Thursday, May 17, 2007


I gotta list. A list a mile long. This week is nothing but lists.
So far:
Youth Conference. Can't even bore you with all the checkmarks on this list.
Rearrange the boys' room
Pack up the crib
Initiate Brock to a big boy bed
Dance pictures for Caylee
Dance class for Kenzie
Semi-finals boys' volleyball game to support the boys in the ward
My dishes (a badillion times)
Meeting with Amelia
Make hairbows for Caylee's dance class
Put the toy room back together
Dusted and vaccumed and mopped
Wifely duties
One run this week (SHRUG! I'll make up for it this weekend)

Still to check off the list:
Youth Conference
Find my keys - lost them. Can't get into my closet/office unless I find them, OR any of the churches. HELP!
Kenzie's dance pics
Dusting, vaccumming, mopping, and, oh yeah . . . more dishes.
Clear off the pile on the dining table...and on the kitchen counter...and the laundry in the baskets
ew, I don't like the looks of this list.

Just keeping it all straight is stressing me! Check in after the weekend unless something traumatic happens that I need to vent about :)


chris jenkins said...

best of luck with your list!

you and all the leaders I know will pull off an awesome Youth Conference weekend!

Nan said...

So, I'm guessing this means that coming with me to register is out of the question. No worries! The Stanley family have turned it into an ordeal, so I'll have some help. And Travis is going to keep me sane. Any advice on absolutely "must haves"? Good luck with your list!

Troy and Nancee said...

Hey Sarah, I noticed on your list that you are packing up the baby crib. Do you have any baby items you want to sell? (: