Monday, August 25, 2008

Not good

I found this picture from our trip to France last year.
Today I wore the same shirt.
This afternoon, when I went to change my shirt, the sleeves got stuck on my arm flab. LOVELY.
And I can't pull the jeans on past my thigh.
It stinks.
I'm going to go finish my lunch.
I'm eating pie for lunch.
Not good.
(PS. That Coke in my hand is not contributing to the current situation since I haven't had any of that stuff in a good while. I'm beginning to think the Coke diet works for me [not Diet Coke, but drinking enough Coke to not really eat as much] since I am still packing the same extra pounds for the past 3 months.) Bleh.


The Fatman said...

Sarah you should totally check out it is totally right up your bag of total control bag of tricks!!

chris jenkins said...

need i remind you that you grew incubated and grew a little person since your trip to france?

that does some things to your bod and it takes some time to get the bod back to normal.

sparkpeople is great. i need to get back on that too.

Beth said...

I'm sorry. It's a bummer. But, you're working on it and you'll do ok.

Erin said...

Uhhhh, did you forget that you birthed a baby less than 4 months ago??? You're not being fair to yourself if you're comparing your body to a year ago--PRE pregnancy, PRE baby #5, PRE Coke abandonment. The nursing is obviously working 'cause I think you look great!

Kourtney said...

Serious?? You're kidding, right?? I just saw you and you look great, so stop the nonsense! BTW It was good to see you too! Oh yeah, and I am in love with Briggs. And I think he loves me too with all the smiles I got out of him!

annilee said...

You always look great!!! But please don't forget you just had a baby!!!

sarah said...

UMMMM.....know how you feel! except I had my baby almost 5 months ago. What's my problem?

Stac said...

I think I want you kick you out of the losing weight club. You can go join Erin because you guys are shrimps.

Justiel said...

i think we should be rewarded after each baby and that our bodies should go back immediately to our pre baby days plus be tight and hot. LOL, haha, i am dreaming. I love my babies but hate what it does to your body. GEEZ. the things we do for them. Sara you look great. It's only been 4 months. Hang in there.

chanel said...

if it makes you feel any better I am way packing it on this tiem around and just for the record, big boobs always make you feel bigger than you are, its a curse.