Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ScrapFest Registration up for Auction

Hey ladies (and gents, if the gents are feeling particularly crafty),
There's a new blog on the block that y'all should check out. It's an auction blog (there's different auctions for each week) that supports the wonderful Crampton family's fight against Kolby's cancer [insert "booooooo cancer" sound effect here]. You should really check it out each week and bid on some of the super cool items because you score some choice stuff WHILE helping out a wonderful family with their medical expenses.

I donated a registration to the 2011 ScrapFest on this week's auction, and it'd be cool if that money went to them and YOU know you'd already be in before anyone else can even register :) It's almost like a backstage pass. Almost. So, click RIGHT HERE to go to the auction..

AND if you want to read more about Kolby's kick-butt fight against cancer, click RIGHT HERE. Really, she's like a ninja. You should become her fan :)

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Sammy said...

So my comment has nothing to do with anything crafty but I don't know if you ever read comments from an old post - I sure don't. Better to be safe than sorry. I stumbled onto your blog through all my HS friends.. I went to Silverado when you taught there - and though a lot of my friends had you as teacher I just knew you as the mormon teacher.
I just read your post about Calee's baptism and it made me smile. I have a 15 month old daughter who is everything you described Calee as - at only 15 months we always joke that she must be bipolar. It was sweet to read what she'll probably be like as an 8 year old. Just thought I'd let you know that some stranger out there is reading and it made me love my little girl a little bit more today!