Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I have thought a lot about Mother's Day and what it means. Tyler and my pillow talk last night went something like this:

Tyler: So, are ya excited for Mother's Day tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, it'll be nice. Don't forget it's Mackenzie's birthday, too.
Tyler: Oh yeah, that's right.
Me: Oh crap! I was going to get her her own scriptures and totally forgot to do that.
Tyler: Maybe Deseret Book's still open.
Me: Yeah, that'd be nice at 10:30 at night. Man, I am the worse mom.
Tyler: Way to celebrate your day.
Me: I know. Thanks. Are YOU excited for mother's day?
Tyler: Uh, kinda torn. Happy it's your day. Not so happy that you'll be pulling the "It's Mother's Day" card all day.

And that sums up a lot of what I think about being a mother. I eke as much out of today as I can EVEN though I have a lot of areas of improvement (mostly my memory could use some help.) Oh well. It was a great day. Tyler was up early and made breakfast. I could hear Brock hollaring, so I got up and got ready for church FIRST. Before anyone else. It was nice AND it was Tyler who showed up late at church since he still had to be getting himself ready. I was conscious of the "Mother's Day" card being tossed too much, so I changed diapers, got lunch, etc. I did invoke the right to watch a movie after church, though, (which we normally don't do) cuz I didn't want to wait to watch "Dreamgirls," which the kids gave me. My day; new rules, I guess. We gave my mom and my mother-in-law those digital picture frames from us and our siblings. You know I love the pictures, so it was a great gift in my book. We visited our moms and came home to the regular routine.

Before I go, I wanted to explain to . . . whoever reads this, I guess, that I do love being a mom. My mom taught me at a very young age how important the job of mother is, and I feel blessed everyday to have my kids entrusted to me. (I also feel the agony AND joy that the scriptures tell us come with kids.) I wanted to post some pics of my mom and me that I have scanned. Here's the funny thing, SO typical of moms, the picture above is mom and dad with me when I couldn't have been more than a few weeks. You know moms love their kids regardless, which is great, cuz look at what an ugly baby I was. ANYHOW. The next picture I have with me AND my mom in it was probably five or six years later when we were on a family vacation, here:

There's lots of pics of me and our life, but who's taking the pics? You guessed it. THE MOM. Anyway. I've learned a lot from my mom, mostly that she loves me and that's important to have in one's life. I love my kids; they've taught me even more than my mom. It's a good deal, this mom gig, even when I have days at Wal-Mart, or loads of laundry, or whatever else comes in the package. It's good to have a day to remember all that. So, to all you moms, Rock On! Loves to ya all! Hope your day was great.

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