Wednesday, January 11, 2012


List of what I did today:

Got up (HUGE accomplishment)

Showered, etc.

Dressed in heels

Caught up with Ms. Jones. She's the bomb.

Started grading papers

Helped students

Collected fundraising money

Helped more students

Started 1st period

Helped a lot of students

Worked on grading the same papers

Met with the department chair and Assistant Principal 2nd period

Started 3rd period without the papers graded

Tried to uncover the papers I was grading

Played a vocabulary review game with 4th period. It was intense.


Listened to Creative Writing from my students.

Tried to grade more papers.

Worked on the course catalog for our department.

Said a lot of curse words to myself.

Administrator came back in.

I almost cried.

But I didn't.

I spoke my mind instead.

Collected more money for the Educational Travel Club.

Thought about how this club may get these kids to Rome and Greece this summer. Sweet.

Helped several students after school before a 504 meeting.

REALLY helped a great girl so she can succeed in my honors class.

Packed up the same papers I started grading before school to grade tonight from home.

Rushed to in-laws to pick up Briggs.

Left in-laws grateful (once again) for all they do to help their kids and grandkids.

Got home to crack the homework whip.

Drove to Orr Middle School to watch Kenzie cheer.

Watched the bball team win.

Had to follow the bus to the school instead of bringing Kenz home so they could have a meeting.

Came home to dinner cooked by Tyler. (LOVE THAT MAN... have I mentioned he's going vegan?)

Checked facebook while eating dinner and pushing Kenz to do her homework.

Gave Briggs spaghetti with ketchup so he'd quit whining about wanting to eat it. Gross.

Send Brevin, Brock and Tyler running while I bathed Briggs.

Bathed Brevin and Brock when they came home winded while Tyler finished running.

Killed a scorpian.

Nagged Kenzie.

Finally took off my heels for the day. Ahhhh.

Carried my school papers in to my bedroom to grade from bed.

PJs on.

Checked email.

Updated Scrapfest blog.

Started to get a visual aura.

Got really annoyed by that.

Decided to blog anyway.

Can't really see straight because I am clearly getting a migraine.

Cursed out loud about the migraine.

Worried that I will be throwing up tonight from said headache.

Going to take some pain med and go to sleep.

Will transport papers back to school and pray they get graded before third period tomorrow.

Cheers y'all!

1 comment:

Beth said...

No WONDER you get migraines! How's that for blaming the victim? Seriously, you've had a rough last few days. I hope tomorrow.