Friday, May 11, 2007

One of THOSE days

Warning: This is a rant post. I do not mean to sound ungrateful or sour to my ENTIRE life, just to certain aspects of it that wear me down. That said, there are some things that have been good about my day . . . I am just going to focus on the negative right now. And I get to. Cuz it's my blog. And I need to express before I explode. Cheers!

Don't cha hate it when you wake up in the morning and you have multiple loads of laundry facing you. Like, a huge pile of clothes. . . lying on the floor RIGHT in front of the front door spread throughout the entry way. And so I can't really hide from the mess (that was left cuz my hubby decided he needed wash underwear last night, AND since he JUST washes his underwear after he's found them by picking through the other dirty clothes, spreading everything else hither and thither in the meanwhile), I can't ignore the pile I need to conquer. And, to make matters worse, the time pressure is on because said "clean-underwear-wearing hubby" is taking my two boys to the Father-Sons overnighter and, of course, my boys need clean underwear and socks too, by one or two this afternoon. To make the laundry mattets worse, my energy is waining already since I didn't get my run in and that gets me going in the morning. But, because Tyler (and his clean underwear) are golfing this morning and I wasn't that dedicated to get up at 5am before he left for the day to run, I am still tired. It could have something to do with the let down after my five minute sugar rush from the donut I had for breakfast (yeah, I know. No run + a donut = double whammy) It's a bummer of a morning when I just feel (at 8am) behind the 8 ball. BUT, I have lots to do for EVERYTHING going on the next couple weeks.

After taking the kids to school, I rush home to cut the boys' hairs. Which reminds me . . .
*Side note (literally) *
Dear Tom, the barber,
When I finally get my husband to call you and make appointments for himself and my small boys, and when I have loaded all my cranky-cuz-we-should-be-eating-dinner-instead-of-going-to-the-barber kids into the hot, 100 degree car, PLEASE BE THERE! I know Tyler has been going to you at Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow for, like, ever, but please be there and be gone tomorrow or some other day when I haven't squeezed in one more thing before another church meeting. Thanks, that'd be great,
Sarah Barlow
*Side note over *
I also need to do my dishes AGAIN and take Caylee to dance class (WHERE I realized I will be driving to the rec center 5 times in the next 10 days for pictures, class, and rehearsals. Way excited about that with gas so stinkin' expensive . . . especially when I drive a freakin' gas hog). Which reminds me. I had to get gas in my aforementioned gas-guzzeling beast. And if the morning wasn't enough to handle already, I THEN, decide (because I am a glutton for punishment) that we need to go to Wal-Mart. Why? Why would anyone want to take their three kids at lunch time to Wal-MArt? Oh yes, it's all because in my efforts to procrastinate huge project #1 (aka youth conference) I decided to tear apart and rearrange and dejunk the toy room [timely, don't you think since we JUST had a garage sale?] I've noticed it's what I do. I think, right when I can't bear any longer to do anything else, or even think anything else youth conference, that, SURELY, cleaning out some massive project (like my kids' rooms and the toy room) will be less stressful. Ha Ha on me! When the novelty of huge project #2 wears off and I am smack dab in between two proects that HAVE to get done. Anyway, I digress. I go to Wal-Mart because I need new bins for the plethora of junk we hold on to, I need bridal shower fixings for a shower I am throwing, and shampoo, and napkins, etc. I need stuff. Gotta have, not so fun, but neccesary STUFF and my kids are NOT being cooperative because they want STUFF that I don't think we need. And yes, we need a new plastic bin and organizer, but NO we don't need another barbie or ball. And yes, I need this CD for the bridal shower gift, but NO we don't need the latest version of High School Musical such-and-such, and YES we need to shop without whining, and NO you can't have a playdate, and YES I will take you to the bathroom, but NO I will not buy you candy. Back and forth, back and forth, Brock's trying to do acrobatics in the cart and apparantly Caylee's shoes are rubbing her toe . . . uh, don't wear flip flops!? We had made it through the entire store (barely, like, by the skin of my gritted teeth) when I am checking out and sweating and begging for my two older ones to STOP THE WHINING (and yes, I know I am whining to them about their whining, but I am NOT the bigger person today and I CANNOT just listen to them moan and groan about how they want to go to lunch - WHICH - is a priviledge they lost somewhere in the chip aisle) when this lady starts crowding me . . . BIG time.
*Side note (again, literally) -
Dear Miss Grumpy (because she has this skin tight t-shirt that says "Grumpy" is sparkly silver letters and I am thinking, "Girl, you have no idea about grumpy!"),
Please step back from me and my misbehaving children. Please give me some well-deserved room to use my debit card without your big fake boobs all up in my personal space. I appreciate that the automatic conveyor belt has moved your items up to the checker, but I am obviously not finished with my transaction since I am dealing with unruly children. And this checker-man has been the best thing about Wal-Mart as he is nice and kind and says things like, "I feel for ya, I really do," cuz that's what I need is some sympathy. Not some "grumpy" woman all up in my koolaid. You need to know, Miss Grumpy, that I am going to make a sassy "Excuse me" which really means, "If you don't give me some room I may have a literal breakdown at checkout 9 and you won't be happy about it cuz you're about to catch all the pent-up flack!" UGH!
Seriously stressed out Sarah
*Side note over*
And, yes, we did go home. I followed through with my threat of no lunch out. I think I just punished myself.

So, here I sit a few hours after we've gotten home and I have YET to enforce my mandatory naps. The good news is the day WILL HAVE TO get better as it couldn't have gotten any worse. Tyler will take the boys. Iwill finish the laundry. We will celebrate Mindie's graduation. I will be at my meeting in the morning and we will have a great shower for Terry in the afternoon. Following the bridal shower, I am sure I will be able to get the sandwiches over to the other family birthday party for my girls and that my mother's day will be glorious. I am positive that we will fill in any gaps for youth conference before we leave on Friday and that we'll all have warm, spiritual experiences. It WILL HAVE TO come to pass. The craziness does come to an end at some point. Right?

So, thanks, that's my rant. I almost didn't post this, but after a great party at Mindie's I am refreshed enough to purge it. Cheers (for reals this time)


annilee said...

O.k. Deep Breath!!! I feel your pain girly! Well not exactly seeing how I only have 2 whining kids everywhere we go! But I also did the wal-mart thing yesterday, and I gave into pressure on the bribes just so they would be quiet so really you are the better mom! And by the way I have some xanax if needed! Take Care, Annilee

Stac said...

oh goodness! what a day! I am sorry you had such a stressful day but please tell me that you will be back for monday night!? PLEASE!

candice said...

i'm not feelin ya on the laundry issue sara...i know it's really perverted, but i LOVE doing laundry. i often fantasize about going around to people's houses doing their laundry, and then they come to my house and do the stuff i hate. i'll give you snaps for surviving the rest though -- especially "grumpy lady" -- have you noticed her being everywhere lately?

chris jenkins said...

girlfriend i feel you, i know. believe me i know. i know this is slightly selfish but your rant makes me feel like a little more normal. to know i am not the only one who has poopy days. But I know you are a superhero and you pull through and save the day and all is good in the barlow universe.

i am hoping tomorrow you get to take a load off and put up your feet and get in a much deserved nap. Big hugs to you and Happy MOther's Day!

take care - love ya!

sarah said...

well since it's now saturday night and I'm just now reading about your day I'll comment on how great your husband was with the kids. I couldn't believe he was out there painting fire hydrants with 2 little boys. I kept thinking wow. Sarah is getting a break how come i'm not! lol. And I heard something about trenton and Brock but i'm not even worried about it. I did hear that Trenton was riding one of brocks toys and totally feel backwards on his head though. anyway thanks to tyler for helping with the eagle project. Oh yeah and Brock was too funny. my mom had cookies for dessert and he was trying his darndest to reach them way up on the table! it was too cute!

Erin said...

Ummm, you forgot to mention that you volunteered to make 14 hair bows for Caylee's dance class by this Wednesday...'cause you don't have enough other stuff going on right now.