Friday, August 22, 2008


Because my last post made Daniel uncomfortable, I thought I'd post a couple pictures of some of the loveliness we have been experiencing in the desert:

I'm not sure how closely you have to examine those pictures to see our fabulous collection of scorpians that we have been collecting this week. Yes, apparantly the new bug service does truly kill scorpians (and the crickets and cockroaches, too.) These 2 photos were taken the morning after the spray and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was working.
I went back and forth with the serviceman whether or not he thought we had an "infestation" or just an outbreak. Not that I want to win the argument, but we've seen enough to wonder if all the scorpians have invited their friends to hang out at the Barlows. GROSS! I knew we had to do something when I had full-blown nightmares about the scorpians for an entire night . . . as a grown adult that's pretty ridiculous. Another motivator was when I had some of my nephews and a niece spend the night on our toyroom floor on the same night Tyler smashed a 4 incher that was creeping by the master room doorway, yes that would be INSIDE. Perhaps the deal-breaker was Caylee's actual sting in her armpit since a baby scorpian was hanging out on her swim towel when she wrapped herself up after a swim Saturday-before-last.
So, basically, I am hoping there'll be a night when I can walk through my house and not be a little squirm-y that I'll bump into the stinging critters. So far we've killed 2 inside and 1 outside by ourselves, but we've found several dead around the house. The plan for tomorrow night's FHE is to clean out the garage so they can give us a good spray when they come back in two weeks for a follow-up.
So, while that problem is in the process of getting better, it presents an issue of firing our other pest service. I told Tyler it was his job since I have a "relationship" with our current guy (meaning we exchange pleasantries, ask about each others' families, and he's seen my house a wreck and put up with my kids following him around each month), but he hasn't done it and doesn't WANT to do it either. Any suggestions on how to fire someone you like? Pretty much we've had him since our old house and except for the scorpian issue (WHICH IS A BIG ISSUE) we have no complaints other than he never got rid of our scorpians . . . I dunno, I am too nervous I'm gonna hurt his feelings and he's going to not like me anymore. I know. Worrying about peoples' approval is an issue I'm working on. sigh.
Anyway, other than that it's back to school tomorrow (YAY) and back to a schedule (YAY) and hopefully more done (YAY!) Hope y'all had a good weekend.


Jerolyn said...

You tell your old bug man that with the economy the way it is you're having to cut back and you just can't afford that payment right now.

Because really you can't afford 2 bug guys... so it's not a lie.

The Muehlendorfs said...

Holly cow!!! I got nothing for ya. I'd move out of the freek'n dessert.
Good on your hubby for squish'n it. I hope he used a work boot or something.
Do they jump?

Troy and Nancee said...

Wow. Yours are much bigger than ours. Scorpions that is. As for bug guy, I say, gather up all the dead scorpions and give them to him as a going away present. Maybe he would appreciate knowing why he's fired so he can work on it for his other clients.

Jerolyn said...


The Fatman said...

Thank you soo much I already feel loads better

sarah said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!! gross! I would be FREAKING out!!!!!!

Kourtney said...

That is so scary I've never actually seen a live scorpian, and don't want to. I just posted about a HUGE scary spider we found in our house the other day. It's been so hard to fall asleep lately because I'm so freaked out! You'll have to check it out.
When I canceled with my other bug man I just called the main office so I wouldn't have to tell him, they would!