Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Greetings from the brink

I heard on the radio this morning that by today, ten days after the first of the year, is when people first slack on their new resolutions for the year. I found it incredibly interesting that in the falling short category of meeting my goals I was excelling (quite the paradox, right?!) I have much more pragmatic approach to goals being an ongoing process as opposed to an expectation (that I will inevitably fall short of) so I wasn't down on myself or anything. At the same time, I nodded my head that I was one of the statistics mentioned on the super reliable 94.1 morning show. [and yes, please don't judge me, I listen to Mark and Mercedes in the morning.]

Speaking of statistics, we are one of the most people in the world who were hit with the stomach bug this past weekend. Barf fest 2012 as my friend Moana called it when it hit her house last night. If you missed my bemoaning and complaining on facebook (YES! another statistic that I meet . . . being one of those annoying facebook posters who complains about illnesses!) Brock got the stomach bug AT school (poor kid allllllmmmmost made it to the toilet. And by poor kid you know I mean poor custodial staff at Wiener Elementary!) and was out of commission until Friday. Just as he started to rebound, Brevin was taken down and by midnight Friday Briggs was tossing his dinner. And on Saturday, Caylee was the last victim [so far...haha]. LUCKILY, Tyler and I escaped praying to the porcelin gods all weekend, but I am not gonna lie. Everything I ate this past weekend made me wonder, "Am I gonna regret this if it comes back up." It's kinda a good diet plan. ;) Just to keep the germ spreading to the minimum, we did refrain from spreading germs at a birthday party, church, and a family get together to celebrate my niece's 13th birthday. AND THAT WAS THE WORST PART of the whole thing! Fine, have a kid puke all over his bed and then roll in it (thank you amateur 3 year old) so I am doing laundry and cleaning bedsheets and children at midnight; okay, crap your pants WHILE you're throwing up and leave it for Dad to clean up because you're still too young to figure out how to manage all those fluids at once; great, deal with an overly emotional daughter who moans and whimpers for an hour as she is fighting the feeling to upchuck even though we keep telling her it's going to feel better, BUT kill my social life and I might get a little cranky. I was in a serious depressed funk by the end of Sunday and completely barn sour [read: sick of being cooped up.] I understand it was the responsible thing to do, but now that the whole world is being infected (seriously, so many kids in elementary and middle schools are being hit... high school is next, I am sure) I am reminded of my mantra that if it's out there, you're gonna get it anyway, so why use so many percautions. *Sigh. Not to really complain about the whole thing, the bookends of the weekend were my favorite: dinner at Grimaldis with good friends Friday night before it all went crazy and visiting my in-laws Sunday night [since we figured they'ed been exposed by virtue of babysitting the sicko kids all last week.] I am a girl that likes to be out and about, that's for sure.

The compensation for NOT getting the stomach bug was a killer head cold which is gratefully moving into my chest. Do-able. I sound very manly and lecturing today was interesting, to say the least. Hopefully I can keep my voice at least through finals next week. Happy winter season.

And by happy winter, I mean, happy to be suffering all this misery when our winter is only 60 degrees cold. What on earth am I whining for? Peace and love home-peeps.

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