Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I will Survive!

Hello again! I figured I better blog something before my sister sends another shout out to me on her blog about lousy excuses for no new blogs. We had a great Memorial Day weekend, for all intents and purposes. We finally got out of town Friday about 6pm and didn't hit any traffic (seriously, when does that happen on a Friday afternoon?) until the gorge where there was this trailer overturned and the excursion was pulled halfway up in to the air. That totally freaks me out and makes me question our sensibilities every time we take our trailer hooked to our excursion. Nobody looked too hurt and they were saving what four wheelers they could. I have a slide show in the works to show you the rest of the weekend (or some of it), but I'll share a few things I couldn't capture on camera.
#1 I used to think it was camping that stressed me out when we had all the kids. Apparently it is anywhere we have to sleep in a small, confined space. Since Brock just transitioned to a big boy bed, he had a hard time going to sleep each night and then Brevin felt it was his duty to yell every morning "Mom, it's day outside cuz I can barely see the light" from under the black out curtains.
#2 I started and finished the book Twilight on Sunday. It was interesting, and I am anxious to go to Erin's book club this month. I did think it would make a good movie.
#3 We told the kids they had to pick places to eat that weren't in Las Vegas. Friday we ate at Iceburg, which usually I love, but again with four kids, it's a little more stressful. We decided to eat outside and whilst trying to eat my fries and fry sauce (WHICH, unfortunately had some taste of cherry syrup mixed into it. Wierd.) Brock kept running into the street and Brevin got a bloody nose. I haven't realized how lucky I've been since the girls haven't suffered from nose bleeds. It was a doozy.
#4 In between the golf channel watching (gotta love it) I caught glimpses on CNN and FOX news about the latest argument on The View. Of course, I was rivetted. (I have since gotten the full story from You Tube, thank you very much). And, no, I don't watch The View that much, but I seem to tune in on mornings where there is a little more drama than normal. For example, I was at the nail salon the morning Rosie O'Donnell explained her conspiracy theory about the 9/11 towers. I even thought that was going a little too far. And I haven't read the report she was referring to, but mentally I couldn't really go there. But I guess Rosie asked the rhetorical question who were considered the terrorists in Iraq when 655,000 Iraquis have been killed since the US invasion. And then things progressed and intensified and blew up between Rosie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So, after all my research, I have assessed that I still like Rosie. Have liked her since her own show, have agreed with her opinions about the war, and enjoy that she's passionate about what she believes (Even if I don't believe in ALL of it.) I can't get away from identifying with her about the war and how I, too, wish we would get out of dodge. I guess all I should say before I get anybody's ire (is that a word?) up is that I am very anxious for the next presidential election because . . . well, that would really get some of you readers going, but I am ready for a change. Nuf said.
#5 We did go to church in St. George with the kids. Same as in town, we wondered why we bothered.
#6 I wonder if I whined when I was little like my kids do? I don't remember doing it and total credit probably goes to my parents for not putting up with it. Mom, did I? Dad, did I? So let me whine about the whining. I can't stand it. It hurts my ears. I lose my patience. I give bad looks to those who whine. It's not nice.

Oh well, I need to get dressed and out the door. I'll hopefully finish the slideshow later today. Got preschool graduation this morning and our pool is on the fritz,so hopefully we can get that figured out before swim lessons this afternoon. Talk to you later!


Daniel said...

Wow About Time!!! I was starting to think I would have to come over and fix your computer!! Anyway It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Because my Grandmother used to live in St George I always go to Larson's frost top diner and Cafe Rio. Have you seen the Special with Rosie on the boat. It was a real good show. Anyway I am glad your back and hurry with the slideshow already!!

Beth said...

Do I remember your whining? No, nothing specific. Did you do it? I'm sure. I suppose it's because there are more years between you and Erin and the boys, but I seem to remember more "picking on" followed by whining with them. I do believe a parent's response to whining can encourage or discourage it, but since I had lots of "raised voice" conversating I probably wasn't as successul at that. You'll remember that your Dad had (has) a way of just not tolerating/allowing certain behaviors. You all probably whined a lot more with me than with him. Stinks about your pool.

Jerolyn said...

After reading this post I'm gonna go with an affirmative on the did you whine as a child question. Just a guess. I'm sure we all did to some extent~

Jenn S. said...

Well, hallafreakinlujah! I was about to send you a nasty note about your lack of blogging. A week? A week! Sarah, don't you know that I need to know about your life much more frequently than just weekly? ;) Daily is much much better.

Did you have Cafe Rio in St. George? I have a recipe for their pork that I am trying tonight, I'm going to try and recreate their salads - I heart that place sooo much!

candice said...

rosie sarah? rosie??!!!