Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pity Party

You're invited to a . . . PITY PARTY
Who: Me
When: Right Now
What: A freakin' pity party, which is a party where I feel sorry for myself even though I tell myself I should not be so selfish and whiney and grumpy
Where: My house
Why: Really no good reason. I have tons of reasons why I shouldn't throw this pity party, but I have already started the preparations, have worked myself into a decent funk and I am partying with my pity right now. Actually, don't come. Pity Parties are better by myself.



Stac said...

lol. Ok, I am really sorry you are in a funk but this is a really funny post and it made me laugh. I hope you feel better soon. Love you.

Erin said...

Hey, we're always up for a party, you know that. And I can commiserate with the best of them. So you go with your bad self & your pity party. You're entitled to them every now & then. Just remember, only 15 more days 'till Swiss Days. There, there. It will be all better.

Beth said...

Bummer. Do you feel better this morning? I hope so. Funks are so...funky! I didn't go to work today. Had a HORRIBLE night. Sinus infection/cold/whatever had me up half the night and indulged myself and called in.

annilee said...

I'm sorry! I would of totally joined you last night! Hope you are feeling better today! Luv Ya

Tristen said...

Hey I think I want to have one of those parties myself! We are coming to Elsa's blessing in a couple of weekends so I am sure we will see you soon! I can't believe how big your kids are getting! So much fun!

The Fatman said...

OHHH CALL A WAMBULANCE IT IS NOT THAT BAD and even it is it could be worse!!

chris jenkins said...

hope you worked yourself out of the funk. i would have joined you - we could have mixed up some virgin margaritas or something.

anyway, just saying boo to you. i am in mccarran waiting for the plane to leave so i figure i would check in with my blogs while i am waiting.

i will call you when i get back because we so need to do lunch like in a bad way - my treat!