Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Line-Up

For Erin.
Since I'm just a woman of leisure who sits on her couch eating bon bons, I thought I'd share with you what I plan on recording on the 'ol DVR this fall. (post/pre-script: I don't really sit on the couch and eat bon bons, but I do try and squeeze in my favorite shows whilst doing dishes, nursing, etc AND so, I don't need in negativity about my shows. You can agree or not, but put all the name-calling on the political posts :) Thanks!)

Shows Tyler and I will watch together:
The Office
- I canNOT wait to laugh out loud again! I L-O-V-E this show.
Law & Order: SVU - I don't know why, but we always end up watching branch. How can you not watch IceT do his detective thing?
CSI: Miami - Yes! Corny poses and tacky lines WITH sunglasses. David Caruso, you are great entertainment.
Without A Trace - This one's on the bubble, and Tyler'll watch it every now and then with me, but it's getting a little too dramatic and not action enough for his taste. It usually builds up in the DVR.
Saturday Night Live - So excited to see Michael Phelps and who else they line up this year. Election years are so great and YOU KNOW Tina Fey is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin.

Shows Tyler refuses to watch and makes fun of the whole time I'm watching them:
Grey's Anatomy - "Do you really think that happens at real hospitals?" he mocks.
Desperate Housewives - "This is so dumb. People don't even talk to their neighbors anymore!" he commentates.
Brothers & Sisters - "Are those dudes gonna kiss? I can't watch this! Why don't they make the girls kiss each other. Then it'll be a good show."
Friday Night Lights - (He doesn't make fun of this one too much, but would rather watch the golf channel instead of a high school football drama.)

Reality Competition Shows:
The Biggest Loser
The Amazing Race
Top Design
Project Runway

I also record Ellen and Oprah to FF thru. Usually I just watch bits and pieces.

And, so since nothing is real "new" on my list, I think The Mentalist and The Ex-List both could catch my interest. I'm not sure of their times, yet, though, and I can only record one thing at a time so Tyler can channel surf, so I may not get to explore them too much.

I now think y'all should make a quick comment to tell me what show you are most excited to watch.


Dylan said...

You really should be watching 30 Rock. As much as I love The Office, 30 Rock is probably 1.875 times funnier.

Amy said...

Looking forward to The Office here. I used to watch "House" regularly but haven't caught it the last 2 seasons. We finally got a DVR a few months ago--I think it's going to change our lives :)

Beth said...

Well, with TWO DVRs in the house, I have a plethora of TV to watch. Yes, it makes my brain mushy and I do feel guilty sometimes when I think of the "time accounting" I'm going to have to watch. But, if I'm going to be truthful, I'll be watching Boston Legal. One of the best written TV shows ever, even if it is on later for a reason. Yes, Grays' Anatomy and the spin off, what's it's name. Yes, the Office. I think Worst Week looks enticing, but maybe not. I mostly watch CBS, and haven't really caught a lot of the line up on NBC and ABC. I think there's a show on Fox that's called Teminator or something like that. I found out I have a very distant cousin that's an actress and is supposed to be on this show and Lipstick Jungle. Maybe I'll try to catch her. Leven Rambin is her name. Biggest Loser is on the line up, too.

lbozyone said...

Csi Miami is my favorite then Desperate housewives. I will have to watch the final season ER. I love Intervention and loveee The Cleaner.

chris jenkins said...

i watch

the Office, 30 Rock (i agree with Dylan it is funnier), gossip girl (my guilty pleasure show), CSI Miami, Burn Notice, Boston Legal, Eli Stone, Private Practice,Pushing Daisies, NCIS, Numb3rs, Heroes, Damages, Amazing Race

i don't watch every episode of every show. i just watch when i can and if i happened to DVR it. i won't watch any show in real time. takes too much time. DVR makes tv watching much easier.

i also recently discovered the show "Exiled" on MTV. It's this show where they take little spoiled teenage girls and put them in a 3rd world country or some desolate place to "learn a life lesson or two".

i thought they cancelled "Friday Night Lights"?

Dylan said...

I'll second Beth's statement on Boston Legal. I catch it every once in a while because I have a man-crush on The Shatner and it is hilarious.

Erin said...

My, my....I think you're being a bit modest here, arent you? You forgot to add The Bachelor to shows Tyler refuses to watch (or has officially banned from your TV). Oh, but I guess that's not coming back on just yet. PLUS, I thought you watch Intervention, The Real Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, Shear Genius, and The Apprentice (or maybe that's not on again yet either).

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to chronicle uber-important things like your TV show addictions.

Jerolyn said...

CSI: Miami...really?

CSI: Las Vegas IS SO MUCH BETTER (in my opinion)
Plus David Caruso BUGS me.

Donna said...

I LOVE The Office, too! We have the old seasons on DVD so we can get our fix before the new season starts. So excited. That's really about all the tv I commit myself to.

Jeannie said...
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Julie M. said...

Did you watch the preview of Real Housewives of Atlanta? I'll be waiting til they come back to OC or NY. Totally LOVE those two locations! Can't wait for my Sun. shows: Desp. Housewives and Bros and Sis. (Did you know the girls and I shopped with Rob Lowe and his wife here in town recently? He didn't know we were shopping together but we were the only ones in a store together so as far as I'm concerned, we were all shopping together, o.k?) Also, love The Office and Greys Anatomy. My siblings got me started on New Life of Old Christine and it's very funny too. Oh, and please tell me there will be another season of Flipping Out. Love that show! And, of course, we're in the middle of Project Runway.

The Fatman said...

Well, with 27 DVRs in the house, I have a magnitudinous amount of TV to watch myself. Ok I am lying but here is my list.

Sarah Connor Chronicles (The Terminator starring Beth's Cousin and seriously find out which cousin please cuase you are talking serious hotness on this show)
Gossip Girls
Kitchen Nightmares
True Blood
Private Practice
Biggest Loser
America's Next Top Model

and if I make it over to Erin's
The Bachelor <---- Put does not exsist on my DVR list

Nan said...

Daniel almost completely nailed it for me. But MINUS
Sarah Connor Chronicles and House and PLUS 30 Rock, The
Office and Pushing Daisies (two people who love each other spend their lives together but can never touch each other). I can't watch CSI Miami.

Jenn S. said...

Love, love, love The Office - I start busting out laughing before they even open their mouths.

Oh, I am such a Bravo network junkie and Marc *hates* it!

Rachel Zoe project

Real Housewives - NYC or Orange County (not too sure how Atlanta is going to be)

Agreed - LOVE Flipping Out!

Project Runway - Of course - make it work!

Dancing with the Stars

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Say Yes to the Dress

Besides The Office, I pretty much only watch reality . . . I think I'm the only girl in my demographic who has never seen Grey's . . .

Kathy said...

I can't wait for the new season of The Office! Love that show! Other that that and Brothers and Sisters I'm pretty heavily into reality TV a la Survivor, Amazing Race, lots of shows on Bravo. I think Flipping Out is my fave on Bravo. I'm looking forward to the return of Pushing Daisies. I think that is a really cute show. I'm gearing up for the new season.

Jerolyn said...

Thank you Nan!

Troy and Nancee said...

Office is our favorite. We also like "24". I like American Idol, but Troy refuses to watch it.

Jessi McCall said...

I will aso be watching, Biggest loser(my fav), DWTS, top design, and project runway. I too have a little TV obsession. Gotta love DVR!!

MollyE said...

Jenn I am shocked you don't watch Greys! Weren't you a friends addict with us? Well, good for you!

Dylan said...

Speaking as someone who watched Walker, Texas Ranger semi-religiously (seriously, for a while there it was the funniest show on television), I can't see how you sit through CSI: Miami. It's not bad-good like Walker or The Ghost Whisperer. It's bad-bad like, I dunno, dog throw-up or The George Lopez Show something.