Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a rip!

This is to let Chris know I'm still alive :)

And to say how much it stinks when I order pictures online and just two days later get the "package key" in my mailbox. And so, in my excitement, I figure out this whole blog about how fabulous this photo website is and how I'm going straight inside to blog about my 20 sheets of pictures I ordered for all the layouts I will get to finish now that I received my pictures SO QUICKLY!

BUT . . .

The package is not for me. It's for the neighbor across the street with something darling (I'm sure) from AmberCrombie & Fitch. [Not that I opened it, because that's illegal, but I was tempted. However, she's in high school and, like, size 0 and I don't figure I'd look so darling squeezing my not-size-o self into it. Plus jail's not worth it.]

What a rip.


chris jenkins said...

umm. i wasn't specifically calling you out. ok maybe so i was just a little.

totally know how it feels to get denied. i always get a mad rush when i hear the sound of a truck cruisin down my street because i'm thinkin maybe the man in brown is bringing me somethin' and then he drives right by my house being extra loud as he is right in front of mine.

hopin' you get some sweet mail fulfillment soon. and good for you getting your pictures ordered. i've not gotten that far. i did order some pretty stinkin cute paper though. maybe we will get to scrap soon girl. hopefully.

Beth said...

Yep, that is a rip. Considering how seldom you check your mail!

Stac said...

ah that sucks. Who is AmberCrombie? I went to school with a girl named Amber last name Crombie who wore a lot of ABERCROMBIE. Any relation?

Love, Nate

Jerolyn said...

OH SNAP! I was so waiting to see if anyone else called you out on that and am laughing because Nate's comment is so much funnier then the one I had in mind. Kudos Nate for picking up on that as well!

Ambercrombie...hope Daniel doesn't read that and BUST you BIG TIME!

Erin said...

I'll play Daniel here and just say it..."Nate sooooo owned your face!" And Nate, you cracked me up with that one. Thanks for the laugh!

Donna said...

I hope you haven't posted lately because those pictures finally came and you're too busy scrapbooking!