Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clover Clever

I know, right! SHE BLOGS . . . and it's a lousy hair do blog. However, those hairdo's are NOT lousy (nor are the African-ish, as my friend Jennie called them . . . she's just jealous of my mad hair-do skills!) and were completely inspired by my friend Rachel Burnham who is REALLY amazing with the art of doing hair. Really, check out her blog if you're looking to be inspired. These four-leaf clovers (that's the visual you should be getting here, peeps!) took us a bit to complete this morning and once Caylee bemoaned not having her hair all did like Kenzie's, I succombed to the pressure (uh, ok, the thought of both my girls being fawned over for their cuteness is what REALLY got me) and we were a whopping ten minutes late for school. It was a sacrifice considering our stellar on-time record [honestly, no sarcasm in that . . . especially compared to last year], but both girls were happy. Brevin really got the shaft, though. He didn't think his teacher would care that it was his mom's fault because she was doing fancy hair do's on his sisters. Oh well. Get used to it now, buddy.
So, clearly I have not blogged too much. I have had a ton of things to blog about and have REALLY thought of some doosies when I am driving around, but, frankly, when I have time to sit on the computer, I usually watch some dumb reality show on hulu that I have missed since we got rid of the DVR. I know. I am a deep and meaningful person who is making a difference in society. Instead of sharing pearls of wisdom, I am busy catching up on the Real Housewives of New York. I mean, really, do you want to read about my diatribe on the beauty of a car blinker OR know that I am watching the ladies of New York scamper about the Hamptons. I'm sure you understand. In fact, I imagine many of you aren't even READING this anymore because you've gone to to watch an episode or 2. ;)
So, I will let you be. Enjoy your St. Patty's day ladies, gents, and leprauchans!
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chris jenkins said...

madison did say that sis barlow had some mad hair skillz - she said all the YW would hunt you down at girls' camp to get their hair braided.

like wow. i am also impressed that the girls sat still long enough to do that.

and you should blog more. you are killing your brain cells watching reality tv!

Sarah said...

most impressive young lady. And no DVR? Seriously! You go girl.

Mandi said...

Very impressive, and very cute!! I hate not having DVR, i'm so the same way and watch it all online.

chanel said...

love the hair!

and can i BEG you and your sister to PLEASE blog- please!!!! living without you is like you living without DVR (which I don't have either and so left my ward's ever so entertaining RS bday party to watch lost, cause I don't watch computer episodes, I blog, like a GOOD friend.) loves ya!

Beth said...

Yeah, I really don't know where you got that gift from, because you KNOW it wasn't from me. But, it was adorable!

Kathy said...

Those are some really cute "do's"!I'm also glad to hear there are others destroying brain cell watching the insanity that is Housewives of NYC. Such a trainwreck, I just have to watch. And yes, I do check your blog and was happy to see a new entry.