Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our daily schedule

My car is getting a leak fixed this morning, so I am car-less today. I am still trying to figure what I am going to do with my day. I know I have more blogs to post, laundry, packing, cleaning, and maybe some decorating on my agender for the day. Before I get into that, though, I am SUPER busy watching Oprah's "Favorite Things show." Holy Moly. I am so in Oprah's cult. Wishing I was from Macon, Georgia about right now.

So when Mackenzie got up this morning she walked out to give me her "schedule" that she had made for her day. It was too great not to post for y'all to see. I only have a few minutes before I have to give her a two minute warning (as SHE is a little more concerned about keeping a timeline than I am.) Here's exactly what she wrote. She cracks me up:

8:58 - ask mom if I can take a shower (or bath)
9:00 - start shower (or bath)
9:03 - test then get into water
***I am supposed to give a warning at 9:18
9:20 - get out and get dressed by 9:30
9:30 - get curlurs and have mom put them in. Eat breakfast.
10:00 - ask mom if she will clean and paint nails.
10:30 - watch T.V. and blow on nails
11:00 - get robe on (watch T.V. 'till lunch)
12:00 - lunch
12:30 - play and watch T.V. until 3:15
3:30 - get snack
4:00 - get everything on + take out curlurs
4:15 - get into car and drive to Sis. Thomas's


Really, isn't that funny? I don't know how she'll feel about most of her T.V. time being cut out for something less brain-numbing, but I was impressed with the "blow on nails" part. And, yes, she wished herself luck at the bottom of her list. Too funny. She has an etiquette dinner tonight for her Activity Days and she wants it to be perfect. I'm sure when she is getting ready for the Oscars one day her schedule will be similar. She's something else! Ope, gotta run, I've only got five more minutes before I'm supposed to be putting in "curlurs." Later.


chris jenkins said...

too funny!

robin said...

funny, she is too cute. hope all goes well.

Beth said...

Holy Smoke, who's daughter is she anyway? This is totally makes me wonder...nature or nurture? Either way, it's funny. You never have enough "blow on nails" time. I'm a little curious what she had planned between 3:15 & 3:30. And, I'm just now watching Oprah's Favorite Things show and am so on board with wishing I was in Macon, Georgia right about now. Or, whenever she taped this amazing show. I really hope she's in the celestial kingdom one day. I hope I'm there, too. It would be so fun!

candice said...

THIS is the best post i've read in a long time. i can only hope and fantasize about getting such a perfect child. :)

Kathy said...

LOVE the list. She's such a pre-teen. And already multi-tasking.
Next thing you know she'll be watching TV, using the computer, and listening to her IPOD. That's the Triple Crown of activities at my house.

Kourtney said...

Wow, she's nothing like you, is she?? Haha! What a crack up! She didn't give herself a potty break in there.