Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes, 4.7 pounds would be the number I gained this weekend. I can't figure how that happened. I s'pose it could have been
the plate of Angela's divine oatmeal-cookies-we-snarfed,
a Swiss taco,
a carmel apple,
the Training Table fries and burger,
the BYU Creamery cinnamon roll,
a huge roast dinner with all the trimmings,
a scone with yummy jam, Mimi Cafe's brunch,
McDonald's ice cream cone,
Erin's popcorn ball from heaven (or, like, 5 of them),
Kneaders whole-sandwich-and-cup-of-soup-and-HONKIN'-napolean-for-dessert lunch, AND/OR Brad's french fries with fry sauce.

After a weekend away to Swiss Days I now have my work [out] cut out for me, in oh-so-many ways. And, yet, I still wish I could eat more. No, not really I'm way overdone on the food. I will post when I'm done digesting all I consumed and when I have more time to sit and not be bombarded with my kids and/or distracted from my messy house.


Erin said...

Uh....you forgot Taco Bell & Jamba Juice. You're brave to get on the scale. I'm not even attempting that since depressing myself at this point wouldn't be good for anyone around here.

MollyE said...

yum, that sounded really good. I need to hang out with you more, well maybe that would not be good, but it would be so good!

Troy and Nancee said...

What kind of scale gives your weight to a decimal point. You need to get rid of it. Glad you had fun. I'm hungry now, gotta go eat.

Jenn S. said...

Totally Awesome. I am so going to Swiss Days next year. Delish.

Jenn S. said...

PS - When you are nursing, all those calories are relative anyway - forget the running, just nurse the babe a few extra minutes a day and those pounds will just drop off (at least that's what I always tell myself to justify ). :)

Stac said...

we should have eaten more so you could have gained an even 5 pounds. Five is always a better number.

Tricia said...

Swiss Days, how fun!!! I'm sure you enjoyed every one of those pounds so it's worth it! I'm sure you were wearing a heavy sweater in this Vegas heat so maybe that was the weight gain instead!