Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We're still holding on to Star Wars heroes and pirates, but of late, SPIDERMAN has moved into our houselhold's focus. Brevin told me the other day that he thinks he just needs to grow up into a man so he'll be able to climb up the walls. Apparantly he can't do it now because he is so young. Funny. We borrowed the Spiderman 1 & 2 DVDs from Jared and Mindie and the kids have all watched the them over and over. Brock, who can't quite ennunciate "Spiderman" shouts and points and wants to touch anything "Menerman." We know he's saying "Spiderman" from his cadence, but heaven forbid you wear a t-shirt with the webbed hero on it because Brock will stand all up in your space, pointing and touching the t-shirt, and shouting over and over "Menerman, Menerman." He sounds dysfunctional and doesn't understand why the t-shirt wearers shy away from him. Oh, and heaven forbid Brevin has his spiderman underwear on. Today when I picked up the kids from preschool a clown had been to visit. Whoever the clown was, Brevin blessed her in his prayers tonight because she turned him into Spiderman for real. I was pretty impressed with the face paint and had to keep looking at him in the rear view mirror because his nose totally blended into his face. Really like a mask. Anyhow, by nap time the paint had dried, cracked, and rubbed off around his mouth, so we washed it all off. It wasn't too tragic, but Brev's trying to figure out how get the clown back to school so he can be repainted.
On another note (that I didn't get to since I was answering my challenge from Jerolyn) I just have to say, THANK HEAVENS Andy chose Tessa. We had our Bachelor party last night and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank heavens for DVR as I had kid issues that kept me in and out of their rooms. And credit to Uncle Mike for getting the boys to bed until I went in and messed it up. Tyler is (again) on a fishing trip until tomorrow. I am still not feeling caught up from the weekend, but the Bachelor finale was a must. I regret choosing Bevin from the beginning, however I wanted credit for noticing the "electricity." It's fun to watch shows like that with other people because analyzing the wardrobes and remarks is way better with others. AND we could rewind everything to replay the corny comments.
I've got a couple baby showers this week and then we're taking the kids on their own trip to St. George. We're doing whatever they want. So far we're golfing, swimming, and going to the movie. I am forcing a Cafe Rio trip since I am convinced they're never really going to open down here.
I am regretting letting my gym membership lapse since Tyler's gone so I can't go out. I am frustrated that I haven't run in so long. Is that weird? Don't get me wrong; I don't miss the early mornings and achy legs, but I am tired of thinking about how I haven't gone out in a week. Sigh. I keep telling myself keeping busy will burn as many calories. Like scanning all those pictures had to burn the equilvalent of three miles, right?
I am hitting the puttering stage, so I am going to force myself to bed. TTFN!


Jenn S. said...

Ahh, Sarah - you never fail me! I came to your blog hoping to see what your reaction was to Andy's decision. I agree that Tessa was the best choice for him(and I also liked her from the get-go), but I totally feel like he led Bevin on! I mean he told her he loved her like three times. And I felt so, so bad for her when he didn't choose her. More than I have ever felt for any Bachelorette - she was just devastated and I think it's cause Lt. Baldwin just led her on and on!

So jealous that you had a finale party, I wish I could have been there too. ;)

Daniel said...

Tessa Rulz!! As a fat guy that knows good food I must say Cafe Rio Rules.

Stac said...

I do give you credit for seeing the connection with Bevin. I thought for a mintue he might actually pick her. Tessa and Andy were cute together on the show last night. I think they are really in love. Stephanie from S. Carolina was on there but I missed it. Did you hear anything she had to say? Since she was 94% sure she was going to get a rose, I am sure she had some good things to say! Monday night was fun and can't wait for the next one to start so we can do it again!

Molly said...

Yes, definitely go to Cafe Rio in St. George! I love it! I set up a blog...go check it out: www.snydertopia.blogspot.com

chris jenkins said...

Brevin is too cute as Spiderman - whoever did it did an awesome job!

as soon as Tyler gets back, just go get out there running again - you can do it! or if you need someone to run with - i'll run with you.

hope you guys have a good time in St.George, we are escaping up to Utah this weekend too!

digdug said...

Spiderman 2? I didn't know your kids were 13! (wink)