Monday, September 8, 2008

My day so far

For Nancee.

6:00am- Hear Briggs on the monitor; kick Tyler so he'll go bring him in; nurse Briggs
6:30am- Finish feeding Briggs, Tyler's alarm goes off, fall back asleep
7:15am- Hear Tyler getting ready to leave and talking to Brevin and Brock ("Crap!" I think. "I hope h gets them some juice and turns on the TV so I can keep snoozin')
7:45am- Hear the boys again (I guess I fell back to sleep) and get up this time. Go wake up the girls, get Brevin and Brock dressed, make two lunches
8:00am- RE-get up the girls and remind them of their to-do's (dressed, breakfast, hair, teeth, etc.) Watch the Today show for headlines and news.
8:05am- Get the boys and myself breakfast (a grapefruit and the Honeycombs Brock didn't finish), start laundry.
8:20am- Do Caylee's hair, get a call from Tyler telling me I need to go open some other bank accounts since the bank he works [-ed] for closed on Friday and we need to move our money before they confiscate some of our funds ("SHUT UP!" I say "Nope," he say.) UGH . . . I get in the shower.
8:35am- After dressing, teeth, etc. Briggs wakes up so I change his clothes and check on the girls' status. Caylee is playing outside. Nice. I holler at her to come inside and to finish getting ready.
8:40am- Tyler calls again. I tell him my plan is to go expand one of our other accounts at a different bank, not open a new one, to cover us until he's somewhere more permanent.
8:50am- Load the car with the kids and go to school to drop off the girls.
9:00am- Head back home. Call friend to arrange playdate with Brevin for later this afternoon.
Go inside to blow dry hair, put on make-up, load Goodwill donation stuff, and swap laundry.
9:20am- Get to other bank. Wait for 30 minutes (SO ANNOYED! We're not banking here permanently) Friend calls to keep Brevin for the morning for me.
9:55am- Drop off Brevin
10:05am- Spend $140.89 in gas and Swedish Fish for Brock (make-up for him NOT having a playdate). $140.00 does not even fill my tank. Yuck. Call to reschedule my girls dentist appts.
10:45am- Get to Dr.'s on time despite missing my freeway exit. Miracle of Miracles. Nurse Briggs.
11:40am- Leave Dr.'s appt. after scheduling surgery for the 24th of September. (Uh, yeah, full-blown, out-patient with full anesthesia surgery) for a removal of an abnormal skin cell growth on his penis. Yes, I said penis. It sometimes happens after the circumcision and it's getting larger. We're opting for surgery because I don't want the growth to be so big and bothersome and freaky by the time he's a teenager AND our insurance is only good to the end of the month.
noon- Pick up Brevin and friend for playdate. We're getting lunch at Jack-in-the Box.
12:35- Finish eating, Oprah's on while I nurse Briggs again, check email (Recruiter emails from Driggs, ID . . . GREAT!?!), time to blog (ElRae's then Nancee's).

It is now 2:07pm and I am off to power clean my house, finish at least 8 more loads of laundry, do homework and reading, pick up Kenzie from piano, "sweetly encourage" [FORCE] Kenzie to practice her violin, wait at my mom's house for her groceries to get dropped off (OR make dinner for the family if my mom makes it home in time - I'm making salmon with red potatoes and veggies unless I have to wait too long at Mom's, then the deal is she's buying us dinner), and then it's FHE (tonight's bank night where we reconcile their job payments with their savings and tithing, etc.) Once the kids go to bed, I'll totally blog again if someone else has left me a subject. I'm telling you. I'm committed.


MollyE said...

Holy toledo! You are a crazy lady! I have days like that sometimes, but not that often. Is it like that a lot for you? You are superwoman for sure!

chris jenkins said...

craziness. you amaze. do tell how you keep your sanity? pretty please?

Kourtney said...

It should say "pop a xanax" somewhere in there! Hahaha, I'm kidding... sort of! Rock on!
I thought I saw Tyler on Channel 8 the other night letting the FDIC guys into the bank. I didn't know where he worked though, but I remember telling Frankie "that looks like Tyler Barlow". I'm sure that's a post in itself! Hope all is well!

Troy and Nancee said...

I agree with Molly. Definitely a superwoman. I think you just convinced me to have less children. (: