Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here's a happy circle for you. Today is a good day in my world because I scored a cute gray sweater on Clearance at Target (they have beaucoup racks out right now). I was at Target with only sit-still-don't-climb-out-of-the-cart baby Briggs. I had one child with me because I had dropped Brock and Brevin off at preschool this morning. I dropped them off this morning because it was the first day of Silverado's preschool. I choose Silverado preschool because Brevin and Brock can go at the same time. Brevin and Brock at preschool at the same time means I can meander at Target for over an hour by myself and score a cute gray sweater on Clearance.

Today was also day 2 of going to the gym. Apparently I still have a membership. Funny how that happened since I didn't cancel it when our contract was up and they just kept on taking my money. I s'pose I should pay more attention. But some things seem to slip by, hmmmm, funny. Anyway. Going to the gym has been a many week process because it has taken me so long to commit to actually going and so yesterday I actually set my alarm and got up at 5:30am to go. And then I got up (which is a step beyond other times I've committed.) I will admit I gave myself credit the whole time I was there even though I wasn't loving it. First I hit the treadmill, did a good ab workout (cuz let's face it - my muffin tops have become quite the bundt cake sitch-i-a-tion), and then went back for the eliptical. I so knew it had been a while since I'd been there because the gym had all this new-fangled equipment. But I did it and I was committed to going this morning.

SOOO, when my alarm went off at 5:30am again this morning here was my circle of thoughts:
"Oh, shut up. I can't believe it's time to get up already. I should turn off the alarm before it really wakes up Tyler. Oh dear. I am sore from yesterday. I don't think I can get up. Nope. Can't hardly move. Guess that twisty machine worked my side fat, er, I mean muscles because I cannot move. Shoot. I need to get going." (Stumble to alarm clock and turn it off.) "I so don't want to go this morning. What else can I do to count as a workout because I seriously cannot hardly move. Oh how sad is that? Oh and the thought of changing and bra-ing is . . . ick. I think I'll climb back in bed and then when I take the boys to preschool this morning -- oh happy day, first day of preschool -- I can put Briggs in the stroller and just walk for an hour. Where would I walk? Oh who cares; I think I'll fall back to sleep." (Then I hear my cell phone text alert) "Oh crap. I bet Erin is already at the gym asking where I am. I guess I'll go. Dang. It's okay, I need to go. I hate that I need to go. Every time I go I see all the people who don't need to go cuz they're all toned and fit and" (Stumble to my diaper bag and dig for my cell phone. Read Erin's text that she's got a headache and not going to the gym.) "sweet! I'm for sure going back to bed. I am still stiff and ugh I can't believe I just got out of bed to read that Erin's NOT going to the gym. I hope she feels better. I hope I feel better. I am getting old. And I'm still chubby. But I don't want to think about that because I'm tired. Plus, I JUST had a baby. No I didn't. It was five months ago. I am still packing 25 pounds of baby. I will take a good walk for sure. I wonder where'll I'll walk. It's gonna be warm. Yuck. Then I'll have to re-shower in the middle of the day which is hardly worth showering this morning but then I hate to start my day without a shower and what if Briggs gets too much sun while I'm walking. I'll cover him up. Oh, but it'll be warm by 9:30am." (By now I am back in bed and totally awake.) "Oh, I am so weak. Here I am on day 2 and I am already quitting. Why am I so weak? I hate being a quitter almost as bad as I hate being chubby. There is that bobypump class at 6am I could still make. Or I could lay here and go back to sleep. *SIGH* I'm so not falling back to sleep. Crap. I might as well go to the gym. I hate the gym." (Stumble BACK out of bed to change.)

And so I made it through the bodypump class. The teacher was super cute and enthused and positive and had a pretty good-looking assistant. Even more miraculous is the fact that I made it to my car without my legs giving out on me. Seriously I was shaking all over. I'm sure my muscles were thinking, "Holy crap lady! We haven't had any kind of work in ages and you're trying to kill us off in one shot." I'm sure tomorrow morning will be 10x worse than this morning, but I am not a quitter and I will be out trying to walk off the stiffness. . . which TECHNICALLY is what I was trying to do when I hit up Target this morning. Ah Target - therapy on so many levels.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week at the Barlows

So, this week has been excitingly non-reportable, I suppose. I mean nothing too dramatic or note-worthy has happened that made me think, "oh, I should totally blog about that." So, I haven't. For a few days we were having computer issues, which is SO not our thing, but I think Tyler narrowed it down to a bad cord, so now that we've got that resolved I don't have a real reason to not blog.

Last Friday (*okay, I totally lied, this was exciting, but it has been requested that I not blog about this too much*) we officially became a family of 7. That is unless we tempt fate and the stars align and we are a little too careless in the next 6 weeks.Tyler's appointment with Dr. Snip Snip was a success, but he swears he "WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

The weekend was all about Tyler's recovery and my lack of patience. I don't need to go on and on about that, other than to say I am about the least sympathetic wife out there. Any time Tyler complained about the humiliation he endured I told him "Waa, that's nothing that women endure every year for their annual OR when the have babies." By Sunday he was less "tender" and by Monday we were back to normal, sorta.

We went to Tyler's office and officially cleaned it out since Silver State Bank is no more. It was sad. I don't know how much to say or to vent or whatever, but I am very grateful for our blessings. We have been watched over and blessed and I am thankful to report Tyler will be starting a new job with Bank of Nevada on Monday.

Wednesday we took Brock to the hospital for a little procedure officially called "penile lesion excision" which basically means he had a cyst removed from his "wee wee." [Pictures are from the hospital that morning.] The roughest part was keeping him from eating or drinking until his procedure (at 9:30ish) and then the waking up from anesthesia. I was figuring he would have a day or two of commiserating with his dad, but by Wednesday afternoon he was hunky dory; running and playing all around like he hadn't been "excised" earlier that morning. I do have to say that I hate that point where I have to turn my child over to complete strangers. When the nurse came to get me she said he wasn't doing so well with waking up and I could NOT get back to the room quick enough. He was in quite a state trying to get all the wires off his feet and the IV off his leg, not to mention the diaper off of him. He was not happy, but I held him and let him drink some juice until we could get him out and in the car to go home and recuperate. Like I said, though, he was A-OK the rest of the day. I do want to thank Donna and Sherry, visiting teachers extraordinaire who dropped by after we got home; so sweet (literally since Donna made these yummy cookie things.)

Since Tyler has had the week off from work we've done pretty normal, boring things like getting some car services done on his truck and taking care of yard work. Last night Tyler and I had a much needed date night. Having him home all week has been a little more trying than it should have been. The girls had birthday parties today and Brevin had soccer today. I had a fun lunch with Daniel, David, and Jen where we analyzed all sorts of the other nights' presidential debate. Thanks Dan, you hormonal woman! (J/K) Then tonight Tyler and I met my folks and their friends, the Bellessas, for dinner.
I would like to add this other fun thing to happen this week, my other homegirl from my BYU days (there were so few of them, but SUCH great days) has finally started a blog. That's right, if you need a little dose of California sunshine, check out Moana's blog here.

Briggs at 5 months

Yes. He is still darling. And now he's rolling over (not all the time, but he's got it figured out), so I am mourning that it's the beginning of the end of my sweet baby. I know before long he'll be moving all over the floor and eating all our crumbs and fluff that get left on the floor. THEN he'll be crawling and then walking and then running and then climbing and then he won't let me hold him and cuddle him and be happiest when he's sitting with me. So, I'm enjoying this time with my little man. I am loving every bit of his almost 19 pounds (yeah, he's filled out nicely!) These past five months have flown by and I can't believe how blessed we've been to have such a good-natured, happy little man.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fashion Police

The correct answer about what was wrong with the outfit posted below depends on who's answering the question.

According to Mackenzie (yes, identity revealed) it was a horrible, mean thing of me to make her wear those shorts with her tennis shoes (even though she had PE that day). It was absolutely unheard of that she was wearing a collared shirt to school and NOT to the golf course.

According to Me (the mom) the outfit is absolutely fine (but I will concede the shoes would not be my first choice EXCEPT that it was PE that day.) I would also add that if Mackenzie would have dressed herself when I sent her to get dressed that morning instead of NOT getting dressed she could have worn whatever her lovely fashionista self would have pleased.

Somehow Blogger erased the super long and lengthy explanation of our week's fashion crisis, but I will sum it up with this thought: I am beginning to start a stash of medication that will get me through the oh-so-fun-and-just-around-the-corner hormonally-charged puberty that I will be suffering through. And I mean the good stuff, not just midol!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What NOT to wear?!

I have been under strict orders to protect the identity of the above subject of this above picture. I need to know WHAT is wrong with sending this 9 yr. old female to school (NOT the golf course) in this outfit? Please let us know what you think of it, and be honest.

Don't hold back. (I know some of you out there aren't too afraid to tell me what you REALLY think. I can handle your opinion, even if it's not going to be nice. I'm even prepared for judgemental comments about WHO I am and/or my character, Those comments I will rise above.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Line-Up

For Erin.
Since I'm just a woman of leisure who sits on her couch eating bon bons, I thought I'd share with you what I plan on recording on the 'ol DVR this fall. (post/pre-script: I don't really sit on the couch and eat bon bons, but I do try and squeeze in my favorite shows whilst doing dishes, nursing, etc AND so, I don't need in negativity about my shows. You can agree or not, but put all the name-calling on the political posts :) Thanks!)

Shows Tyler and I will watch together:
The Office
- I canNOT wait to laugh out loud again! I L-O-V-E this show.
Law & Order: SVU - I don't know why, but we always end up watching branch. How can you not watch IceT do his detective thing?
CSI: Miami - Yes! Corny poses and tacky lines WITH sunglasses. David Caruso, you are great entertainment.
Without A Trace - This one's on the bubble, and Tyler'll watch it every now and then with me, but it's getting a little too dramatic and not action enough for his taste. It usually builds up in the DVR.
Saturday Night Live - So excited to see Michael Phelps and who else they line up this year. Election years are so great and YOU KNOW Tina Fey is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin.

Shows Tyler refuses to watch and makes fun of the whole time I'm watching them:
Grey's Anatomy - "Do you really think that happens at real hospitals?" he mocks.
Desperate Housewives - "This is so dumb. People don't even talk to their neighbors anymore!" he commentates.
Brothers & Sisters - "Are those dudes gonna kiss? I can't watch this! Why don't they make the girls kiss each other. Then it'll be a good show."
Friday Night Lights - (He doesn't make fun of this one too much, but would rather watch the golf channel instead of a high school football drama.)

Reality Competition Shows:
The Biggest Loser
The Amazing Race
Top Design
Project Runway

I also record Ellen and Oprah to FF thru. Usually I just watch bits and pieces.

And, so since nothing is real "new" on my list, I think The Mentalist and The Ex-List both could catch my interest. I'm not sure of their times, yet, though, and I can only record one thing at a time so Tyler can channel surf, so I may not get to explore them too much.

I now think y'all should make a quick comment to tell me what show you are most excited to watch.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is a post that my friend Dylan had on his wonderfully creative and exceptional-in-all-ways blog. It was a while ago and I wanted to stand up and shout, "Here, Here, Brother Todd." I thought it was an interesting perspective, especially from another "liberal Mormon." I don't know if he wants to be all pimped out from my blog, but check out his site if you want some great commentary and/or comic book reviews. (Thanks, Dylan, for sending me the link AND commenting. I'd just finished my post, but appreciated the comment, too. I'll be a better listener.)

Dear Sister So & So ...
There's a lady in our church who has been forwarding these right-wing political e-mails to us lately. This annoyed me. The first one I ignored. The second one irked me. The third one got a response. What follows is the complete draft of my response e-mail. In the end I opted for a the first sentence, but here it is in its glory. You can tell me if it was wise to send this to someone who I'm not sure I even know who she is:

Dear Sister So & So,
I hope this doesn't offend you and know that what follows is meant with respect and love, but we would appreciate if you would please stop forwarding these political e-mails to us. Just because we go to the same church does not necessarily mean that we hold the same political opinions. See, I and my wife are Mormon Democrats, one of those mythical creatures you read about in books but never see in reality, like a unicorn or the Loch Ness Monster. There are not many of us, but we do exist.


As to your forwarded e-mail, titled "Wake Up, People", I would like a chance to respond to some of the things I took umbrage with.

Personally, I am glad I live in a country where I and my countrymen are free to say what they will about the President, regardless of the who sits in the Oval Office. And yes, this includes jokes at out leadership's expense, in peacetime or war. This is why my ancestors fled their native lands years and generations ago, to be free to speak their mind without fear of being clapped in irons or beheaded in the public square. I'm glad that I have the freedom to say that our war with Iraq is misguided at best, a complete sham and a waste of life and treasure at worst. I am glad that people are free to protest a war they do not agree with just as I am glad and proud of those men and women who fight on behalf of our country. I only wish we were honoring their sacrifice with a war that was worth dying for. I am glad that someone like Stephen Colbert can roast the President at the White House Correspondents dinner and not have to worry about "being disappeared." Partially because it reminds us that our leaders are human beings, not infallible demigods whose word is as if from Heaven.

Also, because it's funny.

I am glad that newspapers keep watch over our government and expose inhumane treatment of fellow human beings in the custody of our armed forces. As an American and as a Christian, I cannot see any instance where complete degradation, physical torture (I looked "waterboarding" up; it's torture) and gross mistreatment can be construed as proper or necessary. If this is what we have to do to win "the War on Terror," then I don't think I want to win. I don't think we deserve to win.

I am glad that I can worship God as I see fit and am glad that our Constitution affords others the privilege to do so as well. Even Muslims. If the recent polygamy sect coverage in Texas teaches me anything, it's that it's a tricky proposition to lump a small group of fanatics in with a larger religious group. I personally cringe whenever "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is spoken over the air because I know that being tied, even tangentially, to that sadness on display sets us back as a people. I would imagine that Muslims feel a similar twinge of remorse when their religion is portrayed as a haven of psychopathic zealots hot for Infidel blood.

I am glad that, come November, I can step into a little booth and, after months of thoughtful consideration and prayer, (and I'm serious about this. I've prayed about it. And I feel good about my decision.) vote my conscience as to whom (did I use that word right? Doesn't sound right.) would make the best leader for our country for the next four to eight years. I am confident you will do so as well.

As a member of the church I think one of the most interesting things I have learned is that "united" does not mean "uniform." We can disagree on things like politics, sports, science or American Idol and still be working toward the same goal: happiness in this life and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Whether Republican, Democrat or in-between, I truly believe that the vast majority of the American people are just, reasonable and good people who want to do what's right. We just go about it differently. Because we're different. It's sort of how we were made, right?I'm not asking you to agree with me, just to respect that I, as a Mormon and a Democrat, feel and think differently on some issues and respectfully ask you to understand that. There is a reason that our political system, which I believe to be divinely inspired, allows for two or more parties. There is more than one way to look at any problem. None are necessarily "more right" than the other. They're different. As I'm sure you know, the truth most often lies somewhere in-between two diametrically opposed poles. Vilifying the opposition or making them out to be a bunch of crazy people is short-sighted and damaging to our country and our cause.Please know that I love you as a sister in Christ and wish you well.

Your brother,


My pantry

For Josh.
I have 189 cans in my pantry (mostly fruit and condensed soups.)
I counted.

But if I were asked when I was running for president and I wasn't at home where I could put my laptop down and go count, I would have made an educated guess and probably been close.
In the spirit of full disclosure.
But I'm guessing I would be able to remember HOUSES!
But then, I'm only blessed enough to be paying for one as long as my husband can find another job since his bank closed last week due to the spiralling economic crisis that approaching bottom after an 7.5 year plummet.

I'm not following the "sending missionaries out" statement with it being able to relate to the general public. Is it that only 3% of the world's population believes in something so strongly that they'd support something like the church's missionary program just like only 3% of the people in the states own a home and 2 cars? Please click on comments and es-plain yourself!

Oh No You Di-in't!!

This post is dedicated to Ursula See. She will never see this blog or probably ever know how her government AP class affected my life. I'm forever grateful to her for her understanding and political wisdom.

ROCK ON! Who doesn't love a good political post that gets a few feathers ruffled? Are there any other kind of political posts, though? And that's what is so great. I've kinda been watching the soup stew for the past couple of days and I think that it's time that I comment - post style.

First, I really appreciate everyone's comments. I SO wish more people had an opinion, one way or the other, because I think it inspires action. That being said, I sure hope the opinions are coming from an educated place, not just from commercials or pundit emails that keep getting circulated. [I can't TELL you how many people send me anti-Obama emails . . . thanks so much!] Kathy and Rick, thanks for weighing in again . . . and again. And I KNEW it was a hot post when my Moana (aka Ocean Mama) posted and I'm glad Chanel finally weighed in with her thoughts this morning. Josh, I was oh-so curious about your stance considering your military experience (and I think you could give me even more of an insight), but dumping me over it? C'mon! (j/k) Nancee I get where you're coming from with Troy's job, and Alyssa thanks for your comments. (I totally got that you were just feeling out the issue and were really curious - I'm gonna respond for my liberal Mormon self here in a minute :)) Erin, we've had way too many conversations to even share all that on the blog, right!? Robin, I thought you kept it tame and fair; I'm impressed ;) Fishen' Buddy? Who are you? Thanks for the comment, but posting one of the aforementioned emails as a comment does not count. Where's your profile info so I can give you a proper welcome? C'mon. Stand up. Own it! And Sarah, we'll I could hardly resist biting back on a couple of your comments, so now I will. PS. BARB! Where are you girl!?

I have been thinking about the key issues that are influencing me the most in this election and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. There is so much to focus on. First, and probably foremost [especially this past week], is our weak economy. Holy moly! Can y'all believe we're content that our gas is *thankfully* back down to $3-something a gallon? Did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd be grateful for that? I DO think one of the answers is off-shore drilling, which is something McCain/Palin supports as being one of their strongest points in their campaign, but here's the thing . . . the Democrats in the House support it, too, and so does Obama, from what I understand. According to the Associated Press, the two different parties differ in the taxing of large oil companies and with mandating that utilities nationwide be required to use at least 15% of their electricity from renewable sources. I'm okay with that. Can't the oil companies, which posted BILLION dollar profits, handle paying a few more taxes? And HEAVEN forbid we start to focus on nationally mandating other energy resources! Actually, I'm surprised with the oil crisis of the 1970's that something wasn't done THEN to do something to back up our energy plan that so relies on oil. Oh wait, they were on track to do something . . . and then Reagan got elected. Sorry, President Carter. The parties/candidates also differ because while the Republicans want carte blanche off-shore drilling, the Democrats want to limit what areas are released for drilling. Again, I'm on the Democrats side with that BECAUSE I think it wise for the coastal regions to A) have a buffer and B) that we pace ourselves. Frankly, I think the Republicans prefer no-sanctioned off-shore drilling to bring down the price of gas as their platform because then they don't have to follow through with expanding other energy source programs. I see that as an issue for the future (when my kids will be dealing with it) because at some point, when all that oil is gone, we'll be right back in 2008. Gosh, and I would think all the JOBS that expanding energy resources would create would be another huge motivator. It kinda reminds me of the Depression-era's New Deal, which was the gift that kept on giving to so many and eventually brought our country out of one of the darkest times EVER.

And since I brought up taxes, I'd like to say, I'm okay with them. It's kinda what helps our country be so great. In my opinion, it's part of the American pride/We're in this together kind of philosophy that I can get on board with. It's what pays for all sorts of stuff that we probably take for granted, like the schools our kids attend and the money that pays their teacher, medical research (although their funding has been drastically limited for the past two Bush terms) that help keep my family more healthy, and safer, better roads that take me from one place to another in this country, military defense, etc. When I die, I believe I am NOT taking that money with me, and if it comes down to improving WHERE and HOW I live now, and providing my kids with a brighter future, I'm all for taxes. And, yes, Tyler and I have been in upper tax brackets that get totally gouged with taxes. I never see the money; I don't miss it; my world has yet to crumble; I hope it's being used wisely; and it's investing in my future stability. My brother-in-law keeps telling me Obama is going to put small businesses out of business; I don't see how that will happen (maybe someone could explain that argument better) unless it has to do with enforcing small businesses provide insurance for their employees and if they don't they'll be fined. Too bad, so sad . . . for the company? Nah, how about the millions who've worked for companies and NEVER had decent, if any, health coverage.

Okay, so I'm alright with the insurance mandate. ESPECIALLY because it leaves freedom of choice for adults, but guarantees kids will have insurance. No, I don't think socialized medicine is the answer; luckily that's not what Obama is proposing. I like the fact that he encourages states to continue to develop their own reform plans. I like the states taking more responsibility because it's so much more localized. For example, Nevada does not need special task forces to decide what to do with Lyme disease, but, say, the eastern coastal states probably could benefit from that. Obama also pledges to support disease prevention programs, promote quality and cost transparency and reform medical malpractice insurance (and pretty much so does McCain. That's all common sense and THANKFULLY we agree on those issues.)

One of the topics near and dear to my heart would be education. I can NOT wrap my brain around McCain's not supporting FEDERAL action regarding education. He believes it's a states responsibility. I think that would be nice if we all lived and died in our own little state, but since we mix and mingle it up in the great U.S.of A, I'm thinking there could be a little more attention paid to how IGNORANT of a nation we are. I am sure all my readers have the brilliant children, but that's because most of us are coming from two-parent homes, have been educated ourselves, and have been medically diagnosed at an early ages with learning disabilities and our families have been active in remedying those problems. We're a minority in this country (so sadly) and I support Obama's plans to DUMP "No child left behind" and build up early childhood programs and community involvement. I appreciate his middle ground between supporting charter schools, but not voucher programs AND I love that he wants to pay teachers more, especially if they're good teachers. There ARE a lot of people who "end up" teaching and can be detrimental to our schools, so let's reform the process by which the teachers are trained, selected, paid, etc.

And, finally, the moral issues that I believe divide us more than bind the two parties. Interestingly, this election, the issue of gays and lesbians and unions/marriages is one in the same. Both McCain and Obama support civil unions but oppose gay marriage. The other big one, I think, morally, is abortion. I have thought a lot about this and I have to say, I support the right to choose even though I am completely against abortions. The conversation about this is lengthy (at best) and I'm not seeking to convert your way of thinking. What I really wish is that there was no need for abortions. I wish that babies were conceived in a loving relationship for all who WANTED them. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and the gamut of issues that have come from uneducated and young birthmoms, promiscuous sex, and/or unplanned pregnancies have resulted in this sticky situation. I do believe the right to choose extends beyond just choosing life or not (or, even backing up, sex or not.) I feel it encroaches on people's beliefs and religion and understanding (or their lack thereof.) I am not comfortable with NOW revoking that right to choose because I think it goes so much deeper and beyond other things I also believe. For the record, I am in favor of sex ed in school and I DO think their needs to be some sort of gun control. All you hunters don't get your camo in a bunch AND those who want to protect your homes, fine by me, but let's not support associations who hide behind those people and all the while allow hooligans to end up with machine guns and perpetuate all kinds of violence. As far as who the candidates have been cavorting with, let's get real. These are decent men who genuinely want the best for our country.

Finally (I think I've gone on long enough), I am frustrated with this war and the fact we're spending SOOO much money THERE when we need it HERE is practically infuriating. I have enormous respect for the men and women who serve to protect our country. I am wondering if we wouldn't be better served to use those many millions of resources here. I'm not sure how war ended up being a humanitarian answer. Again, Josh, I'm sure you could enlighten me on this subject. I like the ideas that Obama has about his foreign policy and withdrawal from Iraq. I do recognize, though, that it may be idealist and perhaps McCain has a better grasp because of his experience. I hope the debates will address these issues better.

And here's my staunch Democratic stance. When Obama is elected the president I hope he can bridge some kind of gap between the two parties. I think we all agree that there needs to be some change and being pissed that your candidate lost to mine won't facilitate any of that. I believe Obama's record of doing something (yes, long before he was running for president I was a fan of what he was doing in his neighborhood) is wonderful and very grass-roots. I do not think he's AS mired in political ties BECAUSE he's fresher and hasn't been in politics for as long as McCain. I believe his understanding in this great country is BECAUSE of his heritage and his education and I TRUST that he will do his best to keep our country the best in the world. As far as McCain, well, I'll leave it that I think it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks and he's been rolling over for Bush time and time again.

Thanks for reading/skimming/whatever. Hopefully y'all will start looking into more details about the candidates histories. Like, I learned McCain's credentials include "Senator, navy pilot, and beer distributor." Nice. Kegger in the white house anyone? (okay, I know. Not nice.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 days by myself

For Donna.

If you had two days to yourself but couldn't leave your house, what would you do?

If I had two days by myself in my house, I would:
Day 1: Wake up early and clean the whole stinkin' thing. Without kids I figure I can fly though all of it in 6 hours. Then I'd spend a couple on laundry because I know when everyone returns I'll have more to do, so might as well get caught up while I can uninterrupted. After enjoying a midday bubble bath (because I could do that without someone begging to have a turn in my big tub with the bubbles) I would then order take-out for lunch because I am NOT cooking. Not even that I wouldn't mind to scrounge something up for myself, but I wouldn't want to dirty my sparking kitchen. Then I'd bust out the scrapbook stuff (because that is not messy :) at all!) and invite my sister and some friends over. We'd scrapbook in the afternoon, order take-out for dinner and then I'd go to bed at a decent hour. Because now I'm old and I DO NOT want to waste Day 2 all tired and with a headache because I stayed up too late.

Day 2: After looking over all my fun layouts I finished and walking through my house that is STILL CLEAN! I would watch a movie or two (ordered through Netflix - thus not leaving the house) and nap and then read. And if there were more time in the day, I would do the movie, nap, and reading thing all over again.

Pretty simple. It would go by too fast and I would have some regrets about it not being just like I envisioned, so I'd have to make sure it happened again sometime soon. What would you do?

Let's Open This Can of Worms

For Chanel (and, no, Stacy, I didn't forget about the in-law post. I'm getting my pictures together girlfriend!)

seeing as how NOBODY shares their poiltical opinion (and that yours aligns with mine) I'd love to hear your take on Palin, on if you think Obama can pull this off, and any other political feeelings you'd like to share.

*Let me premise this blog with this disclaimer.*

SO, at church on Sunday one of my favorite staunch Republicans came up to me and asked me what I thought about Palin. I told him I thought she was nice and inexperienced. I also told him that I thought it was nicer that she was picked to be the Republican VP because surely it would behoove the Democrats position in the polls. Last night I was surprised (i.e. a little disturbed, frankly) to hear that the candidates are now neck and neck and that, I believe, Palin's nomination ploy ACTUALLY was working to the Republicans position. OH why, why, why?

Honestly, there's part of me that is really impressed with Sarah Palin. Seemingly she has it ALL together and is fully capable of "being a heartbeat away" from running our country. I'm all for a woman who can "do it all," and heaven's knows my parents and husband can attest I am a firm believer in the "do it all" mentality, but the problem is I KNOW there is a lot of sacrificing that comes when you try to hold onto "doing it all." And that pretty much debunks the "doing it all" mystique.

Okay. I have typed and retyped these thoughts about Sarah Palin over and over. So I'm just gonna give them straight up:
First, I'll give her some props.
*Yes, I think she's smart and capable enough to be the vice-president.
*I believe the experience issue can be thrown out the window because if you're smart and capable enough, in politics, you surround yourself with BRILLIANT people who help you make smart and capable decisions.
*She's from Idaho, is married with 5 kids, is a Christian, a strong woman . . . I guess I can relate to her.
*She's pretty.

And then my issues:
*She's a mom of 5 kids who could clearly use some more of her attention. I'm not casting judgement that she hasn't paid attention or that her supportive husband isn't doing enough or anything like that, but c'mon! Who in their right mind (get the pun?) thinks this woman should be focusing on being the vice-president when she has a baby and a pregnant teenage daughter? I give her credit for standing up so adamantly for the right-to-life, but who's taking her daughter to her prenatal doctor's appointments and/or birthing classes. I don't care what you say, the dad may be great, the boyfriend is now a stand-up (17 year old) guy, maybe there's involved grandparents, and/or the nannies are proficient in "What to Expect when your Expecting" but NOBODY could replace Sarah Palin being that person in her daughter's life right now. And it disappoints me that she is campaigning at this time.
*And if (heaven forbid) McCain/Palin wins, how hard is it going to be to be tuned in to her son's needs AND be able to be an integral part of the administration. I kinda see it as an either/or situation probably because when I was teaching EITHER my lesson plans and grading were caught up OR my house was clean and there was food in the fridge. Back to the "do it all" thing, I guess.
*I am frustrated that immediately after she came out of the Alaskan woods her speech at the RNC was laden with jibes at Obama, but she was sweet and funny about it, so somehow it's not dirty politics.
*I think it's too bad she's running with McCain. Period. I don't think much is going to change in this country if he's getting elected, policy-wise. And I really worry that mentally the country needs a shift with a new party in the white house (which I know doesn't sound like THE strongest argument, but it's late and I can't get into all my thoughts on that).
*I think she was chosen as a pawn. I would hate to see them get elected and she not get the chance to show what a woman could do in upper-management of the U.S.ofA. I think it would suck to have January 2009 hit, and after the inauguration of the two is over the closed-door meeting where she's told they just needed her pretty face, uber-conservative views, and appeal for the Hillary vote up to that point, but won't really be considering her from that point on . . . I just think that would stink, but could totally see it happening.
*It's be a mess if McCain died. It really would.

I wish I were more eloquent when it came to politics. I want Obama to win. I really do.

I also really want people to look into both candidates for themselves and quit listening to the political pundits as much as they do. I thought today as I drove past this graffiti that said something about "turning off the TV" how much better the nation would be if they'd invest time in both candidates platforms and deciding for themselves which one would work better for their own interests. (Of course, I say that confident that y'all will then be converted to Obama.)

Oh, I could keep going, but I'll stop there. Maybe I'll get some feedback back and we can continue on the comment section :)

My day so far

For Nancee.

6:00am- Hear Briggs on the monitor; kick Tyler so he'll go bring him in; nurse Briggs
6:30am- Finish feeding Briggs, Tyler's alarm goes off, fall back asleep
7:15am- Hear Tyler getting ready to leave and talking to Brevin and Brock ("Crap!" I think. "I hope h gets them some juice and turns on the TV so I can keep snoozin')
7:45am- Hear the boys again (I guess I fell back to sleep) and get up this time. Go wake up the girls, get Brevin and Brock dressed, make two lunches
8:00am- RE-get up the girls and remind them of their to-do's (dressed, breakfast, hair, teeth, etc.) Watch the Today show for headlines and news.
8:05am- Get the boys and myself breakfast (a grapefruit and the Honeycombs Brock didn't finish), start laundry.
8:20am- Do Caylee's hair, get a call from Tyler telling me I need to go open some other bank accounts since the bank he works [-ed] for closed on Friday and we need to move our money before they confiscate some of our funds ("SHUT UP!" I say "Nope," he say.) UGH . . . I get in the shower.
8:35am- After dressing, teeth, etc. Briggs wakes up so I change his clothes and check on the girls' status. Caylee is playing outside. Nice. I holler at her to come inside and to finish getting ready.
8:40am- Tyler calls again. I tell him my plan is to go expand one of our other accounts at a different bank, not open a new one, to cover us until he's somewhere more permanent.
8:50am- Load the car with the kids and go to school to drop off the girls.
9:00am- Head back home. Call friend to arrange playdate with Brevin for later this afternoon.
Go inside to blow dry hair, put on make-up, load Goodwill donation stuff, and swap laundry.
9:20am- Get to other bank. Wait for 30 minutes (SO ANNOYED! We're not banking here permanently) Friend calls to keep Brevin for the morning for me.
9:55am- Drop off Brevin
10:05am- Spend $140.89 in gas and Swedish Fish for Brock (make-up for him NOT having a playdate). $140.00 does not even fill my tank. Yuck. Call to reschedule my girls dentist appts.
10:45am- Get to Dr.'s on time despite missing my freeway exit. Miracle of Miracles. Nurse Briggs.
11:40am- Leave Dr.'s appt. after scheduling surgery for the 24th of September. (Uh, yeah, full-blown, out-patient with full anesthesia surgery) for a removal of an abnormal skin cell growth on his penis. Yes, I said penis. It sometimes happens after the circumcision and it's getting larger. We're opting for surgery because I don't want the growth to be so big and bothersome and freaky by the time he's a teenager AND our insurance is only good to the end of the month.
noon- Pick up Brevin and friend for playdate. We're getting lunch at Jack-in-the Box.
12:35- Finish eating, Oprah's on while I nurse Briggs again, check email (Recruiter emails from Driggs, ID . . . GREAT!?!), time to blog (ElRae's then Nancee's).

It is now 2:07pm and I am off to power clean my house, finish at least 8 more loads of laundry, do homework and reading, pick up Kenzie from piano, "sweetly encourage" [FORCE] Kenzie to practice her violin, wait at my mom's house for her groceries to get dropped off (OR make dinner for the family if my mom makes it home in time - I'm making salmon with red potatoes and veggies unless I have to wait too long at Mom's, then the deal is she's buying us dinner), and then it's FHE (tonight's bank night where we reconcile their job payments with their savings and tithing, etc.) Once the kids go to bed, I'll totally blog again if someone else has left me a subject. I'm telling you. I'm committed.

First Day of School

For ElRae.
The first day of school always has (and, I figure, will) mark an exciting milestone in our family. This year, it was Caylee joining Mackenzie in the "all day" experience (aka Mom doesn't have to be back at the school in 2.5 hours for kinder pick-up . . . YESSSS!) And, to add to the fun and excitement of the whole school sha-bang, my great friend, ElRae hosted a mommy breakfast that morning after all the kids were dropped off. I did decide, though, there's something out of kilter when I still have a MAJORITY of my children at home instead of at school. Oh well. Preschool doesn't start for a month or so for the boys, but then it is par-tay time for me (well, not really, just easier trips to Sam's Club and Target.)
But, really, thanks, ElRae for the good eats and fun conversation as we recounted our mornings (L-R: Shawna, Sherry, Toni, Donna, Jeannie, and me - ElRae's behind the camera)

So, before dropping the darlings off at their schools, we did the stop and shoot before piling in the car. This was the first year that Kenzie did her hair herself ("washed and blow dry is the ONLY thing I want to 'do' my hair this year, Mom.") and I guess that means she's growing up a bit. AS IF being in 4th grade didn't rub it in enough. It's crazy to know she's the same age as my sister was when we moved to Vegas. That first year here is still so vivid to me and I can't believe I have a daughter that old now. Luckily Tyler came to assist me in the dropping off/picture-taking/wrangling the boys for the first day. He walked Caylee over to her campus (my girls go to different schools that are divided by a parking lot) and I went to drop Kenzie in her line, snap a couple pictures and be off. We had discussed the procedure and I was trying to not ruin her cool by hanging out, etc. but when we got there she didn't see any of her friends and she totally panicked. I mean, head in my shirt, trying not to cry, but then crying, and then not wanting to look like she was crying! Oh, it was awful. I remember those exact feelings and HATING every minute of it. I was all worried because I hadn't even said goodbye to Caylee (or gotten pictures) and so I knew I was going to HAVE to leave Kenzie all by herself. So, I kept putting it off and looking for her friends OR even her teacher would have been helpful, but w didn't see either. I ended up running (and y'all know I am not a runner!) over to the other playground JUST in time to see Caylee all lined up looking as anxious and nervous as I have ever known her to be. UGH! I just wanted the bell to ring and get them going away from the drama that is THE FIRST DAY. Of course I did the normal Mom thing (which I had just tried on Kenzie) to get them all pumped up with, "Ah, this'll be great! I'm so excited. You're gonna love it. Just think of all the new friends you'll make." They're looking up at me like, "Uh, I hope you're right." But knowing they're putting their trust in me is a lot of pressure because what if one year they come home and their first day stinks!? LUCKILY, it didn't and they had a great day. Phew, buyin' momma's bullcrap a little bit longer. Every day since has been a lot easier and I'm loving being back into some sort of a routine. Here's some of the pre-drop off pics since I don't want to post other kids pics online:

Caylee Barlow - 1st grade - Ms. McMurtrey

Mackenzie - 4th grade - Ms. Fuentes

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What to blog about

Alright. I am making this week my week of the blog. That's right, it's a commitment. Personal, political, reality, imaginative, whatever strikes your fancy will inspire my posts. I know I have been totally neglecting blogger, so let me know what you want me to write about and I will attempt to complete the post. If nobody comments I will know that my lack of posting has completely alienated my former readers. Which would be sad. Cuz I am ready to repent of my slacking ways, but I need some ideas because the idea of back-tracking for the past few weeks is too daunting of a task to think about.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes, 4.7 pounds would be the number I gained this weekend. I can't figure how that happened. I s'pose it could have been
the plate of Angela's divine oatmeal-cookies-we-snarfed,
a Swiss taco,
a carmel apple,
the Training Table fries and burger,
the BYU Creamery cinnamon roll,
a huge roast dinner with all the trimmings,
a scone with yummy jam, Mimi Cafe's brunch,
McDonald's ice cream cone,
Erin's popcorn ball from heaven (or, like, 5 of them),
Kneaders whole-sandwich-and-cup-of-soup-and-HONKIN'-napolean-for-dessert lunch, AND/OR Brad's french fries with fry sauce.

After a weekend away to Swiss Days I now have my work [out] cut out for me, in oh-so-many ways. And, yet, I still wish I could eat more. No, not really I'm way overdone on the food. I will post when I'm done digesting all I consumed and when I have more time to sit and not be bombarded with my kids and/or distracted from my messy house.