Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reporting for Duty!

I didn't get much of a chance to blog last week as I was prepping for this past weekend's SCRAPFEST, and tonight I am still decompressing from the good times. I'll post more info and details about it tomorrow (once I find my camera cord. Seriously, not to digress, but how can something so important just go missing? I imagine it didn't sprout legs and walk away; it being used for some tow cord in the toy room car bin is more likely, but searching for it has really frustrated me . . . and by searching I mean I have looked in the two places it normally is, so I'll be really getting a serious search on tomorrow.)

Anyway tonight I was at choir practice for The Savior of the World production our neighboring stake is putting on (in April) and a guy came in to tell us President Hinckley had passed away about an hour before.

At first I was a little put off by the abrupt way the guy told us, not that he was rude or anything, it was just a shocking little bombshell. There was an audible gasp of surprise. Although within a moment I was overcome by emotion as the Spirit reassured me that it was a good thing and that the feeling of loss was a reflection to all the guidance and leadership that President Hinckley has contributed to my life. To believe in modern prophets of God is a blessing in my life and I know I have been lead to good things by listening to his counsel. Go figure, right?! What a beautiful thing to know and believe in a gospel plan that prepares us for life AND death AND the ever-after. And how can I be truly sad when I belive that President Hinckley and his darling wife are reunited?
For more information on President Hinckley this article gives a recap of his life and contributions to our church and the millions in the world (not just to those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) who have been affected by his world-wide leadership and service. What a great thing to have lived at the same time where he led and guided!


sarah said...

thanks again for doing scrapfest. It was really awesome. but it didn't get it's own blog post because of other news! lol. i'm so tired and i should be sleeping right now but i just can't get back on schedule.

Kathy said...

I'm glad your scrapfest was fun.
The news of Pres. Hinckley's death was a shock, but I'm sure he's having a wonderful reunion with his sweet wife. He missed her so much. I'll miss his wonderful counsel and sense of humor.

Brynn said...

I cant wait to hear all about the weekend. thanks for putting the tribute about the prophet. It is a bittersweet.