Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am so not cool

Did y'all see this comment that my dear, sweet, loving brother made on my "What a rip" post?

ah that sucks. Who is AmberCrombie? I went to school with a girl named Amber last name Crombie who wore a lot of ABERCROMBIE. Any relation?Love, Nate

I did not know ABERCROMBIE did not have an "M". In fact, I had typed it with no "M" and thought, "oops, good thing I caught that typo" and then went back and made it AMBERCrombie. Yes, I am a dork who only shops at Target. I am not thin or rich enough to shop at such a swanky store that has hot couples half dressed hanging on posters all over the store LET ALONE notice how they really spell the name of their store. But thanks for making me feel like a bona fide NERD on the WORLD WIDE WEB, Nate. I love ya.


Beth said...

And, flour comes from wheat.

The Muehlendorfs said...

Read that. If you are option 1, you are probably a lot cooler than Nate. If 2...well...bless your heart.

Stac said...

Man, mom just burned you. You are a nerd.
Anybody else want on this half naked bandwagon, it's FUN!!

Doty6strong said...

LOVED your moms comment! Of course because I know what she's talkin' about. It's okay to be a not so cool mom...there's lots of us out there. AND there is nothing wrong with Target. Those of us who shop there are SMART moms saving quite a few dollars vs. shopping at those super cute high-end stores! Ahhh maybe someday when I am rich and think spending $150 on ONE pair of jeans is "chump change"!

Babs said...

No worries. I didn't catch it until Nate pointed it out...Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I've been missing you too. And for the record, I currently own the title of slacker friend...Are you hosting FHC this week? If so, can't wait. I'll drag my sorry stress-out mess over a few blocks so we can catch up.

Jessi McCall said...

Abercrombie's lame anyway.. :) OK, I'm just a hater because my fat butt NEVER fit into those jeans, even in high school!