Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm grateful for a new book to read

November 3, 2008
Yes, I am grateful to be TOTALLY into the next cathedral saga. I love being totally caught up in book to the point when I hope I hit stop lights so I can read a paragraph or two before I get the green light (yes, I'm that annoying woman not paying attention . . . it's a good book.) I am grateful that this book caters to my need for tons of details. I am grateful there's a historical fiction genre. I'm grateful my good friend Vicki loaned me her hardback copy of it even though she hadn't even read it yet. And I'm mostly grateful today that I do not live in a time when raping and pillaging and living in squalor are not my norm . . . even in the name of the great and holy church of the dark ages.

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chris jenkins said...

i have yet to crack a ken follett book - i have pillars of the earth somewhere that i need to start. i love historical fiction. i find it very intriguing!