Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh No You Di-in't!!

This post is dedicated to Ursula See. She will never see this blog or probably ever know how her government AP class affected my life. I'm forever grateful to her for her understanding and political wisdom.

ROCK ON! Who doesn't love a good political post that gets a few feathers ruffled? Are there any other kind of political posts, though? And that's what is so great. I've kinda been watching the soup stew for the past couple of days and I think that it's time that I comment - post style.

First, I really appreciate everyone's comments. I SO wish more people had an opinion, one way or the other, because I think it inspires action. That being said, I sure hope the opinions are coming from an educated place, not just from commercials or pundit emails that keep getting circulated. [I can't TELL you how many people send me anti-Obama emails . . . thanks so much!] Kathy and Rick, thanks for weighing in again . . . and again. And I KNEW it was a hot post when my Moana (aka Ocean Mama) posted and I'm glad Chanel finally weighed in with her thoughts this morning. Josh, I was oh-so curious about your stance considering your military experience (and I think you could give me even more of an insight), but dumping me over it? C'mon! (j/k) Nancee I get where you're coming from with Troy's job, and Alyssa thanks for your comments. (I totally got that you were just feeling out the issue and were really curious - I'm gonna respond for my liberal Mormon self here in a minute :)) Erin, we've had way too many conversations to even share all that on the blog, right!? Robin, I thought you kept it tame and fair; I'm impressed ;) Fishen' Buddy? Who are you? Thanks for the comment, but posting one of the aforementioned emails as a comment does not count. Where's your profile info so I can give you a proper welcome? C'mon. Stand up. Own it! And Sarah, we'll I could hardly resist biting back on a couple of your comments, so now I will. PS. BARB! Where are you girl!?

I have been thinking about the key issues that are influencing me the most in this election and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. There is so much to focus on. First, and probably foremost [especially this past week], is our weak economy. Holy moly! Can y'all believe we're content that our gas is *thankfully* back down to $3-something a gallon? Did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd be grateful for that? I DO think one of the answers is off-shore drilling, which is something McCain/Palin supports as being one of their strongest points in their campaign, but here's the thing . . . the Democrats in the House support it, too, and so does Obama, from what I understand. According to the Associated Press, the two different parties differ in the taxing of large oil companies and with mandating that utilities nationwide be required to use at least 15% of their electricity from renewable sources. I'm okay with that. Can't the oil companies, which posted BILLION dollar profits, handle paying a few more taxes? And HEAVEN forbid we start to focus on nationally mandating other energy resources! Actually, I'm surprised with the oil crisis of the 1970's that something wasn't done THEN to do something to back up our energy plan that so relies on oil. Oh wait, they were on track to do something . . . and then Reagan got elected. Sorry, President Carter. The parties/candidates also differ because while the Republicans want carte blanche off-shore drilling, the Democrats want to limit what areas are released for drilling. Again, I'm on the Democrats side with that BECAUSE I think it wise for the coastal regions to A) have a buffer and B) that we pace ourselves. Frankly, I think the Republicans prefer no-sanctioned off-shore drilling to bring down the price of gas as their platform because then they don't have to follow through with expanding other energy source programs. I see that as an issue for the future (when my kids will be dealing with it) because at some point, when all that oil is gone, we'll be right back in 2008. Gosh, and I would think all the JOBS that expanding energy resources would create would be another huge motivator. It kinda reminds me of the Depression-era's New Deal, which was the gift that kept on giving to so many and eventually brought our country out of one of the darkest times EVER.

And since I brought up taxes, I'd like to say, I'm okay with them. It's kinda what helps our country be so great. In my opinion, it's part of the American pride/We're in this together kind of philosophy that I can get on board with. It's what pays for all sorts of stuff that we probably take for granted, like the schools our kids attend and the money that pays their teacher, medical research (although their funding has been drastically limited for the past two Bush terms) that help keep my family more healthy, and safer, better roads that take me from one place to another in this country, military defense, etc. When I die, I believe I am NOT taking that money with me, and if it comes down to improving WHERE and HOW I live now, and providing my kids with a brighter future, I'm all for taxes. And, yes, Tyler and I have been in upper tax brackets that get totally gouged with taxes. I never see the money; I don't miss it; my world has yet to crumble; I hope it's being used wisely; and it's investing in my future stability. My brother-in-law keeps telling me Obama is going to put small businesses out of business; I don't see how that will happen (maybe someone could explain that argument better) unless it has to do with enforcing small businesses provide insurance for their employees and if they don't they'll be fined. Too bad, so sad . . . for the company? Nah, how about the millions who've worked for companies and NEVER had decent, if any, health coverage.

Okay, so I'm alright with the insurance mandate. ESPECIALLY because it leaves freedom of choice for adults, but guarantees kids will have insurance. No, I don't think socialized medicine is the answer; luckily that's not what Obama is proposing. I like the fact that he encourages states to continue to develop their own reform plans. I like the states taking more responsibility because it's so much more localized. For example, Nevada does not need special task forces to decide what to do with Lyme disease, but, say, the eastern coastal states probably could benefit from that. Obama also pledges to support disease prevention programs, promote quality and cost transparency and reform medical malpractice insurance (and pretty much so does McCain. That's all common sense and THANKFULLY we agree on those issues.)

One of the topics near and dear to my heart would be education. I can NOT wrap my brain around McCain's not supporting FEDERAL action regarding education. He believes it's a states responsibility. I think that would be nice if we all lived and died in our own little state, but since we mix and mingle it up in the great U.S.of A, I'm thinking there could be a little more attention paid to how IGNORANT of a nation we are. I am sure all my readers have the brilliant children, but that's because most of us are coming from two-parent homes, have been educated ourselves, and have been medically diagnosed at an early ages with learning disabilities and our families have been active in remedying those problems. We're a minority in this country (so sadly) and I support Obama's plans to DUMP "No child left behind" and build up early childhood programs and community involvement. I appreciate his middle ground between supporting charter schools, but not voucher programs AND I love that he wants to pay teachers more, especially if they're good teachers. There ARE a lot of people who "end up" teaching and can be detrimental to our schools, so let's reform the process by which the teachers are trained, selected, paid, etc.

And, finally, the moral issues that I believe divide us more than bind the two parties. Interestingly, this election, the issue of gays and lesbians and unions/marriages is one in the same. Both McCain and Obama support civil unions but oppose gay marriage. The other big one, I think, morally, is abortion. I have thought a lot about this and I have to say, I support the right to choose even though I am completely against abortions. The conversation about this is lengthy (at best) and I'm not seeking to convert your way of thinking. What I really wish is that there was no need for abortions. I wish that babies were conceived in a loving relationship for all who WANTED them. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and the gamut of issues that have come from uneducated and young birthmoms, promiscuous sex, and/or unplanned pregnancies have resulted in this sticky situation. I do believe the right to choose extends beyond just choosing life or not (or, even backing up, sex or not.) I feel it encroaches on people's beliefs and religion and understanding (or their lack thereof.) I am not comfortable with NOW revoking that right to choose because I think it goes so much deeper and beyond other things I also believe. For the record, I am in favor of sex ed in school and I DO think their needs to be some sort of gun control. All you hunters don't get your camo in a bunch AND those who want to protect your homes, fine by me, but let's not support associations who hide behind those people and all the while allow hooligans to end up with machine guns and perpetuate all kinds of violence. As far as who the candidates have been cavorting with, let's get real. These are decent men who genuinely want the best for our country.

Finally (I think I've gone on long enough), I am frustrated with this war and the fact we're spending SOOO much money THERE when we need it HERE is practically infuriating. I have enormous respect for the men and women who serve to protect our country. I am wondering if we wouldn't be better served to use those many millions of resources here. I'm not sure how war ended up being a humanitarian answer. Again, Josh, I'm sure you could enlighten me on this subject. I like the ideas that Obama has about his foreign policy and withdrawal from Iraq. I do recognize, though, that it may be idealist and perhaps McCain has a better grasp because of his experience. I hope the debates will address these issues better.

And here's my staunch Democratic stance. When Obama is elected the president I hope he can bridge some kind of gap between the two parties. I think we all agree that there needs to be some change and being pissed that your candidate lost to mine won't facilitate any of that. I believe Obama's record of doing something (yes, long before he was running for president I was a fan of what he was doing in his neighborhood) is wonderful and very grass-roots. I do not think he's AS mired in political ties BECAUSE he's fresher and hasn't been in politics for as long as McCain. I believe his understanding in this great country is BECAUSE of his heritage and his education and I TRUST that he will do his best to keep our country the best in the world. As far as McCain, well, I'll leave it that I think it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks and he's been rolling over for Bush time and time again.

Thanks for reading/skimming/whatever. Hopefully y'all will start looking into more details about the candidates histories. Like, I learned McCain's credentials include "Senator, navy pilot, and beer distributor." Nice. Kegger in the white house anyone? (okay, I know. Not nice.)


Kathy said...

Kegger in the White House!! Thanks for making me laugh out loud (and loud enough that people in my house asked me what was so funny).

Lindsay said...

Ya know, I was just talking with Lewis about the abortion issue last night, and I couldn't agree with you more. McCain has no right to say to the rape victim that she doesn't have a choice, and she has to go ahead and have that baby.
Many other issues arise, but I just wanted to second you on that one.

The Muehlendorfs said...

On war.
Most of all I hate talking to someone that tells are retells their war stories, making sure to point out how heroic they acted or what they did to save the day. I'll try really hard to avoid being "that guy".

War is horrible and John McCain knows that more than any politician I can think of. I want a person in office that knows what he is sending men and women to do. Undoubtedly, the next president will have to send people to battle and as glorious as their speech may be, there's no soundtrack or fanfare when a man is dying halfway around the world.
I don't know if invading Iraq was the right thing to do. I questioned it everyday that I was there (675) but here we are and what do we do about it. A stable middle east is definitely about oil but that is more our fault than anybody's so we need Iraq to succeed as long as we are dependent. I think my personal attachment to the war sway my view a little but someone having no attachment may not be swayed enough. The bottom line is, now that we are there, we need to do it right. We can't leave the mess we created.

As for abortion, I believe it is murder. Age based cleansing if you will. Our complacency in the matter may be the hardest blow of the hammer, pounding my saviors nails.
We celebrate the members of our society that rose from adversity. Do we celebrate them because we know how likely we are to have condemned them in the whom? A child of rape has just as much right to live as you to sitting at your computer right this second.

That is my take. I don't condemn any of you for your thoughts on the matter. I still have plenty of planks in my own eye. However, If I am not passionate about the issue I only show the world that I don't really believe what I say.

We all get so wrapped up in debate about who is going to change the country that we don't seize our own opportunities to change the country. Love your neighbor and share the good things God has given you. Life is precious. To precious to spend time pointing the finger. I'm sorry if I pointed the finger at you.

The Rowles said...

When I came back to your blog tonight (to check the damage I made with the Liberal Mormon comment) I was greeted with another political title, and I was already feeling like I wish I had not gotten myself in to all this. I started thinking "I think I will take a break form checking your blog". But Sarah you really pulled through! One thing that tends to frustrate me about these discussions is that everyone answers with slams on the other candidate. It could not have been more satisfying to read your take on the major issue. Being as I am more on the conservative side (politically) most of the conversation I have is with other conservative people. I really do want to know where you were coming from (thank you for seeing that, I am a terrible writer.) Conversations in person always seem to escalate to uncomfortable levels. I love that you just sat back and took your time to respond!! I wish I could do the same and break down all the issues but as mentioned before I can't write and that task would take me a week (If you haven't noticed I have not had time to blog for like a month, I hope to lay out all my excuses as soon as I can.)
The one overall theme that holds me back from many of your perspectives is your faith that our government leaders spend money responsibly. I am all for contributing to my community and my country. I just don't trust the people I send my money too. I have my money where my mouth is. The area Chet and I live in has some of the highest property taxes around when I say high I mean over 10,000 a year. I pay some sweet taxes. My tax checks a written directly to my school district. I could not be happier with the public schools my children attend, the people spending my money are doing it wisely and I gladly pay. I just don't feel the same about most other tax dollars. Okay that's enough! Again thank you for the forum and while I still disagree on many issues I feel like I can see where you are coming from. And that’s the whole point right? Sorry for the long comment ;)

chanel said...

WELL SAID! Why can't I articulate like you? Either way this is WHY I wanted you to post, you're so smart. I actually LEARNED even more fromyou, so thanks a lot for beign so well informed.

Its funny one of the deleted comments on teh last post was from me but I thought I might offend you, or "others" by my abortion stance. It is something I have struggled with and talked with my Bishop with (who by the way did not try to sway me either way which was so nice!)- wait this sounds like I have wanted or had an abortion WHICH I HAVE NOT NOR NEVER WOULD, but trying to see where my opinion in the matter affects other people who do not have the same moral, mental, economical, or any other issue that would lead them to even consider an abortion as an option. I originally said I am prolife, but not proignorance. I think it is ignorant to believe otherwise healthy happy babies are being killed- they are unwanted, possible drug ridden, abuse prone, neglected babies that are aborted. Babies like the ones you see on the news that are MICROWAVED or children that are found dead at 9 years old and weigh 30 pounds because they have been locked in closets, these are the children being killed, and is it better to be killed in the womb or out? I DON'T KNOW! I will take care of my family and I will teach the gospel and up hold the teachings of prophets and apostles and will be prolife, I will even vote for it to be illegal, but I can not vote on that one issue when it comes to electing a President for this country. The President has many more issues that are more important than moral ones. There are brave men and women who have their lives on the line everyday, are they less important than unborn unwanted children? Lets have the Commander In Chief focus on what he does have a constitutional obligation to protect and let the churches and families protect the babies.

thanks again! and glad you got dylan involved!

slave said...

I think that you need to read your church books so you know what your religion teaches about abortion. I am glad it was not legal when I was conceived! I probably would have been cut in little pieces or saline (salt) poured on me or maybe partially born and been partially killed and left in a room for my death. All that needs to happen is give the child up for adoption there are plenty of people who cannot have children and would love that child. It does not have to be abused!!!! What about the chlds rights? Have you thought of that? Do you know a chld that would have chose not to be born? I adopted abused children and you would never hear them say that! And for the record maybe you should study and find out how many children are conceived by rape. Abortion is murder and way you see it. I do not believe you can have a testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and believe in the so called right to choose.

Jerolyn said...

To even suggest that Sarah,

"doesn't have a testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true"

is in my humble opinion...

entirely uncalled for.

Jana said...

I did not suggest that she did not have a testimony. I suggested anyone that believes in the right to choose should may not. It is an attack on my person for someone to believe a child should be aborted.

Kathy said...

Did you even read your own comment? In what world was that not an attack on Sarah and her opinion?
Maybe you're the one who needs to check out the church's position. Pres. Hinckley addressed the subject in the Oct 1998 Ensign (p.71). In that article he states that there are exceptions in the case of rape, incest and the health of the mother.

Kathy said...

Just a correction....that would be the Nov 1998 Ensign. It was a Conference talk.

Jana said...

Yes, I did read my own coment. Maybe you should read the rest and see that it is not pro choice. The decision to have an abortion in those instances is to be made with your priesthood leader and I repeat that is not pro choice. I stated if one believes in prochoice they cannot have a true testimony. I have discussed this with Bishops and Stake Presidents. I also remember we went door to door getting signatures against pro choice about 10 years ago.

Jana said...
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Jana said...

Also, maybe you should read the October 2008 Ensign. There is an article by an Apostle, Elder Russel M. Nelson on page 32. It is on abortion and the right to choose.

Jana said...

Oh, by the way Kathy it does not state that the church is pro choice. That and abortion is what I am talking about. The church is not in any way shape or form pro choice!

Jerolyn said...

It's simple really...if this blog gets your undies in such a us all a favor and ohhh I don't know...


Rick/Dad/Grandpa/Mr. D said...

I swore I wouldn't get involved with any more ignorant people who comment here. It makes me feel so much better that YOU (this Jana person) has decided to become judge and jury about what people feel about any issue. I thought God was going to be our final judge - and you have the audacity to question ANYONE'S testimony???? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE - God (or would that be Goddess)??. I'll be happy to see you in hell for judging the opinions of others. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to make decisions for anyone or judge anyone. God will judge you just like he'll judge everyone else. You self-righteous snob - HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

I love you Sarah!!!!

The Fatman said...

Wow That lady is a slave to her delusion.