Saturday, September 19, 2009

First day of School, First day of School

This year marks my official halfway mark of having children in school. Since Brev is in halfday kindergarten, I officially have 2.5 kids in school (mornings) and 2.5 kids at home (afternoons.) The morning of was warm, sunny, a little stressful, and plaid themed. JUST KIDDING, that was just coincidence.

Brevin, 1st day of kindergarten

Caylee, 1st day of 2nd grade

Mackenzie, 1st day of 5th grade

The kids have all reported school has been great most every day. Caylee is most enthusiastic and I'm realizing boys give one word reports whereas girls give me all the details. Brevin has been a big helper in kindergarten and I'm glad we kept him to be one of the older kid in his class. The kids all like their teachers and so far there has been minimal friend drama. [I never know what to do with all that. Do I get involved? Not involved? Be sympathetic? Nonchalant?]

One morning during the second week of school I dropped off Mackenzie on her playground and then rolled down the window and yelled as loud as I could, "I LOOOOVVVEEE YOU!!!" to see if I could embarrass her and she just laughed at me {LOVE that it didn't embarrass her and she laughed at me!} so then me and the boys did the same thing to Caylee when she got out of the car at her playground. Of course she ate it up. Brevin, by the time we rounded the corner to drop him off, was begging that me and Brock do the same for him. He barely got out of the car before he was looking back waiting for us to shout at him. I hope it made their day and helped them enjoy school a bit more.

Almost every day, after dropping the kids Brock says, "Well Mom, it's just the free [three] of us now. What are we going to dooo?" I call us the three amigos. Once preschool starts in a couple weeks it'll be date mornings for me and Briggs. I love it though. The routine and excitement everyday. I'm glad my kids love school and I'm so grateful for their teachers who allow them good experiences.

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chanel said...

oh my gosh so cute! jules wore the same thing (diff color scheme) as caylee.
seriously you're such a cute mom! i loooooovvvve YOU!