Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To-Do Tuesday #2

So it being Tuesday and all, I thought I'd post a picture of this big 'ol beauty. Another to-do checked off the list and it feels good (especially after a couple-hour snooze on the couch this afternoon.)

And here are some things you probably can't tell from the picture:

A) This board is used for the Northeast Region of CCSD for a pilot program of open enrollment in part of our district.

B) I stayed up until 5am this morning finishing this beaut!

C) The letters are all cut out (thanks to the Cricut) and backed in a different color (thanks to me!)

D) The pictures were all scanned, shrunk, and printed at about 9pm last night cuz I am all about the procrastination.

E) I've had this stuff for a week and schlepped most of it to St. George, but then I schlepped it back without touching it.

F) This to-do project took me 12 hours to finish since I was too nervous to do it anything but 100% for fear it would be "poopy."

G) MY favorite part is the little paper dolls dressed in Standard Student Attire

H) Doesn't this board make you want to take your kids to the 'hood (I-15 and Lake Mead?) cuz it's so stinkin' cute?

I) I literally sewed that shirt onto the board since I didn't have a stapler long enough to reach the middle of the honkin' board.

J) Tyler had to get the kids ready for school cuz I was completely useless this morning. Thanks Babe! He's pretty much the best.

*Hope your day was productive :) *


Erin said...

Girl, you freakin' rock! Seriously, I had no idea where to even start with that kind of thing when Dad first talked about it. It looks FAB.

Jerolyn said...

It does look Fab! Girl you gots skilzzz!

Beth said...

Yeah, you're your daddy's daughter. You two are two little perfectionistic peas in a pod. And that's ok.