Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today has been one of those still-not-showered-and-dressed days. It's 2:27pm. My kids have quit asking if they could have a friend over because I repeated my "No, because then we'd all have to be presentable" answer over and over again. I had big plans last night to get a lot done today, but since we haven't ventured outside (except to get a package of pop tarts from the garage) my "things accomplished" have pretty much consisted of watching 2.5 episodes of Law and Order: SVU and doing the kids' laundry. And I have picked up and re-picked-up the kitchen, family room, and living room three times so far. And I undecorated one tree (out of 4). And LEST you think I'm being lazy and haven't accomplished enough, I'll share what I am really jazzed about working on today.

Last night for family night we pulled in our honkin' garbage can/72 hr. kit to take some inventory and make a final shopping list. Last year one of our goals was to finish that preparedness-dead-chicken-around-the-neck project in 2008 and since we have only a couple more days left we needed to make a final list. [It was funny working on it and talking to the kids ambiguously about if we had to leave what we would do. EVERY time we'd mention leaving Brock would get all excited and say, "Where we go? I go get my shoes on?" Heaven forbid the kid get left at home.] So when were all done with that job and before Tyler went to peruse the ebay camping trailer section (one of his nightly rituals) I asked Tyler what other organizational projects he would like to work on for the beginning of the '09 year. He laughed at me. He didn't even know how to make up an organizational project, he said.

But, of course, I had a list of projects. One of the things I put on my list last night was to keep our 2009 Family Home Evenings more organized. We do pretty well (knock on wood, and thanks to a supportive husband) to have family night each Monday night. I really have begun to look forward to one night a week when I know we'll be home together, where the kids fight to stand up in front of the rest of us to lead the music, and when I KNOW the TV and computer and phone will be off limits for everyone. And I also know that when I'm organized enough to help the kids prepare for FHE, it goes more smoothly, so that was one of my organizational projects. I got it almost completely finished today!

We already hold a "bank night" on some FHEs where the kids get their allowance for completing their chores and we review their tithing, saving, and spending. I also knew I wanted to include in 2009 some family history FHEs to learn more about their ancestors. And I also thought that we should include some House of Order nights, or HOO nights, to work on family projects or 72 hr. kits or using our food storage or anything that would give me an excuse to work on some organizational projects. Once I looked at the calendar, spaced out bank night, HOO night, and family history nights, I added in some birthday celebrations, some holiday celebrations and finished filling in the calendar with some other gospel-centered lessons that I found in a FHE already-prepped lesson book complete with games and treat ideas (thank you, no thinking for me!) Anyway, I am totally stoked to have all 52 weeks filled in for 2009. All the lessons are easily swapped or could be combined or even post-poned until 2010. Seriously, isn't that awesome!? C'Mon! If you're a frustrated teacher who yearns for lesson-planning you probably are feelin' me about right now. I know. I'm a nerd to be so thrilled about this.

Anyway, so now I'm gonna type it all up since my kids are actually playing together (no choice since I made them turn the TV off). I love having a HOO!


chris jenkins said...

can you just send me a copy of your fhe 2009 planning? seriously! way to be on top of things!

Beth said...

I'm impressed, once again. And, again, I wonder, "how is she MY daughter?"

chanel said...

thats amazing! what a load off your mind- TWO Law and Order SVUs! HOW DO YOU FIT IT ALL IN A DAY????
Seriously- what great fhe ideas, thanks for the encouragement and ideas.

Stac said...

this is nate.

Am I reading that right??? Are you really organizing a family organizing night??? You really are such a list-reliant person!