Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I owe it all to Jerolyn!

I hate to back down from any kind of confrontation, such as the one found on my cousin Jer's blog:
Jane, Jane, Jane-thou shalt not jest when it comes to, as you say "pulling out of 'doosies' from your own pile" I feel you must be harboring some childhood angst towards me for the many, many lashings I gave you in our youth (and also threatening to never let you come back to my house for hot chocolate and toast) when I didn't get my own way. I have expressed to you my sorrow for my misgiving numerous times, for I am ashamed about acting like a child at the ripe ole' age of 7 or 8.

You see my heart dunst believe one wants to start an online "Photo war" if you will. For I too have some as you so call them 'doosies' in my own personal stash o' memorabilia!

.........................................SO.......................................All's I'm saying is...BRING IT!!! I am loaded BOTH barrels baby!!! mmuuu hahahaha mmuuu hahaha mmuuu hahahaha

So, what was I to do when I found Jer's pistols pointed right at me. Uh, yeah, that's right. Warm up the scanner and let 'em rip. Before you peruse the photos below I feel like I should explain how much I have ALWAYS admired Jerolyn. I consider it one of my greatest blessings to have grown up living so close to her. I didn't like being the oldest, and ALWAYS wished I had an older brother or sister, and Jerolyn was the closest I got. When I commented on her blog, I mentioned how "cool" I thought Jerolyn was. And by "was," I include "is." I admire Jerolyn for who she is, the wife she is, the mom she is, the friend she is. She, basically, rocks . . . and is REALLY cool, as I am sure you will be able to tell from the photos. They ooze coolness, really. They aren't in any order, but I thought I'd share some of my memories that conjured up so's as y'all not thinking the only relationship we had consisted of Jerolyn whacking me on the head and threatening not to invite me over any more. It was (is) SO SO SO much more. Love ya Jer!

A family pose, yes, the chin rest on the hand. Her mom, my dad, my Aunt Dode, and Aunt Clo all have been found in this pose in pictures from the past. Now that we're adults, Jerolyn reminds me A LOT of her mom and my Aunt Dode . . . two of my favorite all time people. THUS, it's one of the reasons I like being around her . . . and Jer's always good to remember things about Aunt Dode or Grandma that I may have forgotten or not have ever known.

Summers when Jerolyn came to visit were always a hightlight . . . as was the ensemble I chose to wear that evening before we went to some friends (if I remember right.) Jer has always been my bossom buddy . . . literally. Jer always got hit on when she came to visit. OBVIOUSLY you can see why. "Hey good lookin'. . .we saw you come a walkin' in . . ."
When in doubt, just wear a really big shirt, poofy hair and stretch pants.
Can I just mention Jerolyn's earring collection before we go too far. They were big, kinda sharp, totally flashy, and she had pairs and pairs to go well with every ensemble. I remember studying this dance picture when she sent it. I totally took mental notes of how the cool kids rolled. (Jer, I hope your friends forgive me for posting this, too, but EVERYONE should have had the wingspan you were able to attain with your hair. Really. Aquanet.)
Okay, I took this picture with my first camera and what you can't see are the super cool wrestling-style pants Jer's wearing. I decided to keep this picture of the "Buddy Girls" since Erin is holding a popple and I believe this was the first year of the baby cabbage patch dolls. Erin and Jer have always been super close, which is great and fine, unless you're sleeping on the trampoline and they won't talk to you cuz you're not a buddy girl. Whatever. I really am over it. Jerks.
Okay, same visit as the bosom picture, but I couldn't pass up this super sweet dress I was wearing the Sunday before she went home. PS. Erin had JUST had her major back surgery and this is one of her first standing up pics. Can you see Jer's earrings?
Jerolyn's wedding and some of the girl cousins. Yes, I know, could my pants be any higher? But I have to remark on Jerolyn's super classy suit AND what a beautiful bride she was. I bawled the entire wedding. SUCH a mix of emotions. I was happy for her, but sad for us that she was gonna be all grown up and had a husband. Darin is WAY better than me, as people go, so I knew she was better off, but I was having a major pity party for myself. It really was a good day.
This is the beginning of the big hair process. Note the big barrel curling iron. Jerolyn has always been cutting edge of style and fashion. Seriously.
At Aunt Dode's funeral. I just like this picture.
Okay, I had to include this picture because Jerolyn is wearing the famous LA Gear hightops and her scrunched socks. And the rolled jean shorts. I had a better one from on the church history trip we took together, but it wouldn't scan for some reason. In that one, Jer's sporting a fanny pack. Trust me, it's sweet.
Okay. Enough said. I will never be that cool. EVER. Maybe it's the big glasses or the purple and black polka dot hammer pants I am wearing, but Jer nice to sit by me and my dorkiness. Okay, again, the earrings. AND the nails. I can't tell if she has her fake nails on there, but I remember getting so mad because she wouldn't admit to me that her nails were fake and I was so confused. I know understand how acryllics work, though, so I get that they were real on the underside and fake on top. Many years of angst over that!

Knee socks even looked hot on Jer! We shared a lot of memories together, including our first trip to Disneyland together. That was awesome.

We were cute!

Okay. Work it girl. Anyone ever get that Jer liked being the center of attention? Proof positive it started at an early age. Not that she is loud and obnoxious about it. Just kinda sexy and demure.

The older sister I never had. Don't know if Jerolyn wore the bubble suits or not.
Probably not, too cool.
Still friends, even though I will never be that cool! Love ya, Jer.


Jerolyn said...

Sarah Jane Garrard Barlow-I have been sitting here for an hour looking at those photos and remembering a little something about everyone of them! Thank you for posting those-I am so glad I antagonized you. You are good. Those pictures are fun and are "proof positive" that you and Erin and I are soul sisters! Love you love you love you!

Jerolyn said...

Ps. You So are THAT cool!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

today we went to the park after preschool. after the park i came in the house to check out your blog BEFORE tending to isaac.......i was so looking forward to it since you told me about it at preschool. i'm happy to report you didn't let me down. :) the pictures are totally rad! i'd better go & be a mom, isaac says he wants to eat.......
jen allen

Beth said...

Wow! Can I say it again??? Wow! Fun memories for me. I can just imagine you and Erin and Jerolyn and the smoke your brains must be generating coming up with all those memories.

Jerolyn said...

Hope you got a laugh out of the whole "flitty" comment cuz I laughed right out loud when I wrote it!