Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you the Biggest Loser???

Alright family, friends, and random readers, it's time for a little challenge. Are you up for it? Can you handle it? Have you seen Tyler's truck? (Sorry, inside joke.)

While spending another wonderful weekend away at the Batt cabin where we ate and snacked and feasted and then ate some more, it was the general consensus that the diet would DEFINITELY be starting in 2009. Could we just do it for our well-being? Maybe. But would it be more fun if we added a little competition and smack-talking into the mix? ALWAYS. And perhaps a little wager to really make it interesting. Ahhh, yeah. No we're talkin'.

So here's the skinny (or the soon-to-be skinny). IF you want to join me and my family in a little friendly biggest loser competition, here's what you have to do.
1. Weigh yourself on January 1st. YES. You have to step on the scale and look at it. You can choose to be in the buff or fully-clothed. Own the number. Don't be afraid.
2. Email me at with your name, phone #, and your secret number (ie. your weight). I'm banking that everyone will be honest. Seriously. We're serious. Tell the truth. I won't share the number with anyone.
3. When you email me it means that you agree to put in $20.00 to the weight loss pot. That's right. It's a guarantee that you'll participate OR try, drop out, but still put in your moo-lah for the one who goes the distance.
4. On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th (yes, it's tax day), at 6:00pm meet at the Barlows' home for a final weigh-in (in private, of course) and where we'll have some healthy comfort food (is that an oxymoron?). We'll calculate the % of weight loss for each individual and whoever wins gets the entire pot. [Example if someone who weighs 110 loses 10 lbs. they will have lost 9.09% whereas someone who weighs 400 lbs. at the beginning loses 40 lbs. by April 15th will have lost 10% and will win the pot.] We all know we could lose a few pounds here and there, so whether it be 10 or 40 or 100 pounds you want to lose, consider joining us.


We've already got 6 people confirmed, so that's already a pot of $120.00. Talk about a great refund?! I know, right?! And there's nothing off limits: exercise, healthy eating, pills, shakes, fads, and even surgery (try not to starve or purge). Just do whatever works for you. We're trying to get healthy people!

So, tell your friends.
Sleep on it.
Bite the bullet and weigh yourself tomorrow.
Then email me by midnight.
What do you have to lose?
$20 bucks and a bunch of weight :)


chanel said...

can i be in? considering i am about to drop a guaranteed 40+ pounds in about a month I think i have a chance. :) you said nothing's off limits.

Jessi McCall said...

Did you really mean random readers? I'm kinda friends with Erin, so is that enough for me to get in on this? I totally need some new motivation, and nothing motivates me more than CASH!! :)

Beth said...

This should be very interesting!

The Fatman said...

Oh I am so getting in on this!!!



Rick/Dad/Grandpa/Mr. D said...

I AM the biggest loser....oh, we're talking weight? lol

Beth said...

Rick, you crack me up!