Friday, December 5, 2008


Just a warning to all my friend, families, and strangers out there! Yesterday in checking my email I got a message in my inbox from what looked like my sister-in-law that she had posted a video for me in facebook. So, I clicked on the link (half paying attention) and then I get a notice that I needed to update my "flash media player" which I totally clicked on to update (again, not really paying attention.) Yeah, I pretty much downloaded a honkin' ol virus onto my laptop. So, now, I am nursing a bug on my computer which will hopefully be remedied soon thanks to my stellar computer geeks, Daniel and Doug.

Doug told me that the same thing happened to him not too long ago and they're finding that this particular virus (which bypasses your security software) allows these pop-ups for anti-virus protection programs. When the owner of the viral computer gets fed up enough with all the pop-ups and "buys" the anti- stuff, these hackers take your credit card info and sell it and badda-bing we got us some bona fide fraud. It's a major pain and I am just hoping to get my system to the point that I can back up all my pictures on DVDs and print off some valuable docs. Yuck. I hate this stuff.



chris jenkins said...

yeah, i got one of these e-mails yesterday from one of my facebook friends but fortunately i got an error - i guess the virus doesn't run on macs?

sorry to here this happened to you. i had issues with my other computer because of "updates" needed and now it still doesn't work quite right.

Justiel said...

yeah, I got it too. but i had to try and download and it took my computer guy 2 hours to fix my computer.....geez.

Doty6strong said...

Oh My heCk I just got one today. BuT since I am so LaZY I haven't opened it yet. Thanks for the warning SarAh!!!