Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One step closer

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Yes, we have a pee-er with style. We're going to graduate to # 2 once the diapers run out. I'm sure I'll be wanting to shoot myself before it's all said and done. The older kids will be great motivators as they ALL want to go to Chuck E. Cheese (Brock's reward for going big poo poo.) Wish us luck. I really hate potty training!


Tausha said...

too funny! Are you not thrilled that you got a pic?
I am sure that he will be thrilled when you pull that puppy out for thr wedding video!!
Good luck!!
I hate potty training. SO gald that I never have to do it again!!!! YEA!!
I did see on someones blog that they gave their little man a potty cake.
Even with singing Happy potty day to you!!!
CUte idea!! WIsh I would have had it when I was doing the whole training thing!

Megan said...

oh my heck - hilarious! thanks for giving me a good laugh.

chris jenkins said...

brock sure has fabulous form - he will be doing #2 in no time!

julie said...

That is too comical. Adisynn saw that picture and she started laughing. She liked the BUTT CRACK!!!! Ya I hear ya on the potty training. Each kid is so different. Berlynn took months and Adisynn took 2 days max. Poop and pee!!!! Good luck and hope it goes well for you.

Wood Family said...

Too funny! We are potty trainning at our house too! Taylor is doing well, but I have to constnantly remind her. Tonight she ran into the bathroom before I could get in,she said "go away" and tried to shut the door. When I checked on her she had gone poo!!