Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom of the Year

So. I don't have time to post evidence of my acclaimed mommying, but I took pictures today of Brevin and Brock after they were playing pirates WITH OUR NEW KITCHEN KNIFE SET! Yeah. That's right. I was working on Youth Conference stuff (of course) and hear the boys tinkering in the kitchen. A few minutes later I look over and see Brock with the carving knife that is like fifteen inches long and Brevin has this funky shaped knife with a pointy fork on the end. They are going at it, whacking at each other, and running, and BLEEDING. Yeah, they had already managed a few minor cuts on their fingers, which, after band-aiding I HAD to take pictures of their injuries. When I walked into the kitchen I realised they had taken the time to completely empty the entire butcher block of ALL the knives. I am feeling very lucky they both have all their fingers. I also should not have found it so funny, and wouldn't have if there had been real injuries, but it cracked me up at what a novel idea it was for Brevin when I explained to him the real knives were not swords to use in "pirates." He was like, "But Mom, WHY?" and was gearing up for a huge argument until I pointed out the blood on his finger. Then it was a mighty meltdown. I guess the adrenaline of a good pirate fight keeps the pain away.

Another funny moment was while I was cleaning up the dinner mess (that part's not so funny) and the kids were out back playing. Kenzie kept coming in and out the back door, so I asked her if she was doing any playing with all her in and out. She explained to me she wasn't really playing, but working on the choreography for her dance class that she will be hosting tomorrow on the playground. Miss Lori, her dance teacher, would be so proud. It was too good of an opportunity to let pass, so I asked her if she had advertised for this class and she said "Yeah, but I tried this last year and the girls tended to be a little more flakey, so we'll see how it goes this year. I like to do it a couple weeks into the third trimester." She said it very matter-of-factly and I was cracking up inside. Apparantly Mackenzie talked to several of the girls at reccess to find out if some would be interested in learning some moves from Bella Dancerella (one of my girls most favored DVDs). She even wanted to type out the dance steps like her teacher does and then decided just to take her notebook. Funny girl.

I am off to girls' night . . . ugh I mean family history. Later!


chris jenkins said...

holy crap is all i am going to say - you will definitely have to scrap that moment - i probably would have freaked out. totally think you need to video Kenzie's dance sessions at recess - that girl is a trip!

yeah, i know. it is 1:30am in the morning and i am out reading blogs and commenting. i am actually getting ready to attempt a post on mine.

good to see ya tonight.

sarah said...

oh my gosh i can not even believe that!!!! that could have been really bad. and kenzie. how funny. what the heck you weren't at my party! j/k i know that you were at the YC thing. so whatever!lol

slave said...

Ya know I thought my kids were rambunktious (what did I spell?) I am surprised they didn't think of that. Good thing they are older now. lol It would really be funny if it weren't so scary. I think one of mine stabbed the couch once. He was having a diabetic moment when he was 4. I don't think he even knew he did it. Oh also when did you see me go all "momma bear" over my kids? Refresh my old mind. lol I stick up for all kids, when they are doing what is right. See ya in church.