Monday, June 7, 2010

V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D for 15 points

So, LAAAATE last night I was having trouble sleeping, so I busted out my itouch and downloaded "Words with Friends." Ya know, it's like Scrabble online. And at 1:30am after a rousing family game of Settlers of Catan and then my sister and I sit in the car working out all life's issues, that's what I do to put myself to sleep. Since I didn't know my mother-in-law's or brother-in-law's screen names (Oh! and since it was the middle of the night), I went ahead and clicked the button to create a new game with someone random.

I get all these tiles on my screen and the scrabble board when I realize I am not sure how to really play this game. I was swapping tiles and trying to figure out a word, but none of my tiles would drag onto the board when I see the little chat bubble in the top. "Oh, bonus," I think, "conversation with the stranger. I can ask him how to play." So, this was my next 3-ish minutes:

DylanThomas123456: "Hey"
me (Momma Barlow): "Hi. I'm still trying to figure this out, so be patient with me." LEAPT shows up on the board.
DylanThomas123456: "Where you from"
me: I post something. Can't remember what. "Las Vegas," I answered. "You?" I swapped tiles again because really? 2 Y's and 2 C's!?
DylanThomas123456: posts LOOSER
me: "So, if I swap tiles is that a turn?" "How do I get the tiles on the board"
Dylan Thomas123456: "Click and drag the tiles. Do you have MSN?"
me: Put some word down (can't remember now what it was), answer, "No."


DylanThomas123456: "I want to see your vagina."

I felt SO disgusted and violated and I am sure I gasped out loud.

Quickly I went back to try and resign from the game, but I couldn't because it was the perv's turn to play. And the game continues, even if I logged off the stupid game. So, I wrote back, "Does that mean you can't make up a word?" and then added, "and no."

oh, and I was so grossed out. I mean WHO DOES THAT? Why? Oh, man. Maybe I am just too naive to think there's some decency in the world. And who's the nast who tries to pick up on people playing SCRABBLE?!!! LAME. Grody. {{shiver}}

So, since I wasn't playing his dirty game, DylanThomas123456 posts "POX"and I immediately resigned.

But here's what else bugs me, I get a notification that HE WON because I resigned the game. Dumb game will be deleted and I'll be writing a R-E-V-I-E-W.


Lindsay said...

Ewww... That's disgusting!!!

I play Words With Friends all the time, but only with my actual friends/family!!

Jerolyn said...

That was gross but I laughed out loud! sicko!....and no hahahaha!

Nan said...

HORRIFYING!! Did he really use the word vagina?? That is actually kinda funny if he did. A perv that's not totally offensive with his language...odd. But yeah, I woulda had some choice words back for the sicko!!

chanel said...

honestly the craziest things happen to you!!! this gives me the creeps though, its as bad as the potatoes, which as you can tell I can't stop imagining- gross gross gross.

chanel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ElRae said...

That's gross and lame. What idiot stalks a scrabble game to find people to be offensive to.

Mandi said...

GROSS!!! what is wrong with people in the world, you think you can do a simple little thing like play a game and hope that there are decent people out there. we could have played i was up, couldn't sleep. SICKO!!! sorry that happened. so gross. If you ever wanted to play again, i'm game. :)

Beth said...

That is so disturbing on SO many levels. G.R.O.S.S. DylanThomas123456 should be banned. I hope you reported him.

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LanaLife said...

omg thats gross I mean come on wht's wrong with ppl now in days!!!!