Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Garage Sale Fodder

A few weeks ago Tyler's mom asked if we would be willing to do another garage sale. We've had three since we've moved into our house, so Saturday's garage sale was just another chance to get rid of our stuff. A couple of real estate agents in the neighborhood hosted a neighborhood sale, so there were about 19 other houses in the neighborhood who also displayed their wares. Tyler's brother, my sister, Tyler's folks, and I filled the driveway and despite the stiff competition we all made out okay. Tyler and the kids perused the other yard sales and CAME BACK WITH STUFF! What's up with that? The girls all had an armful of doll toys and furniture when they returned which is just what we need to add to the buckets and buckets of stuff we already own. I had already told the girls they could buy Grandma's doll house she was selling if they sold a miniature chair they keep in their closet. So, they did, and we swapped the chair for the house. Whatever. It did keep Caylee busy all afternoon as she arranged and rearranged the garage sale fodder.
Of course, after we closed shop we hauled everything down to Goodwill. Our garage looks no more cleared out as we still have everyone's reject stuff that we didn't take down to donate. I need to clear it out so I can pull the car into the garage since our days will hit 90 for a while. We did sell out elyptical (sp?) machine for a bargain price much to many's chagrin as they would have paid more than the $150.00 Tyler received for it. He could have cared less about the money, he just wanted it gone. And that's what we got. Oh! And before you think my girls and Tyler were the only culprits in the taking in when we're supposed to be getting out, I did score a couple pair of vintage Cabbage Patch sheets that I used to have on my bed as a little girl from Tyler's mom's stash. Gotta figure what I am going to with those . . . and the muffin pan . . . and the baby doll dress . . . and the baby shoes I got for a gift. Happy Garage Sale Day :)


sarah said...

how fun a garage sale day! NOT! that is like my least favorite thing. I'd rather just take it to DI.

Jerolyn said...

Cabbage Patch sheets? how cool! I have some Cabbage Patch stuff too. Gotta love a garage sale huh?