of real estate agents in the neighborhood hosted a neighborhood sale, so there were about 19 other houses in the neighborhood who also displayed their wares. Tyler's brother, my sister, Tyler's folks, and I filled the driveway and despite the stiff competition we all made out okay. Tyler and the kids perused the other yard sales and CAME BACK WITH STUFF! What's up with that? The girls all had an armful of doll toys and furniture when they returned which is just what we need to add to the buckets and buckets of stuff we already own. I had already told the girls they could buy Grandma's doll house she was selling if they sold a miniature chair they keep in their closet. So, they did, and we swapped the chair for the house. Whatever. It did keep Caylee busy all afternoon as she arranged and rearranged the garage sale fodder.
Of course, after we closed shop we hauled everything down to Goodwill. Our garage looks no more cleared out as we still have everyone's reject stuff that we didn't take down to donate. I need to clear it out so I can pull the car into the garage since our days will hit 90 for a while. We did sell out elyptical (sp?) machine for a bargain price much to many's chagrin as they would have paid more than the $150.00 Tyler received for it. He could have cared less about the money, he just wanted it gone. And that's what we got. Oh! And before you think my girls and Tyler were the only culprits in the taking in when we're supposed to be getting out, I did score a couple pair of vintage Cabbage Patch sheets that I used to have on my bed as a little girl from Tyler's mom's stash. Gotta figure what I am going to with those . . . and the muffin pan . . . and the baby doll dress . . . and the baby shoes I got for a gift. Happy Garage Sale Day :)

A Moment of Silence

I don't want to sound like a snob (wink wink!), but ever since I Paula left my life there have been moments of sincere mourning. I know, I know not everyone else has had the opportunity to have help cleaning their house. But here's the secret: Lose an ovary. Grow a ginormous tumor on your ovary that cuts off the blood supply, have emergency surgery, and be laid up for a few weeks. That's how Paula and I first hooked up. Once she came and we all experienced the few moments of heaven when everything is in order, the dust is wiped away, and the grime is down the drain, it was hard to admit I was recovered and capable of cleaning my home again. However, after a while, I had to confess I needed to stand on my own two feet again and we let Paula bless another family's home. Tyler's concession to my cutback was to volunteer to clean our shower. And let me just say, he can rock a scrub brush. Not even Paula can get rid of the scum and soap like Tyler. AND, I didn't have to nag him or beg him to do it. I came home after a baby shower Saturday and he was scrubbing away. Seriously, how hot is that? I can't show you the before pictures, but he has worked it! It's literally all white and sparkly. I love that man!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Evidence of Pirates

Here's the photos from the other afternoon when my boys were playing pirates with our real knives. I DID think about grabbing the camera while they were clinking the blades, but figured I would remove the weapons before I got my pictures. SOOO, these photos are after we had band-aid-ed the minor wounds they gave each other before I stopped their game. Notice the chair behind Brock. That's how they emptied the butcher block of ALL 22 knives and transferred them to the other side of the kitchen WITHOUT cutting their fingers off. Here's the pile on the other counter.
I'll write more tomorrow about the weekend. John and Abby (YAY!) just dropped in to spend the night before meeting some friends from Blanding tomorrow for a time-share thing. Good times :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom of the Year

So. I don't have time to post evidence of my acclaimed mommying, but I took pictures today of Brevin and Brock after they were playing pirates WITH OUR NEW KITCHEN KNIFE SET! Yeah. That's right. I was working on Youth Conference stuff (of course) and hear the boys tinkering in the kitchen. A few minutes later I look over and see Brock with the carving knife that is like fifteen inches long and Brevin has this funky shaped knife with a pointy fork on the end. They are going at it, whacking at each other, and running, and BLEEDING. Yeah, they had already managed a few minor cuts on their fingers, which, after band-aiding I HAD to take pictures of their injuries. When I walked into the kitchen I realised they had taken the time to completely empty the entire butcher block of ALL the knives. I am feeling very lucky they both have all their fingers. I also should not have found it so funny, and wouldn't have if there had been real injuries, but it cracked me up at what a novel idea it was for Brevin when I explained to him the real knives were not swords to use in "pirates." He was like, "But Mom, WHY?" and was gearing up for a huge argument until I pointed out the blood on his finger. Then it was a mighty meltdown. I guess the adrenaline of a good pirate fight keeps the pain away.

Another funny moment was while I was cleaning up the dinner mess (that part's not so funny) and the kids were out back playing. Kenzie kept coming in and out the back door, so I asked her if she was doing any playing with all her in and out. She explained to me she wasn't really playing, but working on the choreography for her dance class that she will be hosting tomorrow on the playground. Miss Lori, her dance teacher, would be so proud. It was too good of an opportunity to let pass, so I asked her if she had advertised for this class and she said "Yeah, but I tried this last year and the girls tended to be a little more flakey, so we'll see how it goes this year. I like to do it a couple weeks into the third trimester." She said it very matter-of-factly and I was cracking up inside. Apparantly Mackenzie talked to several of the girls at reccess to find out if some would be interested in learning some moves from Bella Dancerella (one of my girls most favored DVDs). She even wanted to type out the dance steps like her teacher does and then decided just to take her notebook. Funny girl.

I am off to girls' night . . . ugh I mean family history. Later!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Every ten minutes

I am at one of those points in my life where I could use a ten-minute planner so I can keep on track with everything I am working on. I feel like I am rushing to get SO much stuff done, but at the end of the day still have so much to do, like nothing has been accomplished all day. Maybe I am just having an unmotivated, sludge through the Tuesday, type of day. I am working on youth conference stuff, have baby gifts to finish putting together and mailed, a house to clean for a garage sale this Saturday, birthday parties to plan, yadda yadda yadda. I am sure everyone is just as busy, so I am sure this whine is getting an "Amen" chorus. I know there are people out there a little more together. Like my good friend, who I promised to keep anonymous, who is working on her Christmas cards. For real! A real shout out girl. You're my hero :)

I did sneak off to lunch today with Annilee and Chris which was fun and was getting good as we were hashing it all out. My kids were being decent (which is rare in a public place) and I looked over to notice Brock was leaking some sort of fluid from his diaper region. Immediately, I removed him from the premisis and we all evacuated way before we girls had chatted nearly enough. Rain check on the conversation, girls. Next time SANS children.

We went over to Nate and Stacy's last night for our FHE of The Bachelor. Half the party bailed, and, frankly, they picked a good one to miss. I have decided (not to hard to come to this conclusion) this guy is kinda a tool, not really meant for national television speaking situations because he says some really LAME things. I guess he's just a normal guy, but the women are far more dynamic because they are pushing bi-polar. Bevin, once my favorite, cracks me up as she worries how desperate she seems to fight over the same guy with 23 year olds . . . uh, you are on The Bachelor. What part of the signing up process made her think it wasn't a desperate situation? I think I am too cynical to buy into the tears and emotion and everytime the girl whose boyfriend died talks I get ready for her to bring up the past BF's death. Oh, the carnage. I can't help but to watch. Even all this said, I do hope we have another Ryan and Trista situation and it lasts forever :)

My girls are celebrating birthdays next week. I can't believe they will be 8 and 5. Time is fa-lying! I am preparing for birthday week as we will have two family parties, class treats, and Mother's Day all in one sha-bang. Wish me luck.

Upes, my ten minutes of blog time is about up and I move on to chores or more YC stuff. Running tomorrow, but I wanted to post this training guide my friend Amy sent to me. This is to prep me to be able to run the 30 minutes straight.

Each week you run 4 days and rest 3

Week 1: Run 2 minutes, walk 4 minutes, 5 times
Week 2: Run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, 5 times
Week 3: Run 5 minutes, walk 2.5 minutes, 4 times
Week 4: Run 7 minutes, walk 3 minutes, 3 times
Week 5: Run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes, 3 times
Week 6: Run 9 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat, then run 8 minutes
Week 7: Run 9 minutes, walk 1 minutes, 3 times
Week 8: Run 13 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat
Week 9: Run 14 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat
Week 10: Run 30 minutes

This week I skipped to "week 3" and it's pretty tough. This guy in our ward told me I needed to pick up my pace. Uh, yeah, that's cuz I am seriously needing a ten week plan. Oh well. I am working one day on a time. I'll invite him to my big 3-0 run that I think I will have to celebrate my birthday in June. I am thinking it'll be a good goal at the midway point of my 10K. Alrighty, time's up.