Thursday, November 12, 2009

What are we raising here?

Yesterday my mom took me, my sister, and my sister-in-law on our annual shopping day for Christmas presents from Grandma Beth. A few years ago my mom decided it would be easier to bring the moms of the kids along with her and she could bang out her shopping in one swoop for all the grandkids. And now that there are 11 of them, it's a hefty job for one person. Bringing us along means we get to help share the load . . . AND she treats us to lunch AND we get to chat and visit and catch up. (And trust me, about 5 minutes into the day out we had pretty much covered the spectrum of conversation.)

Toward the end of the afternoon I called home to talk to this girl:
My Mackenzie had mentioned she would like a jacket from Old Navy that was on sale this week for 50% off. To get more info before going to that store (since i hadn't seen the commercial she was referring to with the sale info) I asked her:

"Hey, we're headed to Old Navy and I wanted to look at the jackets you were talking about. Can you describe it?"

Mackenzie: "Yeah, it has buttons down the front."

Me: "Is it longer, like past your butt?"

M: "Yeah, it goes down to the middle of the leg. It's a jacket that would go with skinny jeans and high heeled boots and looks like is one you would wear in a New York rainstorm."

Me: I'm THINKING, 'did she just describe an entire outfit and location to tell me what coat it is so I have a complete image right now?' So I say, "Okay. That covers it. Does it have a belt or tie around the middle?"

M: "Yeah, a belt that ties."

And there ya go. I don't know about other 10 yr olds that would describe a jacket like that, but I think my little fashionista is AWESOME and it made for a good laugh from her mom.


Aubrey said...

Wow! She sounds like my sister! Good luck with that one when she becomes a teenager!

chanel said...

wow. can i borrow her and have her dress me? i am seriously retarded in the fashion department. and hello- I NEED more of those CUTIE fall picts from your sidebar!

Beth said...

yep! She's a winner :)

Jeannie said...

Classic! Are you sure she's not 16?

Marsha said...

She is beautiful Sarah, sounds a little like my Hanna. What can you say, she has fashion sense. She can teach the rest of us how to dress dress.

The Fatman said...

I think it sounds like she has a very active and intelligent imagination!