Sunday, May 6, 2007

Evidence of Pirates

Here's the photos from the other afternoon when my boys were playing pirates with our real knives. I DID think about grabbing the camera while they were clinking the blades, but figured I would remove the weapons before I got my pictures. SOOO, these photos are after we had band-aid-ed the minor wounds they gave each other before I stopped their game. Notice the chair behind Brock. That's how they emptied the butcher block of ALL 22 knives and transferred them to the other side of the kitchen WITHOUT cutting their fingers off. Here's the pile on the other counter.
I'll write more tomorrow about the weekend. John and Abby (YAY!) just dropped in to spend the night before meeting some friends from Blanding tomorrow for a time-share thing. Good times :)


Jerolyn said...

because that turned out OK those are funny photos. Now a fingerless photo NOT so humorous. Good thing you caught that when you did huh? Man you will Never cut a carrot the same way again without thinking... what if this had been Brocks pinkie.

Daniel said...

I just saw the Pirates of the Caribean Preview and I coming over to play pirates with you I get the big knife!!

chris jenkins said...

the big guy (Heavenly Father) must of been watching out for your little guys - that is a lot of sharp objects to maneuver across the kitchen!

Jenn S. said...

Oh wow! I'm laughing because it all turned out okay and because you are such an awesome "boy" mom - you are seriously my hero Sarah.

Look at their faces - priceless! :)