Saturday, September 19, 2009

Work it girls!

A few years ago, when Mackenzie and my niece Sydney were starting school they put on a fashion show for my parents, my brothers, and our families modelling their new school clothes. This VERY quickly became a family tradition and something the girls look forward to while the dads and brothers and even the uncles roll their eyes over the whole thing. BUT, everyone is super supportive when it comes time to walk the walk and the girls EAT it UP. Here's some pictures of my girls from this year's fashion show:

Caylee in her "Little Ms. Stubborn" shirt. Tried for Little Miss Sunshine, but she wanted no part of it. She wouldn't budge. I guess if the shirt fits, we should buy it.

Kenzie in a handmedown t-shirt and some new jean shorts

After all the hair flipping . . . it's a Caylee close-up

Another handmedown. On behalf of the entire Barlow family, we'd like to thank Shae Haycock for bringing this sweater to our home. (Oh and total sidenote: Mackenzie had a meltdown about these jeans she has on. They're a size up from what she's been wearing and by the time it's cool enough to wear them they'll look like they were made for her, but she had MAJOR meltdown (yes, tears and everything) over how "ridiculous" and "awful" she looked in them. Oh I cannot WAIT for puberty.)

Mmmmm Hmmmmm Ms. Caylee

"What? Were you talking to me, a 5th grader???" (P.S. Shirt from Savers, or as Mackenzie and Sydney call it, "the best store EV-VERRR!)

Just realizing I have not seen Caylee wear these shorts yet. I wonder where they are . . .

One of Kenzie's favorites this year:

Caylee totally busted out with a rap video dance move mid model. No, I am not fearful AT ALL that this is art imitating her future life, right??? She just couldn't resist a little Michael (note background music)

And then Kenzie got all hard core.

Here's all our models. (Zoee, Sydney, Caylee, Shae (friend), and Kenzie.) I'm not sure where Brooklyn was for the final shot.

And the other gals with their fashions:

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Jeannie said...

Although I am a HUGE fan of our school's "Standard Student Attire," I admit it would make for a pretty boring fashion show!