Monday, September 8, 2008

2 days by myself

For Donna.

If you had two days to yourself but couldn't leave your house, what would you do?

If I had two days by myself in my house, I would:
Day 1: Wake up early and clean the whole stinkin' thing. Without kids I figure I can fly though all of it in 6 hours. Then I'd spend a couple on laundry because I know when everyone returns I'll have more to do, so might as well get caught up while I can uninterrupted. After enjoying a midday bubble bath (because I could do that without someone begging to have a turn in my big tub with the bubbles) I would then order take-out for lunch because I am NOT cooking. Not even that I wouldn't mind to scrounge something up for myself, but I wouldn't want to dirty my sparking kitchen. Then I'd bust out the scrapbook stuff (because that is not messy :) at all!) and invite my sister and some friends over. We'd scrapbook in the afternoon, order take-out for dinner and then I'd go to bed at a decent hour. Because now I'm old and I DO NOT want to waste Day 2 all tired and with a headache because I stayed up too late.

Day 2: After looking over all my fun layouts I finished and walking through my house that is STILL CLEAN! I would watch a movie or two (ordered through Netflix - thus not leaving the house) and nap and then read. And if there were more time in the day, I would do the movie, nap, and reading thing all over again.

Pretty simple. It would go by too fast and I would have some regrets about it not being just like I envisioned, so I'd have to make sure it happened again sometime soon. What would you do?


The Carino's said...

Oh, bliss, bliss, bliss! How strange is it that our dream is to be in our own house, alone for two days. I thought I was the only one haveing that dream until I talked to Donna about it. Not that I wouldn't love to go to the beach or Paris or some other great destination, but the dream right now is definetly solitude in my own home. You have summed it up beautifully, but I might add picking up a great dessert somewhere that I can sit and enjoy all by myself without sharing bites with ANYONE!

Jeannie said...

I'm impressed that it would only take you six hours to clean your house. It would take me the full two days (organizing included). That's why I need three days minimum. If I could have a week, I could finally finish painting too. In my dreams!

Troy and Nancee said...

Your days sound about like what I would do, but instead of scrapbooking, I would probably surf the Internet, read more or watch more movies. I would also probably make some kind of chocolate dessert.

Kathy said...

I had a whole week to myself a while back and made a huge To Do list. I got about halfway through it, then read a book and goofed off the rest of the time. It was heaven!! No cooking, no dishes, no schedule to keep. Every mom deserves it.

Donna said...

I'd have a huge list of things to do and probably spend almost the entire first day doing all those things, mostly going through things and reorganizing. I don't know that I'd scrapbook seeing as my hubby is great about letting me go do that pretty much whenever I want, but some major relaxing and looking at a clean house the entire next day would be complete bliss! Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

I think I'd sleep. Wake up, watch tv. And sleep. Sleep until I'm not tired any more. And, just for kicks, I'd sleep again.