Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week at the Barlows

So, this week has been excitingly non-reportable, I suppose. I mean nothing too dramatic or note-worthy has happened that made me think, "oh, I should totally blog about that." So, I haven't. For a few days we were having computer issues, which is SO not our thing, but I think Tyler narrowed it down to a bad cord, so now that we've got that resolved I don't have a real reason to not blog.

Last Friday (*okay, I totally lied, this was exciting, but it has been requested that I not blog about this too much*) we officially became a family of 7. That is unless we tempt fate and the stars align and we are a little too careless in the next 6 weeks.Tyler's appointment with Dr. Snip Snip was a success, but he swears he "WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

The weekend was all about Tyler's recovery and my lack of patience. I don't need to go on and on about that, other than to say I am about the least sympathetic wife out there. Any time Tyler complained about the humiliation he endured I told him "Waa, that's nothing that women endure every year for their annual OR when the have babies." By Sunday he was less "tender" and by Monday we were back to normal, sorta.

We went to Tyler's office and officially cleaned it out since Silver State Bank is no more. It was sad. I don't know how much to say or to vent or whatever, but I am very grateful for our blessings. We have been watched over and blessed and I am thankful to report Tyler will be starting a new job with Bank of Nevada on Monday.

Wednesday we took Brock to the hospital for a little procedure officially called "penile lesion excision" which basically means he had a cyst removed from his "wee wee." [Pictures are from the hospital that morning.] The roughest part was keeping him from eating or drinking until his procedure (at 9:30ish) and then the waking up from anesthesia. I was figuring he would have a day or two of commiserating with his dad, but by Wednesday afternoon he was hunky dory; running and playing all around like he hadn't been "excised" earlier that morning. I do have to say that I hate that point where I have to turn my child over to complete strangers. When the nurse came to get me she said he wasn't doing so well with waking up and I could NOT get back to the room quick enough. He was in quite a state trying to get all the wires off his feet and the IV off his leg, not to mention the diaper off of him. He was not happy, but I held him and let him drink some juice until we could get him out and in the car to go home and recuperate. Like I said, though, he was A-OK the rest of the day. I do want to thank Donna and Sherry, visiting teachers extraordinaire who dropped by after we got home; so sweet (literally since Donna made these yummy cookie things.)

Since Tyler has had the week off from work we've done pretty normal, boring things like getting some car services done on his truck and taking care of yard work. Last night Tyler and I had a much needed date night. Having him home all week has been a little more trying than it should have been. The girls had birthday parties today and Brevin had soccer today. I had a fun lunch with Daniel, David, and Jen where we analyzed all sorts of the other nights' presidential debate. Thanks Dan, you hormonal woman! (J/K) Then tonight Tyler and I met my folks and their friends, the Bellessas, for dinner.
I would like to add this other fun thing to happen this week, my other homegirl from my BYU days (there were so few of them, but SUCH great days) has finally started a blog. That's right, if you need a little dose of California sunshine, check out Moana's blog here.


Donna said...

I'm glad both of your guys are feeling better after their ordeals. Good luck to Tyler at his new job tomorrow! Your testimony today was awesome.

chris jenkins said...

sounds like it is busy-ness as usual as Casa de Barlow. Hope Brock and Tyler are healing up nicely. Tell Tyler good luck with the new job. Also hear hear for date nights and lunch dates with friends!

take care and hopefully ttys~

Kathy said...

Yeah, I think men get off pretty easy when it gets right down to it. There's just no dignity left after childbirth. Anyway, glad that's over and hope Brock is doing well. Congrats on the new job.

Marsha said...

Happy to hear the boys are doing well, and congrats on the new job Tyler!