Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Ridiculousnesses

So, I was driving around today in Tyler's truck since my tractor done did break (that means my Excusion doesn't work) and I started to notice and think about things that I found to be ridiculous. Here's a couple of my thoughts (yeah, one of those posts . . . I don't even have pictures, I don't think.)

K, I am brewing a zit. It's on the right side of my chin which is where I normally sprout the beasts, I think because my cell phone rubs right there, and let's face it, phones are germ carriers (mine is, at least). I think adults getting zits are ridiculous. ESPECIALLY when I'm watching my 10 yr. old's skin tone to see if she'll be prone to the lovely pubescent adornments. I just don't think I should have to be worrying about by own too. There should be a rule that once you reach a certain age, like 18, you shouldn't have to have that on your stress list. And I guess it doesn't really stress me like it did when I was in Jr. High and High School, but it's like a constant reminder of yet another flaw I can't control . . . and it's RIGHT on the front of ma money maker. How about bacne if I'm gonna breakout as an adult? Whatever. At least it isn't the row of pimples I would get on my forehead when I was younger (thank you hairspray-ed bangs to heaven for clogging the forehead pores.) Ah, it reminds me of a ridiculous story from when I was in Jr. High I would obsess about all my blackheads on my nose. My parents would catch me staring, squeezing, examining, picking at my nose regularly and would warn me that I was making it worse. I totally thought they were crazy until one night I went after my nose with such a vengeance that I literally bruised my nose. THAT was ridiculous too, I realized, as I had to cover myself with some lame lie about how I got a bruise when my Jr. High friends asked me the next day . . . I couldn't explain that I had been picking zits, so I said my sister threw a spoon at me while we were unloading the dishwasher . . . don't worry, she outed me the following year since my friends REMEMBERED my ridiculous, lame lie.

And let me back this train up to talk about how ridiculous it is that the Excursion is broken. We have too many kids to lose the bus!! What is really ridiculous is that we had to take it to Ford Country. We dropped it off this morning and never heard back from them today. If past experience proves true, I will bet it's at least 3 days before the even diagnose what's wrong with our car and then many more to get it fixed. Isn't that ridiculous? At least we have a warranty and at least we have SUPER great family members and friends who have been willing to help us get from here to thar.

Hmmm, what else is ridiculous? K, since I was driving home this afternoon right at the time the high school kids are walking home, OF COURSE I noticed the RIDICULOUS fashion of boys with skinny jeans that hang halfway off their backsides. WHOOOO thinks that looks good? Can somebody point out to these guys that their pants are clearly too tight if their boxer shorts are PUFFING out the top? And let's be real, the sagging is to give some space in the nether-regions that enjoy some space (or so I've been told). I think it looks dumb, basically. Really, skinny jeans on many women is a touchy scenario, so WHY tempt fate with the boyfolk? Ugh, I think it's ridiculous.

This week I was released from serving in the stake Young Women's presidency. I was the 1st counselor for 4 years. Yup, FOUR! And some people think that's a ridiculous amount of time to be in one calling, but I have loved it. People were congratulating me on being released on Sunday. Really? I think that's funny. Mostly because I was kind sad to know I won't be working with the wonderful women and young women I have been serving with for so long; that I love. It's almost as ridiculous when people congratulate others on getting a calling. Example: "Congratulations on being called to serve as Bishop." REALLY?! Last time I checked church callings weren't really applied for and "awarded." And it seems like people say that more often when the calling is a bigger leadership calling. I dunno, I think it's funny when people say that. They might as well say, "Hey, good for you for being clearly more righteous than the rest of us and going to be sacrificing tons of time for EVERYONE else. And tell your family 'congrats' too since they won't be spending too much time with you while you serve everyone else."

I read something in an Ensign article a couple years ago about being offended and/or causing offense that really changed my life. When I am offended by someone I must consider the intent of the other person. Now, I know I don't know someone else's heart, so I can give the offender the benefit of the doubt that they didn't intend on offending me, or, if I don't know I can ask them if their offense was meant. THEN, I can let go of the hurt or offense once I know offense wasn't meant OR I can offer repentance or forgiveness for trespasses that caused the need for offense. However, there are times when the offense is continual or recurring and in those cases I should protect myself (however that may be). MY responsibility is to make sure I do not intentionally cause offense so that when my heart is examined by those who I may have inadvertently hurt, they will find me blameless, or, offense-giving-less.

That being said, I have decided that I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time and energy apologizing or smoothing over offenses that I never meant to give. I have concluded that there are some that are offended by my mere existence, which is unfortunate since I, well, ya know, exist. I know I have tons of faults/shortcomings/flaws. Heavens knows I am opinionated, am bossy, have control issues, obsess about presentation, and seek for approval from just about everyone. However also LOVE my friends and family, seek to improve myself daily, want to treat others as Christ would (I know, I fall REALLY short!), and I also do NOT seek to offend people, especially those I consider near and dear. And that's all I can control; others' feelings about me and how they judge me are beyond my control (ha, see, I am trying to get better about my control issues!)

*Sigh* I guess that got kinda heavy, so I will end with this last ridiculous thing . . .



chris jenkins said...

we prefer the term ridonkulous which means more extremely ridiculous - i think life is full of ridonkulous things

sorry to hear about the bus being broken - it must be a freak thing about today because my friend posted about how everything was broken at her school today (she is the librarian) and ryan got stranded because his car up and died today too

re: zits - i never got them until i was 25 or so and i think as an adult you should get a free pass on them

re: fashion - we had hammer pants when we were young -these kids have their skinny jeans - both look silly - at least hammer pants don't cut off your circulation though

re: being released - it is so hard to move on from something that you put your heart,mind, time, and talent into - you did an awesome job - remember that!

re: offense - which ensign article was that? also, i've learned in life you can never make everyone happy, someone will always be offended, you can only control what you can control, and if you give your honest best, you have nothing to apologize for.

sorry for the long comment but i just wanted you to know that i do take the time to read your musings :)

Dr. Stanley said...

Totally agree on the skinny jeans. UGLY!

Erin said...

I concur with Joshy's comment that skinny jeans are fug. I'm not a fan of them on girls or boys. Those kids will look back on them and wonder what in the world caused them to make such a fashion misstep just as we look back on parachute pants, hammer pants, stirrup stretch pants, & high wasted jeans and wonder WHY?

I always get zits on the right side of my chin too--- I hadn't considered the cell phone. That could be it. I've always figured it was because I rest my chin on my hand while I'm on the computer...thus the plethora of zittage on my chin. bleh.

Poor tractor. Hurray for warranties. Poop on Ford Country.

Babs said...

"lovely pubescent adornments" love this phrase...will use this phrase. Literary genius, thank you.

Aubrey said...

I think I was one of those who congradulated you on Sunday, but it was not for being out of the calling but for your sudden appearance of extra time on your side. I think I was also going to give you condolences, but you were in the car and it just didn't get said. Yeah, with Geoff and I's new changes we got a lot of congradulations as well, but now that we are just weeks into our callings I think condolences are in order. Just no time for anything!

The zit thing. I never got zits on my chin until I got married. I guess I can blame that on Geoff :). But I always seem to break out all over when the weather changes. stupid.

Sorry also for the long blog, but you hit on some things that were also bothering me.

Yeah, I would love to lose 16 pounds in a week!

Susie Colby said...

Skinny Jeans... Yep my HS senior wears them; yep his boxers tend to billow out. Yep I'm mortified. Yep I bought them for him. Yep, he stopped in the middle of Target yesterday to rearrange *himself* if you get my drift because his pants were too tight. Ughhhh - I had to ask, "Do you not have any pride that you would stand here in the middle of Target with your hand down your pants, fixing yourself?" He smiled, then it again, just to embarrass me.

Also - He just lost his Invisaline retainers – (after 1 week out of braces). I know "What does that have to do with skinny jeans?" Well let me tell ya!! He lost them because, when he was at lunch he couldn't place them in the retainer box, because it wouldn't fit *that’s right* in his pocket of his skinny jeans! Ughhh!

And P.S. I break out now (at 44) more than I ever did as a kid. Or even when I was in my 30's *Now something just ain't right about that!*

Carolyn said...

cute blog! K--wait until your daughter asks to BORROW your zit cream! It is a blow! I think that if we share zit cream, we should also share the same jean size, ya know? Also--I was THRILLED that Shay lost 16 lbs. last night, and if I have to look at that drama queen Tracy and her bug eyes one more week...I have diagnosed her, and it is not pretty, my friends. There is no medication for that kind of crazy.

chanel said...

sorry if i sparked any of the appologies. You have NEVER offended me, in fact I want to be more like you than you'll ever know!

you try harder than anyone to be awesome, and quite frankly i think you excel at it!

much love...

annilee said...

When you figure out the zit thing, let me know! I agree you are a literary genius! And the church is lucky to have you in any calling...even if it is nursery! You will do an awesome job, as you always do! And I hope your tractor is up and runnin soon!

Jenn S. said...

Sarah, i love, love your train of thought posts. Mostly cause I get you and I do NOT get skinny jeans on dudes (or really on most women).

Love ya mama!