Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh the Glorious Turkey CampOut!

I am totally dubbing the camp out this past weekend, "The Turkey CampOut" for these reasons:
1. It is the weekend of Thanksgiving
2. A bunch of turkeys go and the big, men Tom turkeys pretty much let the little, rowdy turkeys act like, well, TURKEYS!
Here's a couple pictures I pulled of Tyler's camera:
Brevin's accident 2 minutes after they arrived at Boulder Beach. (YEah, gnarly, huh. He re-split his chin open last night, too, while rough-housing with his brother. So far Brevin is our most accident prone kid!)

Sure enough, in Southern Nevada style, the weather was glorious Friday and Saturday. (We don't have to talk about the big rain storm that was going on when I practically kicked them out of the house after lunch on Thursday. I didn't care; I had limited time to get a lot done.) Mackenzie told me she loved this campout because, and I quote, "The number one rule of camping is there are no rules. I didn't have to eat dinner last night and I could eat whatever I wanted for breakfast. Dad said he did not care!" When I reminded her how they didn't really want me on the campout since I could not follow rule number one, she said, "YEah, you are kinda the rule-maker." Like, I would have totally been screaming at the kids to stay away from the cold water." But these turkeys are right by it, and some are even in it! AGH! I'm thinking wet shoes, muddy clothes . . . I get nervous just blogging about it. (Do notice Kenzie is a good distance back . . . I wonder if she'll grow up to be a rule-maker too?! Ya think?!)

I love that Brock was such a tuckered turkey that he fell asleep, bun in hand, light on his head, right in his chair. This NEVER happens.

And here's two of my favorite turkeys celebrating their campout victory with a fresh can of Caffeine-free Mountain Dew. Ahh, the life that these turkeys lead!

And here's what I accomplished:
Thanksgiving clean up (seriously!? it took me forever!)
Christmas crap bins moved in
Snowmen niches decorated
Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart at 5am (CRAZY!) and Target at 6:30am
Pie for breakfast
A nap
Lunch with my Aunt Randy, Mom, Dad, Erin, Jer & her girls at Zabbas
Home Goods run (got THE cutest big-butt-ed Santa)
Santa niche decorated
More pie
Play time with Briggs
Clean up of Christmas crap bins
Dinner with the Beagles family at Metro Pizza (so yummy and fun!)
More decorating, organizing, and cleaning
More pie
Returns to Wal-Mart and Target
Washed Tyler's truck
Sent Uncle Mike a package
Mail/paper service for my in-laws
Movie to see "4 Christmases"
I'll post some pics of the decorating completed (record time for el Barlows!) after family night. We'll be trimming the tree and decking the halls! WOO HOO!


Babs said...

Thanks again for a fab thanksgiving! I was so inspired by your camp out tradition...that we may have to adopt this idea.

P.S. Eating on real plates and decorating the table is worth it. Thanks for hooting and fluffing over it. I appreciated your efforts :-)

MollyE said...

Wow, I lOVE this camping idea. I don't think it will ever happen, but I will be dreaming about it every year from now on. Wow, you got a lot done too. I probably would have just sat around all weekend!

Amy said...

Cute campout pictures! I'm totally impressed over all you got accomplished this weekend.

chris jenkins said...

tyler is too cool with the camping and i am totally amazed at all you got done - i need some of whatever you're drinking or eating - i need that sort of energy!

Erin said...

Thanks for posting pics of the campout since I got none from my brood. And funny. I had never heard of the no rules rule. It really is a blessing to all of them that we don't go. Everyone is happier all the way around!