Thursday, May 27, 2010

No filter

This morning as I am getting my gym clothes on, Caylee says, "Good Mom. Go work out that belly of yours."

Indignantly I reply, "Where d'you think I got this belly, Caylee?"

Her response, "Food!"


***Tyler during this whole exchange? Giggling while brushing his teeth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What? Where'd May go!

Tonight I stopped by a friend's house to pay my entrance into her Summer Scrapbook Challenge contest. Since I rarely have cash on me, I had to bust out the ancient checkbook and write it out by hand and everything. I know, poor me, right?! Nah, but in doing so, I had to mentally check into the date. Today is May 26. May freakin 26. How is time flying by SO fast?

And yes. I know that when I ask questions like that, it does indeed prove that time is going by because that's what old people say, (old, creaky voice) "Where'd the time go?"

I had honestly thought that I'd be totally on the ball and call my visiting teaching ladies tomorrow, because I didn't want to wait til the end of the month. Uh, guess I blew that since there are only 5 more days in the month and 3 of them are a long weekend. I stink at visiting teaching, which is really too bad, because I have THE best partner and ladies to visit teach AND *Sigh* I can't bake, so it's just an all-around bad scenario.

What really perplexes me is how I can get so little physically accomplished in a day where I am completely busy and the day seems so long, yet it all goes so fast. About a month ago I decided we were going to surrender the toy room, seperate my girls into their own rooms, de-junk the garage, and get rid of the crib so all three boys could be in one room. {Yes, I know, my brother-in-law already pointed out the unfairness of the situation, "So, each of the girls get their own room and the boys all 3 have to share one? Sounds fair." While my sister pointed out the obvious, "They're just going to get messier and stinkier, so leave them all in one room."} Part of all that rearranging was moving all the junk/clutter/treasures into the middle of our living room so I could "go through" it and trash/D.I./re-organize it all before finding a new home for it. It was a beautiful plan, and for the most part, I can claim success in the rearranging and the garage. However, my living room has two long church tables set up and stuff piled all over it. And by stuff I mean old mission letters from Tyler, our school memorabilia, fly-tying stuff, scrapbook/craft goodies amongst so many other unfinished-totally-good-intentions gems. Blech. It has started to goad me when I walk into the room. "Hey Sarah! Look at all this stuff you hoard and can't part with, yet can't muster the strength to toss or pack back away. mwuuuaaaahhhhahahaha!" Too, there's nothing like having people walk into my modge-podge front room and feel like I need to explain the inner garage sale look I have oh-so-deftly designed for our home. Maybe if time stood still I could take care of all it. Maybe.

p.s. I did manage to go through 3 years of magazine subscriptions and pull out the things that I wanted to be able to refer back to in upcoming years . . . so, that is one miniscule pile pulled off the tables. And here's the after product of the boys' room. I think my other pictures are all still on my camera(s).

And to close this totally random (and yes, probably uncool post) here's another way I know time is slipping through my fingers. Tyler just got home from an Elder's Quorum party (which, is also what they call, in our ward, getting together to watch the basketball game and ultimate fighting for 2 hours on a Wednesday night) and was telling me that his youngest [and arguably the most hip] brother, Brandon, was ordering him some kind of knock-off fashion jean. But Tyler couldn't remember the name of them. "Jesus jeans?" he tried. I had NOT heard of those. "Wait, maybe they're called 'Lord' brand or something?" Still hadn't heard of it. And it was then I realized neither of us are young, hip, and savvy enough to know what to even offer as the real name. He finally did remember it was TRUE RELIGION jeans, but you'd think, if we weren't so out of touch, we'd have known that right off the bat. And does that ruin someone's cool factor if they wear knock off jeans? Time will tell, I s'pose.