Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Feeling Lucky

As I was photo editing this hunky picture of Tyler, I clicked on the Picassa editing button called "I'm feeling lucky" and I thought, "I really AM feeling lucky." Tyler celebrated his 35th birthday on Sunday and I could not be more grateful to be married to him. To say I think he's wonderful would be a gross understatement, because that's just where it starts. I kinda find it amusing when I hear that people think things in any kind of a negative way, because CLEARLY they don't know him that well (yes, you know who you are) even if they think they do. And the fact that he is so loved and appreciated and befriended by so many good people in his life supports my perspective more than the naysayers.
This has been a crazy past month for us as Tyler quit his secure, stable, boring, life-sucking job at a bank to pursue his own business. The decision was not made lightly and has been a real leap of faith, but I trust him. Isn't that a good feeling? Yeah, it is, because even though we don't yet have insurance and we are still in the setting-up stages, I KNOW Tyler works hard for our family. I know his concern is for my and our kids' welfare long before he considers himself. Heck, I'm fairly certain he's considered his business partners, his extended family, and about everyone else before he considers himself. Years ago, when I asked Tyler if we could have our own house and not live with his parents anymore, I knew that meant he'd be trading in his dreams of a professional golf career for the daily business grind that he dreaded a bit. Luckily his career was well-advised and he had a great support system (not to mention golf benefits, customer lunches/visits) that he wasn't a banker who sat in a suit behind a desk from 8-5. Long story short, for many years, his job suited him just fine. Since the tank of the economy and some greedy maneuverings, that ideal banker job was replaced by another more fraught with suit-wearing, cell-phone-call-monitering (aka babysitting), and a lot less satisfaction. It was time for a change. And change we have.
Being a business owner (and the wife of one) has brought with it a lot of lessons learned already and one of them on my part has been patience and faith. Not real easy lessons for me to swallow, but I'm trying nonetheless. I'm grateful for Tyler's willingness to go for it when others would be scared, content, or unable. I'm grateful to REALLY believe that if we lose it all we can build it back again. And I'm grateful to know that he loves me and I love him and we both love our family so we'll be alright if everything else goes away. Lest you think this post is too Pollyanna, I'll admit to my bites of cynicism and frustration . . . probably out of fear and my loss of control than anything else. But here's what really makes me know I'm lucky, Tyler keeps forgiving me and being there for me. I love that man.
Soo, with this mature man of 35 I am thankfully wed. We used to joke before we were ever married that he definately got the short end of our relationship stick, and that's never been more true than these days. I love you, Babe (even though you never read these posts and I could tell crazy lies about myself and what a wonderful, perfect wife I am and you would never dispute me online!) Yes . . . I'm feeling pretty lucky.
(Post Script: After writing that I'm feeling pretty lucky, I figured it would be my luck that Tyler WILL read this post and for the next month he'll be reminding me what "feeling lucky" really means.)


Donna said...

Of course, I wish you and Tyler both the best of luck with your new adventure. I'd definitely say that Tyler is just as lucky to have such a supportive wife who loves him as much as you do!

Jessi McCall said...

WOW. Sounds like you have been seriously busy!! Good for Tyler for breaking out of the boredom. No one should be stuck in a job they don't enjoy. Good luck to you both. I'm sure it will all work out great!
I laughed that Tyler doesn't read your blog. I posted a cute video for Bobby and told him to look on my blog. He had to text me and ask me what the blog site was again. NICE! ;)

Troy and Nancee said...

Our dream is to start our own business, but we have not been brave enough yet. I wish you the best and maybe you can give us some advice in a few more years. (:

John Petersen said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! Welcome to the 35 club. I nominate you to be the president. I'll be in your fan club. Everyone needs fans.

Marsha said...

Sarah, I DO know what you're talking about. Being the wife of a business owner. I've felt those fears, and in this economy there are no promises for any of us. But loving someone more than life it's self, and having complete faith in them and there abilities is a must. I'm sure there was plenty of time spent on your knees before this decision was made. Best wishes to you and Tyler for having enough guts to follow you dreams. I think you are both lucky to have each other.