Sunday, August 26, 2007

100 posts!

Here's a list (it's my thing, right Nate?) to commemorate the 100th post on this blog. YEE HAH.
1. I love lists
2. They make me happy
3. I also love even numbers. That's why, if we decide to have another baby we'll be deciding to have two more kids eventually.
4. I did enjoy having 5 kids in my own family, though
5. Church was enjoyable today because I didn't end up in primary.
6. Not that I don't love primary, it's just frustrating that they have more subs than teachers in our ward.
7. And that my husband is the part-time nursery worker every week before he teaches the young men
8. And he's in charge of their activities (technically) as the 2nd counselor
9. And he put together a rockin' scout camp that you can see on YouTube (search for Bermuda Ward and you'll get the slideshow.)
10. There was a good lesson in Relief Society about watching our words.
11. I'm gonna work on being syrupy sweet and less sarcastic.
12. I was being sarcastic in #11.
13. Nah, I really am going to try to be more positive and patient with my kids.
14. That may not happen since I am instituting a new chore chart this week.
15. I'm excited for school to start.
16. Not sad one bit, except that kindergarten is only half day.
17. That's sad.
18. I got sad today thinking about my brother, Michael.
19. I missed not seeing him at church.
20. So did Caylee.
21. She told me so.
22. I started writing him a letter, but didn't finish.
23. My sister is a better sister.
24. She already sent him a package.
25. I think that rocks!
26. I saw Bourne Ultimatum and Haispray this weekend.
27. I enjoyed both.
28. Bourne Ultimatum gave me a migraine by the time we went home from the moving camera angles.
29. Nothing a little pain medication and a good night's rest didn't cure.
30. I took the girls to Hairspray with Sydney.
31. We loved it, except (according to the girls) the kissing parts.
32. Yeah right, I'll remind them about that in about 6 years.
33. I made out with my boyfriend during Hairspray.
34. I am so weak.
35. My bladder infection isn't going away as fast as I wish it would.
36. GOO!
37. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.
38. I'm having a hard time getting excited about that.
39. We're hosting a home teaching dinner tomorrow night for family night.
40. BBQ-style, shouldn't that count for two months worth?
41. I need to do laundry, too.
42. Again, not so excited.
43. And cleaning.
44. Ditto.
45. Today on the way home from church Caylee and Brevin were complaining that Kenzie got a toy for reciting the 9th Article of Faith.
46. I tried teaching Brevin and Caylee the 1st one so they can pass off their own next week.
47. They kept getting hung up on the last part, "We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His son, ____________, and in the Holy Ghost."
48. "Heavenly Father", uh no.
49. "Joseph Smith", not quite.
50. "Jesus Smith", closer.
51. "Jesus Christ." There we go.
52. I chaperoned another youth dance last night.
53. No real serious issues like last time excpet for some girls who snuck in.
54. In a mini skirt.
55. I'm thinking, wouldn't it make sense to not stick out like a sore thumb (or, in this case, a hoochie) if you're sneaking in to a church dance?
56. She was really nice, though, and not belligerant like the last time I chaperoned.
57. There IS hope for the future :)
58. We leave for Swiss days in four days.
59. I cannot wait.
60. I am sad about missing Elsa's baby blessing, though.
61. I have THE cutest nieces and nephews; pinky promise :)
62. Babysitting Erin's kids yesterday, mortifying Sydney while I danced throughout Hairspray, looking at Zoee's pics from Huntsville, pinky promising Conner at church today, walking Courtnie to nursery, making Elsa's announcements with Lexi, etc. are all blessings in my life.
63. Tyler's giving the kids father's blessings tonight before school.
64. I love that tradition.
65. Tyler has packed a hiking pack for Brevin and Brock to walk around the house and "practice" their hiking skills.
66. It's cute.
67. They take turns being the leader and the follower.
68. I have pictures from the Daughtry concert the other night at Red Rock that I'll post later.
69. But a shout out for Julie for the invite, the yummy dinner, the awesome friendship, and the example of strength.
70. Mackenzie has been saying she wants school to start all afternoon.
71. Tyler keeps saying, "You're weird," but I'm glad she's weird like that.
72. I'm gonna re-enlist at the gym.
73. Then I'm gonna remember this quote from RS today, "Nothing is that bad that whining won't make worse." (or something like that.)
74. I've got to finish my letter to Air France, too.
75. I keep putting it off cuz it's like picking a scab.
76. Has everyone read my sister's blog about "who's in your circle?"
77. It's freaking hilarious, so here are some further thoughts,
78. My circle includes: Tyler, my brothers (Nate, Dave, Mike, Kevin), my sisters (Erin, Stac, Mindie, Lexi, and Terry) my parents, Jer, Barb, and probably Chris J. and Daniel.
79. I have had others in that most inner circle at one time or another, but they (fortunately for them, probably) have merged into other circles where distance and less time spent together would dicate more decorum and/or etiquette.
80. Upon further thought and discussion, Mindie pointed out that the most inner circle (for those of you having a hard time deciding who makes the cut) would also mean you talk to them whilst using the bathroom.
81. Don't laugh, cuz you know those people have had to pardon your flush a time or two.
82. It may gross them out to know they're on your list of "people close enough to have an echo-y conversation with," but I think it's an honor to be that kind of friend.
83. This is how I am going to abruptly change subjects.
84. We're going over to my in-laws tonight to hopefully score some corn, tomatoes, and peaches.
85. One day I can go to Education Week and get my own goodies (or next week at Swiss Days, I guess).
86. I will be eating tomato sandwiches next week.
87. I guess I can cross off grocery shopping from my list.
88. When we took Caylee to meet her teacher on Friday, she was most excited that her teacher was beautiful and wore a hair scarf and high heels.
89. Who needs academics when you can get fashion?
90. I'm stalled with ten more things to list and Tyler just rolled his eyes at me when I asked for suggestions.
91. He really doesn't like blogs.
92. He does like asking the kids if they're ready to move somewhere.
93. Mackenzie says she'll move to West Virginia OR someplace with all the Garrard and Barlow family.
94. Tyler said she's missing the point.
95. He's just kidding, mostly.
96. I hope you all had a great Sunday.
97. I'm impressed if you made it through the entire list.
98. Here's to another
99. 100
100. Posts!


Erin said...

'Kay I laughed out loud at Jesus Smith. I don't know if that's sacreligious (sp?) but I totally laughed. Hard. And yes, I agree, that your Fart Circle definitely means you use the bathroom while talking to those people on the phone. Kudos on your 100 posts, and GREAT LIST since I'm a fan of lists as well. See you tomorrow & congrats on the 1st day of school!!! Can't wait. Too bad preschool isn't starting too.

Beth said...

Lists are good. So is school starting. So are you.

chris jenkins said...

love the list.

just poppin in to say hello.

lol about the whole fart circle thing. i talk to certain people while on the pot all the time. however, i try to be sneaky about it and not try to make any bathroom noises while doing it. i get caught most of the time though - usually the person on the other line detects the echo and i'm caught :O

i can't freakin believe summer is over. wah. not ready.

ttys :)

Jerolyn said...

I always say "did you hear that flush?, that means I love you!" See it's all good and as long as it not a smellephone NO WORRIES!!!

Julina said...

I had to read a couple of those outloud to my roommate because she was wondering why I was laughing so hysterically. And Tyler is cute to do that with the boys. I hope my husband will be cute with my kids like that. All I have to concentrate on now is working myself towards a more inner circle... hahah