Thursday, September 11, 2008

My pantry

For Josh.
I have 189 cans in my pantry (mostly fruit and condensed soups.)
I counted.

But if I were asked when I was running for president and I wasn't at home where I could put my laptop down and go count, I would have made an educated guess and probably been close.
In the spirit of full disclosure.
But I'm guessing I would be able to remember HOUSES!
But then, I'm only blessed enough to be paying for one as long as my husband can find another job since his bank closed last week due to the spiralling economic crisis that approaching bottom after an 7.5 year plummet.

I'm not following the "sending missionaries out" statement with it being able to relate to the general public. Is it that only 3% of the world's population believes in something so strongly that they'd support something like the church's missionary program just like only 3% of the people in the states own a home and 2 cars? Please click on comments and es-plain yourself!


Kathy said...

Thanks to the recent case lot sale, I'm up to 256 cans (do I need to count the 15 jars of peanut butter?) And I'm also curious about how knowing how many cans I have in my cupboard is in any way comporable to knowing how many houses I own. Oh, and I have two loaves of bread and three dozen rolls.

The Muehlendorfs said...

Let me see if I can even come close to explaining this without causing more confusion. My main point is that wealth is relative and while most Americans have a pretty firm grasp on how many houses we own, the fact that he didn't at that moment only means its not his priority.

The cans in the cupboard. Hmmmm. My point there is that someone in an impoverished country would know exactly, at all times, how much food they have in the house. They would also look at us just like some of us look at McCain if we couldn't tell them how much food WE had in OUR house. If we tried to minister to them and relate to their struggles, they would think of us as "out of touch" and unfit to teach them about life.

Are you following me? I'm not as well versed as you so I'm not sure I'm communicating the point well.

So if I think my 19 year old son or daughter can bring the word of God to an impoverished country and do so effectively (knowing that they have never experienced the hardship of these people) how can I point the finger at McCain for wanting to lead America. Its all relative wealth and everyone posting comments on this blog is wealthy. Who cares if McCain is wealthier.

WOW that took a long time to explain and I'm still not sure I did a very good job.

barlows said...

Thanks Josh. I'm following you now. And, no, I didn't feel you pointing the finger at me. I'm glad you chimed in. It gives me more to think about and consider.